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  1. Z

    Reducing car anxiety?

    Hello! We have been taking our Ziggy (9 months old) on car rides when we go to visit my parents (45mins away). He does okay with it, he meows and seems a little stressed but it's not too bad. The last time we took him, he gobbled down his food right before we left and he ended up getting car...
  2. Gesundheit

    Anxiety, depression, and education

    I used to be super active in several online forums; particularly the Sphynxlair and Librarything. I'm easing back in here, and stumbling like hell trying to settle back on LT. I still automatically type that URL every other day when I forget which site I wanted to go to (the struggle of a...
  3. peachsmoothie

    My shpynx won't sleep

    Hello. New to this feed. I usually don't ask for help, but I am desperate! My sweet girl has issues and I am not sure where they come from. We adopted her two years ago. She was about 1 year old when we brought her home. She's always been loving, but has had anxiety/OCD issues from the...
  4. Shontae

    Sphynx REFUSES to not pee everywhere

    My sphynx is VERY inbred and has astronomical anxiety. I try to make sure he is loved enough, has access to his water fountain, good food quality and variety, and is entertained. Throughout his life he had struggled with peeing in his litter box. I've tried everything. I test his urine, no...
  5. Wyfwulf

    Cat suddenly terrified and angry

    I have had my sphynx, Sansa, for two years and she's currently just a little older than that. She dealt with a respiratory infection as a kitten and had a bout of bloody stools back then as well but otherwise has been happy and healthy. She is very affectionate and loving, sleeping with me every...
  6. Evelyn Mali

    I am desperate for help

    Hi! I want to start this by saying I am DESPERATE and I really, really need help. I'm from Norway and I bought my first cat, a sphynx called Lykke (whitch means happiness). She is one and a half years old, and castrated. When I got her she was in a really bad state coming from a home with bad...
  7. Elaina

    Chewed bleeding tail?

    Gabbi on and off has chewed her tail and screamed after. We tell her off and she knows when she does it that she'll hear us shouting a little. Sometimes she'll leave it alone for months and months, however the last week or two she's constantly been attacking her tail. It was bleeding again...
  8. dodocats

    Color Therapy Get rid of Anger

    Hey Everyone :) Today I will show you this relaxing video based on studies of color therapy understand the psychological offects of the colors on the mood of people using simple techniques with calming soft images and light music to help you to get rid of Anger and Anxiety using the color pink...
  9. MollysMom

    We left for a few hours and they hate each other now... happened to anyone else??

    Hubby and I went for a couple hours to run errands... typical Saturday. We got home, and Leo wasn't waiting for us... which was odd. Molly saw herself in the mirror and startled snarling and hissing. Leo came down stairs and was howling and hissing and snarling too as soon as he saw her...