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new kitten

  1. S

    Is there any downside to using psyllium husk powder regularly?

    Hi everyone! I got my boy almost 3 weeks ago now. For the most part, since I've gotten him, he's had pretty loose stools. He's been dewormed and had a negative fecal at the vet so I'm not really worried about parasites. I know this breed is sensitive so I just assumed it was stress-related and a...
  2. Rkgxo

    New sphynx kitten

    Hello everyone! I got a lovely wee sphynx boy a week ago and he seems to be settling in well! Managed to use his litter tray well and eating well too (not drinking much but I hear that’s ok) As of yesterday afternoon he seems to be a bit “off” he meowed and hissed at me cause I was moving his...
  3. WrinkleInTime

    Collar or No Collar?

    Hello Friends, We are bringing our baby Flint home in 2 weeks! We are checking things off the list to get and I am unsure about a collar? Obviously he will be an indoor cat but we will also do some leash training if he takes to it and we have a backpack cat carrier. I was thinking about a...
  4. kibaspirit

    Oogi pics thread

    We got our boy yesterday and we are obsessed! I think he poses for the camera.
  5. kibaspirit

    Gotcha day prep tips/advice

    Hello all, I read around for some advice regarding introducing a kitten into a new home, but most that I could find applies when there are multiple cats/other animals in the home. It will only be Oogi at our place - please advise! We have a small house, only one level (no upstairs or...
  6. beccerzz11

    Just got a kitty!!

    Hi there!!! I am Becca and I'm brand new -- just put a payment on a kitten today! I'm planning on registering him as emotional support and I am really REALLY excited. I've wanted a sphynx for years. He's coming in January when I have the month off to settle him in. :) I wanted to ask advice...
  7. Monica

    Blackheads and Bathing

    Down the rabbit hole of newbie questions we go! I’ve seen A LOT of posts/pics about sphynx tails with blackheads, both here and on other groups. I’m very particular, and would prefer not the deal with pimple popping... Here’s the newbie part: 1. Should I be actively doing something...
  8. Monica

    It is finally GOTCHA DAY!

    After a long 9 week wait from the day we put down our deposit, it’s finally Gotcha Day!!! We will be picking up Kenzo Bare in about 4 hours.... Stay posted for tons of pictures!!!
  9. Monica

    My spoiled boy!

    Kenzo’s BACHELOR PAD arrived today... ... along with his cat-shaped scratch pad bed, feather wand, cat crack nip, wet and dry kitten food, litter boxes, vetericyn spray, precision q-tips, l-lysine powder, clicker training wand AND kitten litter. :cat::cat::cat: I LOVE AMAZON! We also bought...
  10. Monica

    New Kitten Help!

    Hola all! So I’m less than one month away from gotcha day. Like many of us, im over the moon with excitement to bring home my first sphynx! I’m stocked up on all kitty things, with little orders of goodies coming in anyway now. However, I feel slightly anxious in anticipation of the whole...
  11. QueenBeanToes

    New sphynx kitten -Kyng

    This is my new babe Kyng. He is a long legged experimental bambino. He's a blue and white with big beautiful eyes. He's a tank and literally insane, but a cuddle monster. His favorite place to sleep is on my face. My other sphynx , Bean, is really enjoying having a baby brother! Although I...
  12. Strangecat

    New bby space alien kitty Mars!

    I am so happy to be able to share my joys as to how great it is to finally have a new kitten in my life, especially a Sphynx! I adopted my boy last week from a breeder close to Toronto and I am so insanely obsessed with my adorable little mancat! Finding the right breeder with local postings was...
  13. Festerchat

    New kitten

    Hi everyone! I know that sphynx cats do better in pairs. I've had Fester for almost a year and we've had some issues with him being home alone. He gets lonely considering I'm gone for almost 10 hrs a day. I want to get a kitten friend. Everything I've read has been other owners that either got a...
  14. MycatisFreyja

    My baby Freyja is here!

    We got our kitten on July 4th, 2016 and she was born in March. She is such a ball of energy even after being spayed, but we love her. Our transition from homemade raw to a commercial raw brand was as seamless as her transition to being an only child. She is so cuddly and lovable, I don't...
  15. Penni Chesmore


    please help! I'm getting a kitten Friday. I have the cat tree, Royal Canin dry food, the litter box with recommended litter, Johnson and Johnson shampoo recommended by the cattery. I understand I should leave the dry cat food out twice a day mix it with a little wet food, and what kind? Please...
  16. MissLadyK

    Its all happening so fast!!

    Hi hello, I am still new here, but have been so warmly welcomed to this community. In my introduction I mentioned I do not have a sphynx, however, after a bad evening and coming home to drink tea on the couch alone and watch netflix I was browsing craigslist and holy cow there he was, Sphynx...
  17. AshJoJo

    Wet FIP

    Hi everyone, we lost our little Laila bug to FIP three weeks ago. We miss her dearly and I've asked on a few other sites about the amount of time we should wait to bring a new baby into the house. It was wet FIP and we have cleaned up and thrown out all of the toys, litter box, food dishes and...
  18. L

    Luna is home! Now i need help..

    Hey!! We brought Luna home on Saturday! She's wonderful! Behaves unbelievably well, listens (most of the time) she even sleeps in her own bed. She also doesn't mind being in her crate much. We have her bed, blankets, toys in a big crate where she sleeps right next to my bed. My only concern is...
  19. Elaina

    Getting a 3rd cat - too much?

    Hi all, Bit torn what to do. I've had my female Sphynx Gabbi for a year now which makes her nearly 1.5 years old. I recently (12 days ago) added a male Devon Rex kitten (Oscar) to the family. First few days were shaky but now they're great friends tearing around the house like nutters and...
  20. kelsheyyx

    Not only my first Sphynx, but my first cat! I have many questions!

    Hi all :) I'm Kelsey and I just got my baby girl Ophelia this past Sunday. I am SO in love with her! I've seen a lot of people posting about kittens getting used to dogs. I have two Shih Tzu/Yorkie mixes, and they are veryyyy curious about her. And as small as they are, they seem huge compared...
  21. MelissaAlice

    Toothless = Trouble

    I'm telling you this kitten is fearless! This is me jumping up and surprising my new mommy with with kisses on her nose! This is how you gets onto the tops of the monitors .. mommy always comes and picks me up when I do this ... I likes that! And this is how's I sneak up on stuffy...
  22. Skins95

    Brand New Here, And So is This Little Man!

    So My name is Gabby and I am brand spanking new to the Sphynx world. Recently I've began my college journey, and am well into the second semester :) My family and I (mainly myself) have decided to get a little companion for me. It's been years since we've had a cat around the house, and a sphynx...
  23. IcarusTowers

    Icarus - Gotcha Day (2/215)

    Woooo!!! He's here! After months of patience since seeing him when he was just 5 weeks old, he's now purring and in and out of snoozing next to me. What was great was coming back to the breeder's home and Icarus jumping up my leg knowing it was me. The trip back was amusing - had to go via...
  24. Spoon&Sphynx

    Adding a baby boy?

    Hey Sphynx lovers! I currently have 2 Sphynxies. A 2 year old female named Luna and a 1.5 year old named Midi. My boyfriend and I have always wanted to add a little boy to the mix, but I wanted to get your opinions. I know adding a kitten to an existing household is always a process. Do you...
  25. twizzler


    Hi. My name is Lisa. I'm new to the sphynx cat. Mine is a pink boy. He's quite lovely and purrs all the time. I've just ordered him a tshirt and a fleece. I'm concerned that he might be cold even though it's summer. My breeder told me to only bathe him once a month. I've read here to...