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  1. JadeSphynx

    Can I do good here?

    Hey! So I’m a hairless kitty momma of two. they are the absolute joys of my life. I have always been insanely allergic to cats and these little hairless babies allowed me to fulfill my dream of having a cat. My girl is spayed, but my boy is not as I have been letting the breeder continue to...
  2. Natka58

    Newborn scratches

    Do you cut newborn nails? They scratch each other up pretty badly. Anything safe to put on their scratches for them to heal faster or just leave it alone? Thank you
  3. Lanuesphynx

    Starting my first sphynx cattery

    Hi sphynxlair! My husband and I are starting to plan creating our sphynx cattery in our home. I want to know EVERYTHING. How often have you needed to do a C Section?? How big is your queen sphynx?? How old are your queens when they start?? Do you prefer using a stud service or owning the...
  4. W

    Can you breed a CFA registered Sphynx with a TICA registered Sphynx?

    Hi guys, I get my sphynx next year, the breeder will breed the couple in November and they'll be ready around February 2019. The dad is TICA and the mom is CFA and am just a little confused as to how that works. I'm purchasing a sphynx to breed and the breeder is willing to have over breeding...
  5. Lady Matriarch

    Breeding mentor?

    So, it has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember to raise baby animals. I've researched and asked many questions of many different breeders both cat and dog.. I waited until I found a breed I was absolutely infatuated with, well I've found my love. So now I think I'm ready, I want...
  6. Violet1012

    Is a bambino made with a donskoy and a munchkin a real thing?

    I was talking to a friend and she heard from her friend that theres a lady in CA breeding bambinos using donskoy and munchkins to make a bambino. Would that even work? At first i didnt believe her but shes breeding hairless Chihuahua so if she can do that who knows what else is out there. I know...
  7. Violet1012

    Hello everyone im violet!

    Hello everyone im violet and i just started breeding sphynx. Im about to have my first litter and im so excited. I joined because id love more info on the breed and breeding to show standards. I love the breed and hope to better it over time. Thanks everyone for reading and im always happy to...
  8. Frances

    Breeding Questions!

    Hello, I am new to Sphynx Lair. I have a sphynx/Bengal female who is 8 months old. I want to have kittens but I know nothing about breeding sphynx cats. I know her and the male will need to be the same blood type, she should be at least 1 year old and she will need her shots before getting...
  9. M

    New to Forum/male studs

    Hi, my name is Marti and I'm a sphynx mom to Hank; 2yrs old, Vladimir; 1yr old, and newly adopted Sirius Black...our stud...he's only 14 weeks, he's still a stud in progress. I've never bred cat's before, so my question is, how do non-nueterd males act differently than nueterd males: ie...
  10. Hayley ebborn

    Urinating everywhere

    Help! My male kitten has been urinating absolutely everywhere in my house countless times on my sons clothes in my lounge room my bedroom even on his own beds I have just thrown out my second cat bed now I've heard males are sprayers but this is just beyond the joke! First male cat I have owned...
  11. J

    Want to breed. But can't handle spraying!

    Im a new sphynx mama to an adorable kitty boy who's just a little over a year and I want to breed him but dunno how to go about that and how to find someone or anything at all. He sprays my house down and if drives me bonkers! I am about to just say screw it and get his junk cut off!! Any advice???
  12. jasmyn

    Breeding sphynx walk through?

    Wondering about sphynx breeding from A to Z: the good, the bad, the in between. Where to start, what to expect, what to do, etc. Please and thank you!
  13. D

    Sphynx Breeding

    So I was wondering if someone can provide me with more information on breeding. I own two Sphynx; the female is from Korea and the male is from Russia. They're both unaltered and shes had 4 litters so far. Shes averaging about 6 kittens a litter. But the thing is every single kitten is born with...
  14. Sphnxophelia

    Cat's Water Broke(???) Need Advice Soon

    Hey All, About 4 days ago now I went out of town for a important Apointment and My Dam was due around the same time- I was weary of leaving her, trust me. When I got home she wasnt laying in her bed and on her blanket there was a liquid spot about the size/quantity of a banana and...