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  1. Gray

    Help with some brown spots/soap recommendations

    Hello everyone, My Marcline has these small brown spots that I know are dirt spots, but I cant seem to get rid of them. We have tried all sorts of tricks online and even gently scrubbing with a glove loofa (so i can make sure Im not pressing too hard) and they just never go away. I have...
  2. Melishia

    First bath for adopted adult sphynx?

    Hi there, my name’s Mel! Forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong place (says every person making their first post)! Here’s a little background on my new little man. 2 nights ago I came across the cutest little sphynx at the SPCA and I absolutely had to take him home. They said his name was...
  3. M

    Changing bathing schedule / food

    Hi Everyone! Melissa here. This is my first time posting but have read a lot of posts on here before. I love this site! Nova, my sphynx child has sensitove and dry skin which occasionally makes her break out into rashes. I would like to move from bathing weekly to once every 2 or even 3 weeks...
  4. Sketch

    Skin inflammation

    Hello everyone, Since I had my Sphynx last october, I've had issues with his skin the the neck/belly area. He got very intolerant (liquidy diarrhea) to a lot of cat diets. I got him under the care of a vet and now the only thing that seem to work is a recipe made of Hillary's Blend nutrients...
  5. Kristen G

    HELP! Dry stained skin

    im really worried about jax's skin. Since yesterday its been extremely dry almost like raw under his neck and pits and stained brown. It wont come off with soap or wipes. The night before this happened we gave him a bath and used exfoliating gloves and hylyt. Maybe my hubby scrubbed too hard...
  6. Maddie

    Johnson's Baby Shampoo pH

    So I was bored, decided to read the comments on a suggested Facebook post for Johnson soap. In between the people getting irate over their patent company apparently animal testing and raging about how unsafe the stuff is, I found this: According to a quick google search " In Skin Diseases of...
  7. AlchemyCarta

    Scented Lotions/body creams

    Hiya! I got my little shoulder monster about a month ago. She settled in abruptly well and we've had absolutely no problems since. Luck of the draw at it's finest! Ha haha I give Razza a bath once every ten days or so and clean her with wipes every other day, then put lotion on her after every...
  8. themodifieddoll

    Worst Bath Ever

    Tonight was Godiva's biannual bath and I have to say I have never see her have such a negative reaction to water than she had tonight She screamed and thrashed and tried to claw up my arms and I'm just so lost She's fussed a little in the past, but never anything like this What could have happened?
  9. GMPLAX23

    Tut's first bath

    I was hesitant to give him a bath since it is getting colder but being that he is home with me now I wanted to bond over it, build trust and make sure I knew what I was doing!!! I had been letting Tut in the bathroom and he had been exploring and jumping in/out of the tub (totally a set up) a...
  10. SphynxMomma78

    First bath for adopted Osiris

    Some of you may remember that I just adopted Osiris 1 mo ago. I was told that he had never gotten a bath at his previous owner's home, and hated them. Well, I just gave Osiris a bath and it didn't go as bad as I was expecting! He didn't want to go into the bathtub, but I was able to squirt him...
  11. V

    Can i clean skin with babywipes?

    Ok so my baby needs to stay put about a month because he had back surgery... My question is what can i clean his skin with? Cause i cant give him a bath and he is really filthy already and smells like urine because he pisses himself... Is a non scented baby wipe ok to wash his skin? or what else?
  12. Jaden

    Bath time!

    So I've had my boy for week now, I've been wiping him down throughout the week with unscented baby wipes, I've cleaned his ears, I'm going to have to clip his nails again, but what I'm getting at is he is getting dirty and I'm wanting to start him in the bath probably tomorrow night just to see...
  13. How to bathe a sphynx cat.

    How to bathe a sphynx cat.

    How to bathe your sphynx cat. http://www.sphynxlair.com - The largest Sphynx cat community in the World!
  14. gianna

    Previous owner didn't clean his ears!

    Hi! I just got my baby (Albus) from his previous owner this past Sunday. He didn't seem to bathe him often (he wasn't very clean when I got him) and his ears are full of gunk! I haven't bathed him yet because I wanted him to get used to his new home, plus I ordered soap for him (Pawfect Sphynx...
  15. Taylor2tone

    So new and confused

    Hi everyone! So I'm love my new lil guy Bartholomew. The first couple of days he was great really relaxed and seemed great one night he really freaked out running pouncing skittish attacking everything going super crazy. I didn't know (I'm sure it might be) if this was normal for kittens or if...
  16. kelsheyyx

    Not only my first Sphynx, but my first cat! I have many questions!

    Hi all :) I'm Kelsey and I just got my baby girl Ophelia this past Sunday. I am SO in love with her! I've seen a lot of people posting about kittens getting used to dogs. I have two Shih Tzu/Yorkie mixes, and they are veryyyy curious about her. And as small as they are, they seem huge compared...
  17. admin

    What product do you bathe your sphynx with?

    Please tell us, what product do you use to give your sphynx a bath.
  18. luckypenney17

    Dry skin

    I don't bathe my guy very often, once every two months due to dry skin( I wipe his face and neck daily). I've been using baby shampoo but I was wondering if anyone could recommend a natural hypoallergenic one.
  19. curlysue

    Amazing shampoo

    Ok, so I am kicking myself for not buying this D-greaser shampoo 4 years ago. It came via FedEx yesterday around 5pm and bath time was on!! I got the scrubby gloves and Fuzzy and started with the nasty nail dirt. It was amazing how I didn't need to scrub and the toe jam came right off. I...
  20. Spideyj

    Acclimating Teto to bath time

    My kitten Teto, like most cats, doesn't much care for bath time. He's pretty well behaved about it but the first time I bathed him he cried and tried to jump out and it was rather unpleasant for both of us. I thought, hmmmm, I wonder if I can turn this around, so I did some digging, read some of...
  21. BusterTheCat

    Update on Buster's bathing!

    I made a post a while ago about how much Buster hates his baths and asked for suggestions. I remember reading somewhere that it could be helpful to put a treat on a floating object in the bath. I kept treats in the bathroom and put a couple leading to the bath so he could walk up to it on his...
  22. anoirb

    Overall help needed with bath regimen!

    I've noticed with one of my babies that the day after I bathe him, he gets really really dry skin. I've tried several different shampoos and they all seem to break him out or give him super dry, flaky skin. Wondering if anyone else has had this problem and has any tips on how to clear it up...
  23. treefoil


    Well this time the bathing was a bit painful... Mine hate it so much... But this time oskar went to panic mode. He was quite behaving not moving to much. My sister helped me and lost grip, so he ran away - dripping wet. We were finished washing him, but i needed to get him into the towel. He...
  24. sigridur

    Getting dirty really fast?

    Hi so I'm new hear I've had my sphynx for 2 weeks today :) I was wondering, he seems to be getting pretty dirty fast, i gave him a quick bath yesterday and he's already pretty brown on the chest area and back legs and around his butt - so i took a wash cloth and cleaned most of it away but what...
  25. Kelly A

    Hi, Kelly from Pittsburgh PA

    I got Helix a Lilac Point at about 8 weeks December 21, 2013. He's had many many baths so far!