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  1. D

    Dobby got skin problems! Allergic reaction?

    Hey guys my lil Dobby has today come up in a rash, no change in food over the last few days or litter etc and I’m not sure what else to think of, he’s booked in at the vets in two weeks for a check up anyways as that’s the soonest appointment but I’m wondering if you think you know what this...
  2. C

    My Sphynx has a rash and then I don't know what to do anymore please help my cat

    Hi everyone i'm from thai First, sorry for my English My cat's name is Zilvy she is indoor cat I've been to 3 vet. YES 3 VET!!! It costs me 500$ on average per vet but nothing good Each vet says they are allergies, they are allergic to bacteria, some say they are fungal. But another vet said...
  3. Beanboy

    New rash/ allergy?

    Bean is still under a year and he recently got a little circular scabby “rash” looking spot… I washed all his bedding and it went away or so we thought From time to time he’ll get the same looking thing on his paw, leg, forearm but its never spread or seemed to bother him- mostly upset me bc...
  4. DROME

    SKIN RASH or BLISTERS. Please help?

    Just showed up today, looks to be getting worse. it has spread to her ear. Could it be allergies? Has anyone else seen this type of rash before? thank you in advance! female/ 7 months old/ no changes to bath schedules or food since she was 4 months old.
  5. LoonyLuna

    Skin Issues - Any help/advice appreciated!

    Hi there! So poor baby Luna has been having chronic skin issues that come and go, but never seem to go away completely. She's totally healthy/happy otherwise, I'm currently cuddling her in bed while I write this. We just can't seem to clear up this rash. And honestly it's really not that bad...
  6. AlbertoMp3

    Skin changes

    Hi all my baby Juno is two years old she a month or two ago started having this weird rash on her chest and neck and legs. It’s not raised and or bumpy or dry or flakey, or red or open. she does not over groom spots and she does not seem in any distress and is eating and drinking just the same...
  7. Alizondaz

    Back with a Vengeance

    Those who saw my previous post on Stevie are aware of the situation. For a short synopsis when we received Stevie from our breeder she had apparently gotten in to "poison oak". She was treated with two rounds of antibiotics and it cleared up. About a week after completing the antibiotics it can...
  8. Kafkathesphynx

    My sphynx has rash on the skin

    Hello guys. We got our little sphinx kitten 2 months ago. He’s now a half year old. I’ve noticed that he gas some rash on the lower back. Is there anything I can do to make it disappear or do I have to go to the vet? :)
  9. G

    Can anyone recognize these brown dots?

    Hi! I need som help with my sphynx. My eight-month-old female has had a rash on her body in the form of brown dots. They mostly sit on the back and are not found on the abdomen, legs or head. She eats Orijen cat & kitten and raw food. She used to have alot of problems with diarrhea since we got...
  10. W

    Pls HELP! Strange bite/rash/bumps after vaccine

    Hi everyone! I’m not sure if it’s related, but Wrinkle just got his third kitten vaccine yesterday and the doctor said to watch out for rashes, fever, and vomiting. Today Wrinkle has this rash/bite above his eyes. Does anyone know what this is? I’m so worried for my baby. The vet is closed...
  11. S

    Allergic reaction

    Confused! We have 2 sets of babies right now I have always fed the moms blue buffalo basics skin and stomach because my 1 mama was allergic to chicken and grain since feeding have had no issues I couldn’t find the cat food anywhere so I tried instinct limited “turkey” kittens busted out with...
  12. Jasmk2

    Help! Skin condition/ allergy

    Hello everyone. I'm at a complete loss... I'll try to explain as well as I can and add some photos. My 3 year old girl, Ocean, has never had any issues with her skin since I've had her. She was on a raw diet which she really thrived off, gained a bit of weight and looking very healthy as she...
  13. K

    Red, inflamed bumps - OUCH! Help…

    Hey, Sphynxlair Community - Our sweet kitty has a gnarly break-out of large, red, incomfy bumps on her head. It started with about 1-2 bumps and right when we throught they were going away more popped up!! She has eaten the same freeze-dried duck morsels by Stella & Chewy since we got her...
  14. azolivas

    Red bump rash?

    Noticed this on our Luna. At first I thought it was a food stain at quick glance. She is not in pain nor does she pick, scratch or lick it. It’s allergy season here in Phoenix AZ and scorpions are also starting to appear. Should I be worried? Thank you!
  15. mamatiger2

    In need of help!!!

    Hi! I rescued my little girl about a month ago. I read up on things I had to do to keep her skin healthy but I think I’ve messed up!! As you can see in the photo she’s got a “rash” it doesn’t seem to hurt her but it is flaking and I’m worried I’ve hurt her skin unintentionally. I’ve been using...
  16. brennabeetle

    Does my kitten have allergies?

    Hi there! I got a kitten in October of 2021. When we got her her skin had some bumps on it. We’ve gone to the vet but they aren’t familiar with the breed. They said to use a medicated shampoo when bathing her and said nothing seems to be wrong. Completely not concerned. We’ve kept her on...
  17. T

    Dark skin / rash / pigmentation?

    Hello, So my little bambino Tofu has recently had this darkening of his skin. Under his armpits, under his chin and around his butt. It’s very dark in some areas and keen to get some advice. Is this just pigmentation or something else?
  18. L

    Rash on neck

    Hello! I'm a pretty new sphynx mom. I adopted Lincoln I'm the middle of June and he is amazing... Obviously! So, the problem: We went to go visit family and I left him in the care of a friend. Towards the end of his stay with her, his neck started looking really dirty, or so she thought. She...
  19. Supernaut91

    Bumps/rash and now sneezing? Help!

    Hey all! I’ve followed the site for a long time but this is my first post! My girl Buffy developed a rash which we assumed was some kind of allergy a few weeks ago. I of course took her to the vets who gave her an injection of antibiotics and told us to pop back again in two weeks. The...
  20. S

    Help! Curious yellowish patches on Sphynx.

    These patches appeared on my 11 month old male overnight. They are rough like a scab but not colored like one. No changes in his diet, environment, or shampoos. He is eating and drinking normal and is energetic and seems healthy other than the patches. He has a vet appointment in a few weeks...
  21. byulbunny

    Found this rash...

    Hi guys, sorry if this is the wrong place but I hope somebody can help... Just found this awful looking rash on my flatmate's sphynx and wondered if anybody has advice? I'm of course going to insist my friend takes our baby to the vet for a check up. I recently tried to point out she should...
  22. K

    skin bumps

    Hi, my mom's sphynx kitten (6 months) got these bumps today. It doesn't itch and she didn't wash him with anything unusual and she only uses organic laundry detergent. I can't tell what it is as I'm not there so I wanted to ask if anyone experienced something similar with their cat. My best...
  23. Nymphadora

    Weird skin rash on my cat’s head

    Found a small rash spot Nymphadora’s head, right behind her ear. The spot, which appeared randomly, is discolored and seems to be growing slightly everyday. She doesn’t seem to react when i touch the rash spot, but i’m still concerned as to what it is and if it is something that summons a vet...
  24. M

    Help! I'm at a loss and so worried for my boy.

    My boy Thackery has started developing scabs on his face around his eyes (see attached). This happened once before and the vet said allergies so we changed food to one they recommended (Royal Canin Neutered Young Male). It seemed to clear up but now it seems to be coming back and his sister...
  25. Mgulioso

    Sphinx skin rash help

    Greetings. My 1 year old Sphinx Mulan seems to have developed a rash in the past 6 months. I have not changed her food. She gets a mix of purina healthy growth kitten, blue buffalo kitten chicken and rice mix and fresh chicken. Always has. The rash seems to come a few days before she is due for...