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rash sphynx

  1. A

    Raw Skin/ Irritation / Ringworm/ UP?

    Noticed a little rash on my little guy a couple days ago and it’s getting better but isn’t healed yet. I’ve noticed it one time before. My other sphynx does not have any skin issues so I’m thinking it’s not ringworm, they constantly cuddle and sleep together. Pickles my big guy thats fine does...
  2. M

    Is this ringworm?

    We went to the vets today. He is the only Sphynx they have ever had there. They did the UV light test and nothing came up they checked under a microscope and didn’t see anything So they cultured it but it can take a week or 2. They sent him home with “hexzole” wash. Has anyone else has any...
  3. Drewbee

    Rash and scabs

    My poor baby has been covered in this rash for about 5 months now and my vet is convinced it’s a food allergy but I don’t think it is as I have done everything they have told me to do and it hasn’t gotten any better. The rash scabs a brownish color on the top of his head, cheeks, neck, and front...
  4. L

    Horrible rash on my nakid

    I’m hoping someone may have some insight. My bf and I had adopted our first sphynx a year and a half ago. Rey is the sweetest babe and we’ve been super lucky to have no issues with her. In the past 6 months, we were trying to get her a friend (my bf and I both work weird hours so I could tell by...
  5. FrannyDee

    Rashy Skin

    IMG_9854 by FrannyDee posted Dec 9, 2017 at 10:58 PMIMG_4789 by FrannyDee posted Dec 9, 2017 at 10:58 PMIMG_3823 by FrannyDee posted Dec 9, 2017 at 10:58 PMMy little one year old sphynx Bryson has developed a rash which is covering his body like scars. It appears like dry patches of skin when...

    Cat rash

    Hello everyone, i am looking for some suggestions on helping my sphynx' s skin.. I recently got my sphynx BeBe, she was not well cared for for 6 years and came to me very dirty with a recent case of ringworm, she was seen at a vet who gave medication and cleared it up.. maybe 6 months ago. She's...
  7. IzzyG

    Rash on stomach and in armpits

    Our cat is almost a year old. He started getting a rash on his stomache and his arm pits a few weeks ago. It doesn't seem to bother him. It sometimes goes away but then it also flares up out of no where. We haven't changed anything so we are uncertain what it is. We thought it might have been...
  8. Liliana Marques

    My sphynx has rashes, please help! :(

    Hi! My boy Tobias has rashes every now and then. They come and go and are very intensive for about one hour. The doctors have not figured out what it could be and we can´t seem to associate the rashes to the food he eats. He has had 2 shots of cortisone which help, however it is only temporary...

    Bad skin rash!

    My 3 year old female has been slowly getting this rash the last 2 years. Started on her legs. When she gets pregnant, it goes away. When she's done nursing her kittens, it starts to come back. This time it has come back, and it has spread to her back, tail and face. I have tried every diet...