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  1. Fildenor

    Mr Biggles

    Mr Biggles Sept 2, 2007 to Feb 25, 2015. Right before this past thanksgiving he suffered a Saddle Thrombosis in his rear legs. I learned quickly about HCM and Thrombosis, thanks to information I learned here. This was a first for my Vet as well, he had never had to deal with this either. His...
  2. Amy31

    Good deed, or life saved?

    So, as a profession I'm a nail technician, and of course I love getting onto the subject of animals, and have had many reactions to little Lucifer, he's become abit famous with my clientele and they always ask how he is! I have one lovely lady who works in a cat shelter, and I like to ask her...
  3. BronAndRaj

    Diagnosed w HCM need medication advice

    My two year old sweetheart sphynx just got diagnosed with HCM. It's not too extreme but it's noticeable... Our vet prescribed Lotensin/Benazepril however side effects include kidney damage so I'm hesitant to begin him on it right away. A lot of sphynx owners with babies who also have HCM say...
  4. Amy31


    i have a question on HCM, as I'm slightly confused, so, is this most common in Sphynx cats alone? Or just any breed of cat in general? I like to browse the Internet in my spare time just to see if there's anything I'm missing in the care of my little one, and often I read Sphynx cats have no...
  5. Amy31

    HCM screening and UK specialist vets

    hi all I've been reading up,on HCM and I'm wanting to get my little one screened to sort of put me at ease, I have absolutely no worries about his health but I'd feel even better doing this! On a lot of things I read it says to screen the if breeding, surely you can have it done if you are not...
  6. Hairlesshux

    Sphynx cat won't stop yelling, help?

    So I have a 2 year old male sphynx and he wakes me up every morning / middle of the night yelling and begging for food. We have him on primal 6 nuggets a day. 2 for 3 meals a day. He has hcm so raw is the healthiest way to go but am I feeding him enough? Also is there a cheaper nice brand of raw...
  7. Molly Pearl

    Tips for making the most of our time with Walter (HCM)

    Hello all, Our littlest baby Walter (6 mo) was diagnosed with severe HCM this morning. The vet says he has significant thickening of his heart and prescribed enalapril. He has no outward symptoms, no trouble breathing, and is quite happy, hungry, and active otherwise. We want to think we'll...
  8. PicklesBenito

    Hi!! I'm New, Have 2! Baby girl has HCM

    Hi!! My husband and I have two beautiful bald babies, Benito is our 3 year old white boy and Pickles is his two year old tabby sister. She is also the sweetest silly cute thing you have ever seen. They travel everywhere with us and I couldn't even imagine spending a night without them, as you...
  9. Elaina

    Poorly kitten.

    Hi all, I'm really sad. Poor Gabbi is only 6 months and has a series of issues. I actually think she had her cat flu symptoms from when we viewed and brought her home. She only sneezed once upon viewing so I assumed that is was nothing to worry about. I did view her on two occasions and she did...
  10. Elaina

    Can anyone answer my two questions?

    I thought I may as well put my two questions into one thread! One question being one that is starting to concern me and the other being a more general question. Any advice would be great. My Gabbi is 6 months old now. I'm just a little concerned with her breathing? Only when she is asleep/comes...
  11. admin

    HCM Scanning Poll (buying a sphynx kitten)

    Do you or would you expect a breeder to scan for HCM before you would purchase a kitten from them? Feel free to comment. (forum rules apply here.)
  12. Dallassummer

    I want it all!

    So I've been seriously looking into Pet Insurance, such a drag! I found this nifty website, called petinsuranceuniversity.com It's awesome. After grueling hours of reading, I can't seem to find the "Best" one. I want low deductible, routine care covered, genetic conditions covered if one were to...
  13. Nofuratu

    Good news about heart murmurs and HCM

    Some of you know we have cats with HCM... We just took Count Von Count for his 2nd echocardiogram, a year after his diagnosis. He has been on the minimum dose of Atenolol once a day for a year now and his echo results were great news! His HCM has stayed completely the same! No enlargement or...
  14. zoinks

    So nervous... HCM scan tomorrow!

    So, tomorrow is the day. Alfie & Dippy are getting their first ever HCM scan and I'm so nervous. They are booked in at 2 & 3pm with a Dr who has a DACVIM in Cardiology, so they are in good hands, I am just worried and praying that their little hearts are healthy. Also, Dippy turned a year old...
  15. HappyLilSphynx

    Heart issue (Not HCM, but similar in some ways)

    I was adopted by my sphynx about a year and a half ago; before deciding on a cattery, I had waited for a sphynx to become available at a shelter (never happened) and had done research about HCM and other things specific to the breed. My breeder's cats all come with a health guarantee against...
  16. BynxTheSphynx

    Coughing or Wheezing?

    Bynx has always coughed or wheezed, at least even since I can remember. I'm actually not sure what to call it? He extends his neck and makes this god awful noise. I have tried to watch videos of cat's coughing or wheezing but none of them sound the same. I am just worried it could be HCM. I have...