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  1. K


    Keith is 5 years old about to be 6 and I got him when he was 4. Almost immediately after getting him from his breeder, he began to break out in rashes. I have tried EVERYTHING. I mean EVERYTHING!! He's been on hypoallergenic diets, he was even on steroids at one point. I have consulted multiple...
  2. E

    Cat Scratch Fever

    My sphynx, about 6 years old, healthy, no skin issues that I'm aware of (no visible rashes) has been scratching himself behind the head an unusual amount lately. I keep his nails trimmed but he still is getting all scraped up from it. I haven't changed his shampoo (Johnson's baby shampoo) or...
  3. Neph

    A Few Random Questions

    Hi there, I'm new here. I got Nefertari on the 8th and we're figuring things out. 1. What is a good way to discourage bad behaviour? (With fuzzy kittens I'd spray with water but I want Nefertari to like baths, so clearly that's out). 2. She tends to attack everything - cords and plants being...
  4. Deannalyn

    Sphynx Dry skin

    My spuddie has very dry skin and gets flakey. I've also noticed he has some rough spots on his rear that have become darkend. Almost looks rash like to an extent. Not painful for him but have no clue why it's happening. I purchased some emu oil shampoo and after his bath put pure coconut oil on...
  5. Linrah

    Kitten biting on tail

    My 5 month old sphynx is biting her tail to the point of leaving marks and scratches on it. She did have a skin problem a month back that has now cleared up... But her tail is red in spots. Not sure if because she's biting it or bumps are causing her to bite at it. On another topic, anyone know...
  6. Draugia

    Yeast? Need help with my kitty :(

    Hey all! I'm new here and I got my first sphynx 2 months ago. I was looking for information here, cause my baby got some spots on skin :( She already had them in cattery, but they were really small and only on her back and chin, so I though its just pigment or sebum (i have chinese crested dog...

    Bad skin rash!

    My 3 year old female has been slowly getting this rash the last 2 years. Started on her legs. When she gets pregnant, it goes away. When she's done nursing her kittens, it starts to come back. This time it has come back, and it has spread to her back, tail and face. I have tried every diet...
  8. admin

    Sphynx Skin Conditions

    #1 Food allergies: Another very common issue many sphynx owners run into is food allergies. Many studies have shown that certain ingredients contained in cat food are more likely to cause food allergies than others. The most common offenders are beef, lamb, seafood, corn, soy, wheat gluten and...
  9. thisismadelyn88

    Itchy rash, constantly licking herself!!

    My cat is 2 yrs old and has had the worst skin problems for about a year. She constantly has scabs all over her body bc of constant licking and itching. I swear her licking herself is one of the most annoying sounds I have ever heard in my life! She was never like this when I first got her. I...