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  1. Payton Lucas

    Tiny bumps right under skin

    Hi all! I was wondering if anyone has seen this or if it would concern any of you but the other day i noticed that my 9 year old boy sphynx had these tiny bumps under his skin. they move with the skin and don’t seem to hurt him, and i can only see them when he is sitting, otherwise laying down i...
  2. Rosemair

    Spot or lump?

    I noticed this spot on my cat about a week ago now, it's not really changed. I was wondering if anyone knows what this could be?
  3. chloemcquestion

    Lump in leg of sphynx

    Hello, I’m new to this lair. I got my Sphynx about 2 months ago and he got his last round of boosters a few weeks ago. I now noticed a lump in his leg, where I believe the injection was, but I’m not entirely sure which leg he had the injection on. The lump is about a Penny size, so I’m extremely...
  4. SarahShambles

    Lump :(

    Hi all, Has anyone got any knowledge of movable lumps with your babies? Im so worried about Church! He’s got a vets visit next week (earliest they can see him) im Beside myself with worry, he will be 8 this year
  5. Caffi

    Kitten has

    Hellou, I have this ongoing battle with kittens skin. She first didn't have any lumps or bumps but they seem to come more and more often. I was thinking these marks come from rough play with other kitten so I started to clip their nails more often while these appear on the shoulders, neck and...
  6. E

    Little lump

    Hi guys, Beetlejuice had his vaccinations two weeks ago. A few days later I noticed a little lump on his back just below his shoulder blades, I've heard something about reactions but not 100% sure on what I should be looking for. Hes fine in himself, eating and drinking as normal, and I can...
  7. Jimalsi

    Medium Lump on Neck

    Hi guys, I'm new to this platform so I'm not entirely sure if this will reach anyone but I hope it will and someone can help me out. I've just had a sphynx for 2 months; it's about 4 months old now. I love him so much so I'm scared something terrible is happening to him. Purpi has been not...
  8. S

    Lump - any idea what this is?

    This is Stellatron, and I’ve noticed this small bump come up on him. I’ve read online that it may be a few things but I’m concerned it might be serious. He had his injections done two weeks ago and is due to have the next one done next weekend. Has anyone else come across this before or know...
  9. AndreaM

    Lump on throat, swollen chin & mouth?

    I noticed my sphynx's face looked weird today so looked closer and found a lump on her neck/throat!!! It's round, smooth, size of a large pea, and "moveable" under the skin. Her chin and sides of her mouth are also swollen. I will get her to the vet, but of course today is a Saturday, and I'm...
  10. Mousemumma

    So scared for my little girl

    pixie is going to be neutered tomorrow and although the vet has reassured me they won't use ketamine I'm still worrying! Also she had her inoculations/kitten jabs ten days ago and today it's really swollen around the site although not hot or sore. Is that normal in a possible herpes kitten? I'm...
  11. MereB

    Is this normal?

    Akira has one of these lumps on the back of her thigh on both back legs. One side is slightly bigger than the other. They are visible when she's standing as a small bump on the back of her leg and I can't feel them in my furred cat. It's fairly mobile and feels for all the world like a cyst or...
  12. BusterTheCat

    Soft Lump

    Hi friends. Buster has a soft lump on his thigh that has been there for some time. It's not too noticeable but it's definitely there. I think it might be a fatty lump but I don't know much about these issues. Does it look familiar to anyone? Should I get it checked out? It doesn't bother him at...
  13. Thinkingofbecki

    Lump on kittens back

    hey, I've just noticed a lump on my kittens back, she had her second lot of jabs on Wednesday, could this be the cause? It's hard but squishy and doesn't seem to cause any discomfort or pain when we touch or squeeze it. I've uploaded some photos of the lump. Please help, I'm really worried :(...
  14. Justified143

    Vaccine site induced cancer?

    Has anyone heard of Sphynx or any other cats getting cancer from their vaccine site? My 7 year old male Sphynx got a huge tumor on his back, between his shoulders. I've taken him to two vets and both agree that his mass was caused from his vaccination site. He had surgery to have it removed...
  15. IggytheSphynx

    Bump on my Kitty

    Hey Guys! I just got home from work and noticed my kitty has a small bump under his back leg. Kind of in his armpit I guess. He got his last set of fiv and luek. shots on wednesday so I am not sure if its related. But the shot was in his hip on that side, not his armpit. He is only 16 weeks old...
  16. AndreaM

    Large Lump Under Skin

    I've owned Sphynx cats for 12 years and this is a new one for me. My kitten (5 months old) has a large (about 1 inch in diameter) solid lump under her skin on her upper leg. It's bumpy and abnormal in shape when I feel it. The surface of the skin is pristine ... nothing but her smooth kitten...
  17. PrimateLove

    Swollen Ear...

    Hey guys... My friend has a half sphynx / half siamese cat named Monkey (you can see why we are friends..haha). She came home today and Monkey's ear is swollen. She doesn't see any visibal scratch or bite marks, but you can see that the ear is real swollen. Anyone have any thoughts on what...
  18. havingalook

    Abscess/ lump at vaccination site???

    3 of my kittens have got a lump on their necks where they received their final set of vaccinations/ Rabies. Could it be an abscess? Or a reaction? They are playing normally, happy, eating normally etc, they just have a small hard lump between their shoulders.. Will get them into the vet's...