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  1. E15DD5C2-0CF7-4984-AE3D-90D144DE19BB.JPG


    Tony and I today. Look at those eyes and ears!
  2. SphynxCatCarl

    What color is this kitten?

    What color do you guys think my kitten is? He looks like a gray color and I'm trying to figure out what the actual color is called? Also, would anyone be able to guess what his eye color will end up being? He nose is brown and his toe beans are pink
  3. Merlin the Wizard

    Merlin the Wizard

    Merlin is doing great! Living up to his name and being his crazy magical self.
  4. Marvinion

    Suddenly very dirty eyes with irritations

    Hey my little 5 months old Nala has gotten very dirty eyes around the last week... I tried getting it off with a warm washcloth and coconut oil etc. but it seems like the skin there is quite irritaded since she hates it when i try to clean it off. And around 6-8 hrs later its all back on and i...
  5. @kingkenzobare_


  6. Kitty Chaos

    Odd eyes

    I was wondering if anyone knew how common odd coloured eyes are in sphynx. My little girl is white with one blue and one green eye and I was curious, is this rare?
  7. Ddungo

    Help! Scrapes on face!

    My baby Simon got locked in the closet last night for less than an hour, which also happens to have the food bag in there. When I found him, I saw that he had stains under his eyes so I tried wiping them off but it wouldn’t budge. I also noticed the food was ripped open and there were brown...
  8. HappyMorrow

    Always squinting?

    My little 8 month old boy is always squinting! Since the day we got him. Is he just a Snoop Dogg looking kitty or could it be an issue? :) he doesn't seem bothered by his eyes, and they aren't goopy beyond normal. Never red or irritated. I'm still new to sphynx babies so I'm not sure! Thanks :)
  9. Peachy Kitties

    Sphynx has hair on tail and muzzle?

    So my 1 year old kitten has white hair growing on her tail and muzzle, but I don't know if this stops after she gets a little older? She has lots of peach fuzz elsewhere on her body, too. I've done some research and it says the peach fuzz is normal, but I don't know about the two other spots...
  10. Kat Mannix

    One eye is really watery

    My Vinnie has been in great health. He will be a year old on the 22nd. As of yesterday, his left eye has been very, very watery. Not the normal brownish gel eye boogers. Just clear watery. Anyone know what this could be? His eye isn't red or swollen. Thanks Kat
  11. Amanda Zuleger

    Cleaning nudies eyes..

    What kind of eye drops are recommended for cleaning.. no infections, no problems.. just cleaning. Thank you!!!
  12. suzfoote

    Chronic runny eyes - solution!!

    Hey all!! So my little McNulty has been suffering from chronic runny eyes his whole life.. Vets think it's herpes. He has been on countless meds, eye drops, creams, L-Lysine, etc. And none of then ever cleared it up. There was one post on here that came up on Google.. Suggesting Lactoferrin. I...
  13. stewardyhoward

    Help! Rash/Dry Skin around the eyes?!

    Hello dearest Sphynx Lovers, Our Little Howard has another problem now and it didn't change since I also tried only grain free food. Since some weeks he's wearing a black "coon" mask over his face. Also his paws seem to be a little cankerous from cleaning his eyes. Sometimes the skin seems to be...
  14. Mikeg333

    Red/Brown Eye Goo

    Hello! Had our beautiful Carly for 5 months now, she really lights up our days! She is playful and delightful company! But theres one thing that bugs us and it must bug her... after she has been sleeping... the corners of her eyes (closest to her nose) have a ball of red (sometimes crusty) Goo...
  15. K

    Is this too furry?

    Just asking you guys, is she too furry? I know she'd feel like a peach. But what do you guys prefer? Completely naked or this sort of peach fuzz? Just asking you guys, is she too furry? I know she'd feel like a peach. But what do you guys prefer? Completely naked or this sort of...
  16. Nicolemorgan

    Sphynx Eye Issues

    Hey! :) I was wondering if anyone had any input on eye issues in sphynx cats. We have never dealt with eye problems in Loki or Gatsby, and we do give them L-Lysine everyday. Of course they do get their eye goobers that we wipe out usually every evening, or every other day. The past couple of...
  17. Jasmine

    Advice on L-Lysine

    Hiya, I'm hoping i can get some advice on L-Lysine as i am a new spyhnx owner and feel it could help out my little girl. My kitten Khaleesi had an eye infection when i first got her and the vet gave me some eye drops to help clear it up as it was quite bad. The eye drops have definitely done...
  18. stewardyhoward


    I've been here about a month ago, but didn't introduce myself/ourselves so far.. I was born in August 2013 - In the beginning of february 2014 mom&dad decided to take me home - I lived with about 8 other sphynx cats at a place of a russian woman, who did't care very well for us.. She smoked in...
  19. AmandaP

    Runny eyes

    I have had my male for about a year now. His eyes are always runny. It is NOT accompanied by any other symptoms such as sneezing. I changed his food and litter and it got a little better, but they still are runny quite often. I am thinking maybe the shampoo I use? I use Johnsons baby shampoo and...
  20. treefoil

    Mycoplasma and Herpes

    Hey there, my boy Oscar has eye-issues since i got him one year ago. I tried different vets, and homeopathy. Homeopathy worked best so far but the problems didnt go away.... now I saw a new vet and she told me to visit an eye-clinic, because she thinks its an entropium. While searching the net...
  21. purple people pleaser

    purple people pleaser

    he is so little here, this sweater is barely big enough to hold him anymore
  22. bucket baby

    bucket baby

    poor thing didn't wanna get out!
  23. Bindiandpumpkin

    Eye help needed!

    I have had my two sphynx babies for just over a week. I've noticed clear liquid from their eyes which I know is normal, but one of them now has a swollen eye... At least I think it is swollen is not red or bulging out and there isn't any nasty coloured pus but it looks almost half closed? Should...
  24. Moezesucks

    entropian eyelid

    i have come to believe this has is happening to my kitten sphynx, the doc says she has so much skin its just causing her eyelids to turn in. he mentioned the can grow into their skin and that can be resolved. but i mean shes obviously had it awhile now. surgery was suggested to either: A. lazer...
  25. Gregory The Cat

    Squinting eyes?

    I'm a Sphynx newbie! We took in a 2 year old male yesterday from a friend of a friend who couldn't care for him. I've got an appointment with the vet scheduled, but it's still a few days away. Can anyone answer a few questions? He squints his eyes. Both of them. Almost constantly. I used some...