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  1. ameliabalcom

    normas gettin fiesty!

    hello everyone! so if u cant tell by my lack of posting normas doing swimmingly lol her eye issue was just a cold and once she got antibiotics she was fine and has been running around eyes wide as a dinner plate lol that being said shes been RUNNING AROUND like a crazy person! i know cats get he...
  2. pocovonloco

    How Old is she safe to get Pregnant?

    Hi, I’m new here, my name’s Louise and my Sphynx’s named Poco (male) and Pitta (female), they’re not siblings. Poco is 10 months old and Pitta is 3 months old. I think Poco’s starting to get horny (I don’t know what is the right term for a cat), and I’m not sure if Pitta is ready, so I...
  3. Joy's Mom

    Female cats going into heat

    I received Joy at Christmas 2015. She was 8 months old at the time. Shortly after I got her she went into heat for about 4 days. She hasn't went into heat over a year now. Is that normal?
  4. Frances

    Blister/Sore explanation?

    Hi everybody! I've been pretty busy working a lot of overtime and didn't really have time to give little Luna her bath and she got pretty dirty, I noticed she was licking herself trying to get clean so I decided to give her a bath right away. I noticed she had a sore on her neck that had...
  5. Jynxified

    Things my Sphynx taught me.

    My wife and I had only had our Sphynx (Saphira) for six months or so, and even though we researched the breed for quite a while before getting one, we were still learning each day. One such lesson had us baffled for about a week before our Pharmacist figured it out. It started one night. The...
  6. Maddie

    Sphynx Cats and Baseboard Heating

    Hi, I am in the process of hopefully getting a sphynx. I am curious if the cats will try and get close to the baseboard heaters and if they do how would I stop them from getting burned/hurt? The metal outside of mine get quite warm to the touch and they are very hot if you touch the open part...
  7. Mr Electrical

    Easily Burnt?

    Hello! I am looking at getting a sphynx but my breeder told me something that worries me. She said that sphynx don't have the ability to know when hot is too hot. She said that if you don't watch them very carefully, they'll walk right into a lit fireplace, an oven, curl up around a hot stove...
  8. Joe

    Couldn't be neutered....now what ?

    I took Luci for her appointment at the vets just over a week ago. Unfortunately, she didn't take too well to the anesthetic, and the vet ruled the operation as too much of a risk. So, she can't be neutered, but what am I to expect now? Will she just be on heat a couple of times a year, or will...