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poop issues

  1. W

    Does feeding a Sphynx a raw diet make their poop smell better???

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the sphynx lair and I'm in the process of adopting a sphynx. He won't be ready till February as he isn't even born yet lol but I've done tons of research to educate myself about sphynxes to understand them and see what would be best for them. I've read that a lot of...
  2. Jackolyn

    Digestive Issues in 15 week old Kitten

    Hello there! This is going to be a LONG story, but alas, it still doesn't have a conclusion. I hope that this might help someone else out there, or if anyone has experienced something similar, please let me know. **I will be sure to keep this updated as new information arrives.** ---- I...
  3. TheTopaz

    Behavioral issue? Meowing before and after pooping

    Hi! I have a sphynx cat that likes to announce his poops before and after going. He has been to the vet and has a clean bill of health in terms of his kidneys, body weight, blood testing and general check up. This cat eats a raw diet with limited ingredients, mostly because his brother has IBD...
  4. Marerickson

    Worst diarrhea of all time

    My girls started with diarrhea Wednesday (we are now on day 6 of this) they ate their normal royal canin kitten canned food Wednesday night, super mushy poops, no changes in absolutely anything in their life/environment that i can think of... thursday morning they ate extremely slow and by...
  5. Aden

    Update on Nuru's IBD

    In the last 2 weeks, I have gradually switched Nuru's food from Blue Basics to Royal Canin Sensitive Digestion. His stools have been much firmer and I have noticed that he is more energetic. I am happy with his progress so far but he remains struggling with both constipation and diarrhea. In...
  6. Aden

    Newbie - help me understand my cats IBD

    Hello Sphynx Lair-- In March I adopted a 5-year-old male Sphynx, Nuru, that had been kept by neglectful owners. Since receiving him, I have had several problems with litter box training, "poop tail," and chronic diarrhea. Upon adopting him, I learned that Nuru had Irritable Bowel Disease. I...
  7. Murdoc

    Food Suggestions?

    Hello! I'm brand new to Sphynxlair, so I apologize if this is the wrong spot for this thread. It seemed to be the right place! I'm looking for recommendations and suggestions for a good brand and/or type of food for my two boys. They've got sensitive systems, in that most every type of food...
  8. themodifieddoll

    Pooping Problems [Among Others]

    So I've had my sphynx kitten around two months now, and up until recently there have been little to no issues with her But a few days ago, she actually pooped on my roommate while she was holding her, and while cleaning her litter box this morning, I found feces on the wall near her box - I'm...