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  1. Yana and Osiris

    Are they showing their love or attempting to murder us?

    Is it just Osiris or is rife among of Sphynx breed? :0 I often wake up finding Osi snuggling up to me, he sleeps under blanket (btw sphynx cats are heating like a pot of hot potatoes at nights lol), head on pillow, real human baby mode on. Then he slowly gets closer and puts his paw over my...
  2. byulbunny

    Questions from new worried mama

    Hey everybody! Loki has been here nearly a week now and he's just a bundle of joy. He's so sweet, cuddly and affectionate - even snuggles up to me under the blankets! I have some questions though as a worried first-time mother - gnawing little things that have been bothering me. With that said...
  3. Laurwadz

    Buying a rehomed sphynx, thoughts/tips/suggestions?

    I have been in search of an emotional support animal and after extensive research I’ve fallen in love with Sphynx. My preference is to have an older cat and I found someone rehoming 3 Sphynx cats, 1 of which is a 4 year old male. They are asking $800 for a rehoming fee, he is fixed and the owner...
  4. Gaily

    Normal Sphynx Questions/Answers.

    So i have been studying and studying and studying, but i keep losing all the links and answers. SOooooo I made this for myself and anyone who wants to use it. Feel free to add stuff to this post if you wish! ---------------------- -Info on the Sphynx - Do not to get the FIP or Felv shots It...
  5. Gaily

    A lot of Questions!

    Since I am new to being a Sphynx owner, (Still waiting for them) I have a lot of questions i want to say. Coconut oil, What is it for? Best way to clean their claws? How often do you give your Sphynx a bath? (A breeder told me once a month would be fine. just wondering how often i should.)...
  6. byulbunny

    New baby girl (and some questions!)

    Hey everybody! Brand new to this place - and here's one of a few photos to follow of our new baby, Noodle! She's coming up to her 6 months mark and she's an absolute doll - cuddly and affectionate, yet an absolute little monster when she wants to be. I adore her to bits. She's a baby to three...
  7. KitKat121

    Growing spot on my sphynx

    Hello everyone! I hope all is well. I've noticed that my boy Grimley has some sort of a spot (maybe a mole?) above his eye, and upon looking back at older pictures of him I've noticed it's gotten bigger. He his about one and a half, and believe he is full grown at this point in time. I'm asking...
  8. Deann

    Newbie with New baby!

    I posted this a bit earlier: New Kitten, so many questions! Look forward to learning more and talking to everyone here! This is my new baby, Krypton!!
  9. Lizzy

    Help for my boy

    I have some concerns for my dear cat. He is not a Sphynx, I've seen a few people ask questions for their furry family members, so I hope it is ok to do something non Sphynx related. My cats name is Gadzooks, or Gadz for short. He is 6 years old, turning 7 this December, and is a domestic long...
  10. JenFl

    New here and to sphynx foster/ownership

    hi, I am Jen, I run a grooming shop and am being brought a 8 yr old sphynx girl on Monday. She is not very well taken care of, the first time I seen her a couple months ago it was late and we (another groomer and I) were closing up.........In walked a lady asking questions and telling a story of...
  11. JenFl

    New...rescue...not sure, maybe adoptable....

    hi, I am Jen, I run a grooming shop and am being brought a 8 yr old sphynx girl on Monday. She is not very well taken care of, the first time I seen her a couple months ago it was late and we (another groomer and I) were closing up.........In walked a lady asking questions and telling a story...
  12. KitKat121

    Hyperactive sphynx and neutering

    Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I've been on this thread but Grimley and I have been busy having fun! We hope all is well with everyone and their little loves. I'd post pics of my adorable guy but I'm having a hard time on my phone. Anyways, the reason I started this thread is because...
  13. dodocats

    The hardest logic puzzle ever

    Hello my Friends :) How are you? hope everything goes well with you! how about a little logic puzzle now test your IQ and prove your intelligence skills with the hardest logic puzzle ever it's kind of simple questions but untill now no one could solve it now Good Luck :D
  14. Sphanks


    Hey guys! So Oli has just turned one year old :) What is the deal with HCM testing...is it normal/standard to get your Sphynx tested for HCM around one year of age? If so, where does one get one of these testings? The breeder who I got him from claimed that his parents were clear of HCM but...
  15. xXsarahXx

    About to be a first time sphynx mommy. Need help!

    Hi everyone, so on Thursday I am going to be adopting a 6 year old female sphynx named Ginger. She will be my first sphynx, so I need lots of tips and advice on how to properly groom and care for her. I was a little skeptical about adopting her because she is older and I have a 6 month old and I...
  16. X8kierstin8X

    New owner ! I need some tips on becoming a new sphynx mommy

    Hello all ! I'm looking for a "cheat sheet" of some basic sphynx information about the breed and then more information on products/toys/food :) thankyou !
  17. harry4210

    New Sphynx Owner!!

    Hello! I am new to this site, my name is Jessica! I have a wonderful new sphynx, Harry. He is about two years old and I have had him for a little over a month now. I received him from a family friend who could no longer care for him. I am so in love with this cat! He is absolutely wonderful...