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  1. I

    Hi Guys!

    Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well today! I joined this site because I am (obviously) looking to get a Sphynx. They truly are my dream cat and I can not wait to give one the best life I possibly can. I have found a breeder who checks almost all the boxes on the reputable breeder thread...
  2. J

    Is sphynxkittenbreeders.com legitimate?

    I've only ever adopted from shelter, and I'm not sure how to tell if a breeder is legitimate and ethical on my own. I want to make sure if I'm going to buy I'm buying from healthy and safe breeders! Anyone have experience with sphynxkittenbreeders.com? Their website looks very professional and...
  3. xcookie1012x

    Saratoga New York breeders?

    Hey everyone!!! My name is Stephanie, I’m so glad I found this community, I’ve been looking to find a breeder near Saratoga New York. Feel free to PM me
  4. W

    Can you breed a CFA registered Sphynx with a TICA registered Sphynx?

    Hi guys, I get my sphynx next year, the breeder will breed the couple in November and they'll be ready around February 2019. The dad is TICA and the mom is CFA and am just a little confused as to how that works. I'm purchasing a sphynx to breed and the breeder is willing to have over breeding...
  5. Adam

    Verify CFA and TICA Registration?

    We are looking at a couple breeders and we are wondering if anyone knows of a way to verify CFA and TICA Registration online We are looking at the CFA & TICA websites but do not see any kind of directory
  6. stephanie16

    How to tell if shipping is legit

    Hello!! I’ve been looking for a sphynx for a while now. Recently within the last couple days, new posts came up on a couple different websites. I emailed/texted each one, and I just want to know how to tell if something is real. It seemed weird to me that the three that responsed, all had one...
  7. SelinaKyle

    Please PM me reputable breeders on the east coast!

    Hello! I have been ready to get a sphynx for a while now! Please Pm me as I am looking for any suggestions for a reputable breeder on the east coast, preferably in the New England area, but not necessary! Thanks!
  8. jtkirk

    Breeders in Brisbane

    I live in Brisbane (AU), and I've just recently started my search for a sphynx of my own. I fell in love with a beauty I met a few months ago, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I've done heaps of research over the past couple weeks, and although this will be my first sphynx...
  9. M

    ISO cat in the Boston Area. What are the Local Breeders?

    Hi all! I'm new to the community, but I have been in love with Sphynx kitties my whole life. It's all I want in the world. I'm willing to travel. Any guidance? What are the local breeders, or does anyone have leads on perhaps a rescue program in my area? THANKS! I've had cats my whole life...
  10. sphynkles

    Breeders in Washington USA or BC Canada

    This is similar to my thread regarding breeders in BC, but I decided to add Washington because I am near the border. Will anyone please let me know if you know any breeders in any of these places? Thanks!:)
  11. sphynkles

    Breeders in BC, Canada?

    so, as you may know, I'm saving up for a sphynx! But, I'm stumped on breeders. If anyone here knows a sphynx breeder in BC, Canada, preferably near Vancouver, please comment here. Also, if you know how much their babies usually sell for, please let me know. Please include a contact number if you...
  12. Stevie

    Breeder Question-

    Hi all! Speaking with a breeder . Have seen exceptional things and heard all good things. wanted to see if anyone here has heard anything as well :) Please personal message me! Thanks! xo
  13. A

    Searching near NJ/NY for cat....

    I have been interested in getting a Sphynx for a few years now. However, my biggest problem has been finding one! I am horrified of any kind of scam site (which there are plenty of) and I also am having trouble finding any rescue sites as well. At this point, I decided to come to this site of...
  14. Kris Patay

    Breeders in NY or East Coast that scan HCM

    Hi everyone, very new here! I'm writing today because I lost my baby to HCM and congestive heart failure last month. From the time symptoms began to show it was too late for medications to even give him a small chance. 10 frightening days passed until he went to sleep forever. He was only 9...
  15. admin

    What to expect from a responsible sphynx breeder

    We get this question quite a bit here on Sphynxlair so I figured we would compile some useful information, a check list if you will for a first time sphynx buyer or even an existing sphynx parent looking to get another sphynx cat or kitten. All of these items listed below aren't necessarily deal...
  16. Maddie Anderson

    Is this normal for a breeder ?

    I'm hopefully getting a little nude dude at the end of November. This breeder is a real blessing and helped me a lot after the loss of my last kitty. The only thing is when I asked to come see him (shes local) she didn't answer so I took it as a no. I don't want to be pushy because I really want...
  17. Hayley ebborn

    Urinating everywhere

    Help! My male kitten has been urinating absolutely everywhere in my house countless times on my sons clothes in my lounge room my bedroom even on his own beds I have just thrown out my second cat bed now I've heard males are sprayers but this is just beyond the joke! First male cat I have owned...
  18. Bustamante01

    Food reviews

    Hi everyone, when i heard my breeder was feeding Kirkland cat food to his cas for many years now, i was sceptical.. I did my own research. Surprisingly, I found that up against high end brand, Kirkland is actually a pretty well reviewed. You can go on petfoodtalk and click Reviews then Catfood...
  19. BlueJune

    Looking for Recommendations

    Hello sphynx mothers and fathers, I'm on a journey to find a reputable breeder in the US who breeds sphynx. I had a sphynx at one point in my life, though short-lived. I fell for her adorable face but received a sick kitten from a sub-par breeder. It's been about 1 year since that happened and...
  20. IzzyG

    Sphynx wanted!

    I am located in Canada! I am looking for a breeder or a rescue agency so I can find my sphynx a friend! Any recommendations feel free to message me!
  21. BusterTheCat

    A Search for Litter-Mates

    Hi Sphynx Lair! I've always wanted to find Buster's siblings through social media but have never had any luck. I was wondering if anyone got their sphynx from a breeder in Westchester, NY (I know we're not supposed to name breeders on here) :) If you did, send me a PM! Also, feel free to post...
  22. M

    Looking for a breeder!

    Well, it is with a heavy heart I post that the sale just fell through regarding the kitten I was meant to pick up this weekend :( I won't go into details.. BUT this means I am now on the hunt for a REPUTABLE breeder! Must be registered and scan for HCM, also must ship to Canada. I would love to...
  23. Mystique

    Looking to re-home my 4 year old King and Queen- NYC Tristate Area

    It is sad for me to say this, but I am currently looking to re-home the 2 loves of my life: Queen: Mystique & King: Rithy. I am currently retiring from breeding (they are not neutered yet). I am getting married next month and are moving. Unfortunately my fiance is HIGHLY allergic to them and has...
  24. PicklesBenito

    My baby girl Pickles, HCM :(

    Wednesday morning I woke up before my alarm went off. In my sleep I sensed Pickles laying limp & lethargic, she has been battling HCM and had a large hole in her left ventricle for a couple years. She was taking 4 different medications twice a day for a while now. At her last scan the...
  25. HappyLilSphynx

    How long should I wait?

    My girl came with a health guarantee, and was found to have heart issues (originally diagnosed with aortic stenosis, and then given a "corrected" diagnosis of HCM and SAM) when I brought her in for her first annual checkup (the issue hadn't presented itself when she went through her kitten...