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health concern

  1. gollumthesphynx

    Gollum Suddenly Dropping to the Ground.... Ataxia??

    Hi everyone, Hope all is well I was wondering if anyone can provide me some support and help? Gollum has been experiencing quick, sudden drops to the ground. Usually, his back legs are more impacted than his front legs. He would just be stretching and then sudden drop, kind of in a peeing...
  2. slimmedtwig

    Black boogers?

    Hello! I'm a new Sphynx owner as of just over a week! I have my brand new baby girl Ursula! If you want to peep her blue, adorable little self check her out here: Login • Instagram I guess, as a new owner, it's hard not to get paranoid about every little thing. However, on the first day she...
  3. A

    Lumps around nipples

    Just gone to give my sphynx cat her weekly bath and noticed she has lumps around her nipples and I'm really worried. Just wondering if this is common for sphynx as I've never noticed it with my other cats. She is 9 months old and not neutered as of yet. I have recently moved and the nearest vets...
  4. C

    My baby boy creed has brown spots

    He developed brown spots on his belly, inner legs, and neck. I have never seen them before, they almost look like oil spots but I bathed him lastnight they stayed. Now today they look a lil worse. Anyone else experience or have knowledge on this?
  5. emmalizpowell

    Sudden lump on cat’s head?

    Hi guys, I’m new to this platform and my sphynx kitten is about 2 months old. I let her out of my sight for a little bit and when I look at her, she had this bump on her head. It’s like sorta firm but also kinda squishy and she doesn’t like when I touch it. I’m pretty worried but not too sure if...
  6. gollumthesphynx

    Is your Sphynx leaving behind small urine stains?

    Hi Sphynx lovers! Hope all of you have been well at home with your babies. My sphynx cat, Gollum is 1.5 y/o and has been leaving these small little urine/pee spots on my sheets. He's been doing this he was a baby. I didn't think this was a big deal, however, when I asked some of my other...
  7. SphynxesFour

    Serious skin issues.

    Hey tribe, My poor baby has some horrible skin problems. She gets an awful rash under her tummy, groin and pit areas. I have tried diet and litter. We have an air filter and water filter. I can’t seem to get rid of it. The only time she is rash free is when she is on steroid tablets but she’s...
  8. A

    Weight control for my chubby boy

    My male pickles has always been a big cat but I weighed him today and he is 16 lbs. I know it’s too big for a cat so I need advice for weight loss. I have another cat who is about ten lbs. my little guy Ralph loves his dry food and doesn’t eat much wet food and my big guy Pickles loves wet...
  9. A

    Breathing issues / doctor questions

    Hi there I am new to the thread I have a serious question and I’m hoping somebody has some input . I lost my sphynx Mishu in March I had him for 10 years it was devastating he had an enlarged heart and closer to his death he was breathing weird something that we notice and we took him to the...
  10. Slaurentia

    My cat peed on my bed for the first time. Should I be worried?

    So I recently adopted a kitten named tofu. He is currently 4 months old, and has been with us for about 2 weeks. He is active but also sleeps a lot. Has been vaccinated and last checked was healthy, just slightly underweight (has gained weight since he's with me). He has no issue with litter...
  11. Cassiopeia

    Skin problems

    Hello, I'm a newbie to this forum, but I'd like to ask for help. My three year old Donskoy Sphynx is having a skin problem. She's had something similar before, but we've always went to the vet, got some ointment for it and it went away. This time is much different. The rash is red, sometimes...
  12. E

    Kitten has anal sores??

    Hi everyone, I bright my baby Egg home 4 days ago and have noticed there’s odd sores or something on the sides of his anus. His stools have been loose and smell terrible. But otherwise he seems in high spirits, eating and drinking well. My vet doesn’t have an appointment for 3 weeks, which I...
  13. Mochigrandpa

    Mochi not using the box(diarrhea)

    Hello I’m new to the group but I’ve had my Mochi for about 5 months now and I have an older one as well named Grandpa. I kept mochi on the breeders diet (royal canin) and wanted to transition to a different food but for the past month he’s had diarrhea and we’ve gone to the vet and they gave...
  14. QlXXXX

    Two year old girl LOVES sunshine...what to do?

    My daughter Natasha is two year old. She is the neediest little kitten I've ever met. A lot of people said that sphynx cats should not be exposed to direct sunlight, but mine loves sunshine so much. I live in Los Angeles and the sun light can be pretty intense sometimes. Should I be worried...
  15. Zephyrzhn

    Guys, Need some help here

    hey,guys, anyone knows what happened to this little poor thing? He is two months old. PS, the skin looks so weird like bold, but it wasnt like this
  16. Gesundheit

    Are there disorders related to a cat being undersized? (further explanation in thread)

    Nym’s parents were big cats. Not overweight; just big. Her mother was on the upper fringe of “average” and her father was undeniably sizable. As for Nym? While not the runt of the litter (I think her litter didn’t even have a runt) she’s grown to be very petite. Does anyone know of disorders...
  17. S

    Lump - any idea what this is?

    This is Stellatron, and I’ve noticed this small bump come up on him. I’ve read online that it may be a few things but I’m concerned it might be serious. He had his injections done two weeks ago and is due to have the next one done next weekend. Has anyone else come across this before or know...