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  1. mamaof3


    Hey all!! I have 3 bambino’s, 2 males and 1 female (all still intact). On April 11, I found my female and one of the males “confirming their relationship”. We have been to the vet, but too early to confirm pregnancy. I monitor our female daily for pregnancy symptoms. Her belly is hard on the...
  2. grace01

    Adopted Bambino Sphynx from a bad home

    Hello! I adopted a Bambino Flame Point Sphynx this week from a bad home. The lady posted him in a re-home group and I quickly swooped him up because I've been wanting a Sphynx cat for a while. I've done tons of research and had got approved for pet insurance and had a vet set up already. The...
  3. AnneBosnjak

    Rook updates!!

    So I asked A question in the question forum awhile back about wipe downs for my kitten. After realizing that the reusable solution for the wipes I was Using had coconut in them I stopped using them and actually switched to the wipes in the photos below! I figured that if the wipes worked to take...
  4. byulbunny

    Some updates!

    Hey everyone - hope you're all doing great ❤ Loki seems to be thriving well and I've come to the conclusion that he just has a very sensitive tummy - the only little treats he tolerates is plain tuna and even then it strictly is only a small amount as a treat. He has plenty of normal poops but...
  5. byulbunny

    Visible microchip?

    Cuddling with Loki on the couch and I just noticed this little funny lump - could this be his microchip? Pictures below!
  6. byulbunny

    Questions from new worried mama

    Hey everybody! Loki has been here nearly a week now and he's just a bundle of joy. He's so sweet, cuddly and affectionate - even snuggles up to me under the blankets! I have some questions though as a worried first-time mother - gnawing little things that have been bothering me. With that said...
  7. AnneBosnjak

    New skinfant parent member!

    Hello! I’m new here (obviously). I am Picking up my elf/bambino kitten in two days. I am So excited! Her breeder says she is a bi-color calico (not sure what that means). This is Rook!
  8. byulbunny

    New Kitten & Some Questions from a New Worrywart Mama (UK/Scotland Based)

    Hey guys! I'm happy to announce that I'm awaiting the arrival of a little baby of my very own in my new flat - she's a gorgeous little bambino (didn't actually realise at first, just fell for her little face; bright eyes and blep tongue!) For starters, I'm in the UK, so my questions are mainly...
  9. 4/4 Getting Fuzzies!

    4/4 Getting Fuzzies!

  10. 3/4 Getting Fuzzies!

    3/4 Getting Fuzzies!

  11. 2/4 Getting Fuzzies!

    2/4 Getting Fuzzies!

  12. 1/4 Getting Fuzzies!

    1/4 Getting Fuzzies!

  13. SphynxieMom

    tiny little bald spots on entire body, whole life

    Howdy! New member here. Ever since I got my bambino boy (Bo), I have always wondered what his tiny little bald spots were. I got him around 6 months old, and now around 18 months old, they have remained the same as he has aged and his coloring turned darker. They have never seemed to bother...
  14. J

    Looking to adopt near Seattle! (seniors, hospice, or special needs welcome!)

    CONTACT ME: [email protected] or (208)859-9368 WE WILL ADOPT OUTSIDE THE AREA! We are willing to commute via car out of state to pick up an animal. If you're curious how far we'll go, just ask! Hello! Our names are Jesse and Joe, and we are two experienced cat owners looking for a hairless...
  15. V

    Enlarged Heart (cardiomegaly) can’t stop crying

    So I just got my bambino Vinny on oct 18.. he was born July 1. Since the day I got him I noticed wheezing and so today when I took him to the vet, they did chest x-Ray and found he has an abnormal enlarged heart.. I have attached the photo of the radiology report.. I am devastated I can’t stop...
  16. V

    Vinny the Bambino!

    Hi all! I just got my boy Vinny on Friday. He is everything I could have hoped for and more. He’s a lynx point bambino and was born on July 1 so he’s just a few months old and is so tiny despite how big he looks in photos! I’ve had a sphynx before but in my separation my ex got custody, so...
  17. Dallassummer

    Ravenous Kitty

    Hey guys! I haven't been around in awhile. Just finishing up Nursing School and I remembered how fun and helpful this place is. I have an issue with my bambino Nala. I'll try to keep this short and sweet. I have three kitties, Simba (6yrs. Sphynx), Nala (5yrs. Bambino), & Kiara (1.5yrs...
  18. RaisinBambino

    Soon to be new sphynx mom

    Hi everyone! I am new to the forums and am very glad to come upon this as it has helped my research for my new baby coming home Nov. 17th. As I am NOT a new pet owner, it will be my first sphynx kitten and there have been so much to read up upon for this breed. Still reading up on what are some...
  19. K

    About Sphynx

    Hello my name is Alex, I'm thinking about currently purchasing a Sphynx Cat or a Cornish Rex. My mother doesn't like fur a lot so these seem to be the perfect choice but I would like to ask a question to the community. I've heard that Sphynx cat get oily in general and wanted to know which cat...
  20. PUE

    hairless gene question

    so my girl dad is a f1 bambino bred to a manx, she has short legs and no tail can she still carry the ressesive hairless gene from her dad? someone asked and got me wondering lol i own 2 other girls a fuzzy f2 and a naked gal so i know the basics % wise when people are outcrossing to sphinx...
  21. Sophie Hudson

    Southern California Kitties

    Every time I search for Southern California breeders the search comes up with breeders all over the US! I am getting flustered. Is there a list for breeders in local areas? I don't want to have another baby shipped. I would like to pick them out personally! Or even get a retired breeder! Thanks...
  22. TheNakedTs

    Yeast Infection problems

    Hi guys! So a little while after I got my two girls (they are born in November, and I got them when they were three months old), I started to notice that Tina's skin was a lot bumpier than her sister's. She also seemed to get "dirty" quicker, in fact the day after a bath she would look dirtier...
  23. TheNakedTs

    New to the community

    Hi! I'm Lucie, born in the UK although I now live in Norway :) My two little girls are Tara and Tina, half sisters from a lovely Scottish lady who also happens to live in Norway. They are not actually Sphynxs - their father is an Elf cat, while Tara's mother is a Bambino and Tina's a Dwelf...
  24. Violet1012

    Hello everyone im violet!

    Hello everyone im violet and i just started breeding sphynx. Im about to have my first litter and im so excited. I joined because id love more info on the breed and breeding to show standards. I love the breed and hope to better it over time. Thanks everyone for reading and im always happy to...
  25. Dallassummer

    Aggression Issues

    Hello all! I know I've been absent for awhile, busy busy finishing school. Everything had been pretty good except for this one problem I cant seem to shake. I've had Simba now for five years, Nala for four years. All, in all, they get along reasonably well. They chase each other, cuddle, lick...