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  1. ThackerySphynx

    New Sphynx Momma, and her boy Rumple- advice please :)

    ok I’m well aware I’m newbie bare with me, and forgive possibly silly questions. So last Monday July 13th we brought home our tiny Boy Rumple. He’s 15 weeks almost 16 now. however this guy is filthy- how do you stretch cleanliness between baths? hes only had one bath here as it’s been a week...
  2. C

    rash after rabies vaccination

    My 1 year old male sphynx recently had his 2nd year rabies shots, and started to slowly spread around his neck and under arm and upper belly. Is there any type of topical ointments to help clear up and stop him from constantly scratching them? Any tips or recommendations from anyone that has...
  3. Catalina

    Can anyone know what s this about? She s my canadian sphynx Priya. She s 6 months old

    HAS ANYONE SEEN THIS SKIN PROB. ON THEIR SPHYNX BEFORE? Hello! I have a canadian sphynx, she s 6 months old. She got this at her tail and back foots since i bought her. At first i thought her tail is like this because of the door litter , but then after i took that door off and i sow that the...
  4. M

    Sphynx vs Russian Don

    So about 6 months ago I received a coffee table book of cats. While going through it, I found the Sphynx page. But the next day I found the Russian Don cats. And while going through the characteristics of them, I think my boy fits a Russian don more than a regular Sphynx. Does anyone have any...