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  1. Natsu

    My sphynx boy has been vomiting ( please help)

    He is about 15 weeks old and he just started vomiting yesterday. First I woke up noticing the bed cover was wet and realized it was vomit (seems like it was wet food and some pet grass). And I saw a trail of vomit to the washroom, maybe 3 to 4 of them. But these ones had no coulour with some...
  2. pussiette

    Urticaria pigmentosa

    Does your sphynx have urticaria pigmentosa/severe hive? I desperately need to connect with anyone owning a sphynx with this health problem.
  3. pussiette

    Bumps, hives - in sphynx kittens - common?

    Hi my baby sphynx is four months old. She has bumps/hives which go away in 24 hours but appear in other places. On her face, neck, tops of legs, occassional on side of torso. She had her vaccination two days ago and has more than ever but they disappear. The vet said it is common in...