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  1. J

    My poorly baby Winnie! Please help.

    Hi everyone! I have a new lovely 8 month old kitten named Winter (Winnie) and unfortunately my first post about her on here is asking for help as she is a little poorly :( I got her just under two weeks ago on the 9th December. My boyfriend went to collect her but she had a very long car...
  2. Shontae

    Question about using L-lysine

    So I already have lysine for myself, and I was wondering if anyone uses the "human" lysine for their cats? I read that people do do that, but I wanted to double check on safety, and get some more information. Thanks everyone! :p:LOL::pShontae:LOL::p:LOL:
  3. Nicolemorgan

    L-Lysine in Canada

    Hey Lair folks :) Just wondering where other Canadians out there get their L-Lysine powder? Right now we have been giving it in treat form since it's easy for us to get, but would really just like to switch to the powder. Looking at online pet stores that are Canadian, but haven't had much...
  4. Kaitlyn Ramsay

    Quick Question

    Hey guys, long time no speak! I've been working hard at school so I keep forgetting to check in :(. Monty has been doing great, he volunteered with my at a student mental health fair and let stressed students give him cuddles and lovin'. He was such a good boy, I'm training him to be a therapy...
  5. twizzler


    i just read a post that this person is giving their cat lysine. What is it for and should I be giving my SPHYNX it?
  6. admin

    L-Lysine for Sphynx Cats

    Lysine or L-Lysine can be used to treat upper respiratory problems in your sphynx cat and also help with the symptoms of Feline Herpes. Many Sphynx owners have found Lysine helps in the aid of minor cold symptoms like sneezing, runny eyes and coughing. It's generally sprinkled into the food or...
  7. celesteandbrina

    Watery eyes/ stuffy nose

    Hello, I'm new to the lair and sphynx breed. I've had my baby girl Sabrina for just over a week now, she just turned 12 weeks today (the 1st.) When I took her to the vet the 1st time, 2 days after I got her she had a minor eye infection in her right eye and was prescribed eye drops. I gave them...
  8. BluesMummy


    Hiya, i know im probably just a worry-wart but i was just wondering how everybody elses kitties was when they started on lysine, ive been meaning to get my boys started on it for a while so this month when i got payed i finally ordered some from Amazon, we are now on day 3 & blue has the poo's...
  9. Catzzzmeow

    L-Lysine Poll

    I was just answering a new member's post about L-Lysine. I think when new members read about L-Lysine it can be confusing because herpes is usually mentioned in the articles along with it. Just a quick show of hands...lol. Who uses L-Lysine daily as a supplement with their babies? ME!
  10. lyndxe


    hey everyone, i'm thinking about ordering some L-Lysine. i found human pharmaceutical grade powder online for fairly cheap, and i think that's the route i want to go. is this a good option? the boys are 7 months, and we are taking a 16 hour plane ride next month, so i want to boost their...
  11. stoneandglass

    l-lysine question

    holland and barrett in the UK are doing a penny sale (buy one full price get another for 1p) and they sell lysine pills. Could someone please let me know if they're suitable for cats? http://www.hollandandbarrett.com/pages/product_detail.asp?pid=117&cpid=29&cid=172 thanks
  12. Mybabyskinny


    I want to order l-lysine for my baby, because he is gets colds easy.. Which in your opinion is The best i can get him? Powder, treats, .... ??
  13. Annie

    Runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing?

    Hi, I am a brand new Sphynx owner and I am honestly a nervous wreck. I am so in love with my new baby boy, and I want to make sure he is as happy and healthy as he can be. I've only had him for 2 days now, and tomorrow is his vet appointment. When I picked him up Sunday evening the breeder said...
  14. NatalieL

    L-Lysine for kittens

    When I pick up my boy in 2 weeks, I was told by my breeder to feed him L-Lysine in his food to help clear up any outbreaks as kittens are more prone to them. I was just at my local drug store and could only find the 500 mg capsules. Would I be able to open the capsules since they are already pre...
  15. Rebeccaperez

    how much L-lysine do I give my 15 week old sphynx - Gremlin?

    I dont know what type of L-lysine I should get.. gel form,powder,or pill? which one is better and how much do I give Gremlin he is 15 weeks?
  16. admin

    Sphynx with Feline Herpes and L-Lysine

    Lysine can also be used for colds or to reduce cold symptoms like sneezing, runny nose and runny eyes in sphynx, not just herpes. See the dosage below. Always see your vet before e diagnosing or medicating your pet. Feline herpes- is one of the most common respiratory diseases in cats. Since...