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  1. IggySphynx

    Sphynx Brown skin issues

    I recently got a sphynx because the owners were looking to re home him. He is a great cat so far but I’ve never owned one before and don’t know what to do. I’ve had him for 3 weeks and bathed him once, I wipe him down everyday, but he is getting this crusty oil(?) on his face and chest. It’s...
  2. Tetelemon

    Help NJ/NYC area

    Hey there, I’ve been in love with sphynx cats for so long, had done so much research but never had the opportunity to adopt one, but will finally be able to at the end of January (I know it’s a ways away but in my head it’s FINALLY!). I currently have one cat, she’s about 7 years old and was a...
  3. MaoSphynx

    Mao's Life (Daily)

    Around 5:30 in the morning,Mao wanted to play so he started licking my face Did anyone have the same experience?
  4. Laucol

    Raised mark on skin

    Hi everyone, On Wednesday, I noticed a small orangy mark on Ila's skin. It was just a small mark. Ive been monitoring it daily. Two days ago, it looked like a piece of dry skin came off the center of the mark, so I thought maybe it was just a patch of dry skin. Then today, I notice that the...
  5. Pauliina

    Yeast infection and Malaseb?

    Hello! I'm new to this community (and not an native English speaker so pardon my language mistakes). I have really bad skin problems with my kitty. This is my third sphynx but I've never seen anything like this before. The problem was there right away I guess. The baby was shaking his legs...
  6. 2SphynxMommy

    There's something different about Von D...

    So a few months ago I posted about my girl, Von D's nasal issues. She just had her 1st birthday and what seemingly was just kitten "allergies" or nasal congestion, hasn't gotten any better. Furthermore, I've noticed there's just something different about her. I have an older male sphynx and...
  7. Rox

    PaulCat is vomiting for no known cause - it won't stop :[

    My 3y/o red sphynx, Paul, has been sick with this mysterious illness for months now. I have seen 3 different vet clinics and ran them each to the point of no solutions except "Maybe it's anxiety" and a long list of negative test results and a pretty hole burnt in my pocket. (It's not anxiety, I...
  8. Condo commando

    My Review of SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter

    Recently I came across SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter. It's made by a company called Pioneer Pet which looks like a small player in pet supplies. One thing I've figured out after all these years is the products you see in the big pet retail stores are all mass made by some very big...
  9. Xandria

    Regarding Pumpkin & Litter (stuff I've learned with Max's help)

    I am humbled. No matter how much research I have performed (and I know some of you here can attest that I've researched considerably), knowing a thing, and putting it into practice can be different things. Having said that, Max has been a very patient subject of my learning in progress state...
  10. Ailin

    Bella is growing whiskers!!

    Hi all. My tortie Bella is five months old and has started growing whiskers. Is this normal? Will they fall out? Yes, I'm a new Sphynx owner. Another question; are there anesthetics and meds to avoid with a Sphynx? I've heard different things. Bella has stolen my heart. She's a real cutie and...
  11. rnschleining

    Sudden Behavior Problems

    Hello. My best friend Steve is a 22 month old intact male sphynx. He has been the most cuddly, affectionate, loving cat. All of a sudden he has had two episodes of violence. Once he attacked me from behind, leaving bite marks, scratches and bruises (through my jeans), and just now tonight...
  12. Condo commando

    Help - what should I do if my Sphynx eats a couple of chocolates?

    My fault for leaving a goody bag on the kitchen counter. I looks like one of my girls ate a couple of chocolates. My immediate reaction was to feed some regular food to absorb whatever is in chocolate that they're not supposed to have. She seems normal right now. Should I be running to the...
  13. nerdgirl

    Stressing little guy

    Poor Oscar. I'm currently in Hawaii and he has a cat sitter staying with he and Zoe, but he is having a horrible time. He has been pooping and peeing all over his bed and all over the house. He has never ever done this. She took him to the vet and everything physically was fine. They did...
  14. AndreaM

    Multiplying Large Black Spots

    I've dug into some of the past forums here on the skin spot issues, but I hadn't seen anything quite like what my almost 13-year-old male has. He's a black & white tux and over the years has had multiplying freckles and moles. He loves the sun, so this is no surprise. Within the past couple of...
  15. zombiequeen13

    Poop issues! Please help!

    These cats are going to be the death of me! Ugh. There has been three times ever, which have all been recently, where one of them has pooped outside the litter box (each time on the carpet). Each time it is when we are out of the house for a few hours (3-5 hours), never at night where they are...
  16. Leanne


    Im sorry to bother everyone on thanksgiving but i just need to know...could this be ringworm? We discovered it after taking off her shirt ㅠㅠ we have four other animals so it would terrible if it isㅠㅠ
  17. Lynae

    My sphynx is eating her cat litter!!!!!

    I bought new dust free cat litter and my kitten won't stop eating it!!!!!
  18. O

    HELP! Kitty won't stop coughing/sneezing. Fungus on feet?

    I got my kitty last Feb and have issues with Fungus like substance on her feet and tail, I have been putting meds for ringworm on it, it is almost gone but has now been 9 months of fighting this to go away. She also has a horrible cough/sneezing. I have taken her to the vet, when she gets on...
  19. JenFid

    Which wipes to use?

    Hi everyone, another question for all of you seasoned Sphynx owners. I know baby/wet wipes are a staple for between-bath cleanings, especially for the eyes and paws/nails. My husband and I don't have kids so baby wipes are not a product I'm familiar with. Months ago when we were baby sitting...
  20. Xandria

    Deworming Protocols

    A friend is a vet tech and has given me some information regarding deworming, which has given me pause for consideration. I'm hoping for some feedback in relation to what you know, have done, our nakeds etc. Thanks much. What do you use and how often do you deworm? My friend claims that at...
  21. OwnedByOdysseus

    Whole prey?

    I'm going to pick up some frozen whole pretty for Odysseus tomorrow (rabbit, rat and baby lamb). I've never fed whole pretty before but he is already on raw food. I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips or words of wisdom to offer. I'm excited as it's as close to his natural diet I can give...
  22. Spoon&Sphynx

    Cost and amounts?

    I’m considering starting a raw diet and am trying to figure out the logistics of it all. If what I’m figuring is correct, this seems WAY more expensive than what I’m currently feeding. However, it’s entirely possible that I’m way off base here…. Help please haha I have 2 adult cats and will be...
  23. suzfoote

    Weird dark patches on stomach, armpits and butt

    I didn't notice exactly when they came, or became exactly how they are.. but I was just today reading a thread about urticaria pigmentosa.. and a lot of the pictures look similar to what McNulty has. It's hard to get a good picture, but they are darker areas on his stomach, armpits and even a...
  24. TWPInc

    Urinary Blockage in kitten

    Good Morning, I am reaching to anyone on here that have any history of cats with a urinary blockage. I ended up in the er vet last week sunday with Beauie. He was near death due to a blackage. He was catheterized and help over night. I picked him up and took him to our vet first thing monday...
  25. momdeeze

    Slippery Elm Bark for chronic diarrhea

    My two boy Sphynx have chronic diarrhea. Monday's had it since birth and Mortimer developed his when I (slowly) tried a new kibble even when we went back to the old kibble. I have tried everything: Multiple medical tests, multiple food trials, pumpkin, fiber, etc. The only thing that...