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  1. K

    skin bumps

    Hi, my mom's sphynx kitten (6 months) got these bumps today. It doesn't itch and she didn't wash him with anything unusual and she only uses organic laundry detergent. I can't tell what it is as I'm not there so I wanted to ask if anyone experienced something similar with their cat. My best...
  2. Nymphadora

    Weird skin rash on my cat’s head

    Found a small rash spot Nymphadora’s head, right behind her ear. The spot, which appeared randomly, is discolored and seems to be growing slightly everyday. She doesn’t seem to react when i touch the rash spot, but i’m still concerned as to what it is and if it is something that summons a vet...
  3. M

    Help! I'm at a loss and so worried for my boy.

    My boy Thackery has started developing scabs on his face around his eyes (see attached). This happened once before and the vet said allergies so we changed food to one they recommended (Royal Canin Neutered Young Male). It seemed to clear up but now it seems to be coming back and his sister...
  4. Mgulioso

    Sphinx skin rash help

    Greetings. My 1 year old Sphinx Mulan seems to have developed a rash in the past 6 months. I have not changed her food. She gets a mix of purina healthy growth kitten, blue buffalo kitten chicken and rice mix and fresh chicken. Always has. The rash seems to come a few days before she is due for...
  5. C

    My baby boy creed has brown spots

    He developed brown spots on his belly, inner legs, and neck. I have never seen them before, they almost look like oil spots but I bathed him lastnight they stayed. Now today they look a lil worse. Anyone else experience or have knowledge on this?
  6. Cassiopeia

    Skin problems

    Hello, I'm a newbie to this forum, but I'd like to ask for help. My three year old Donskoy Sphynx is having a skin problem. She's had something similar before, but we've always went to the vet, got some ointment for it and it went away. This time is much different. The rash is red, sometimes...
  7. Claudiajb

    Weird brown rash on my boys neck

    Hi all I am started to get really worried about Sid. Over the past few days he has developed this dark brown rash on his neck. At first I thought it was probably built up oil from sweating and it has been so warm this year but he has now started scratching there and the top of his head...
  8. stephanysphynx


    So my girl had this rash appear this morning. There are only two causes I can think of. She just mated with a new male and I know the scratches on the back of the neck are normal but could they cause her to break out? Her butt/vag area is red and swollen looking. Could he have been sick or...
  9. Peridot

    Rash on stomach/face, please help!

    We've had our sphynx for about a year and for the last 6 months she has had this reoccurring rash on her stomach, armpits, and face. The vet has tried countless things, such at antibiotic shots, oral antibiotics, ringworm testing, prescription shampoo, a hydrolyzed diet, etc. She continually...
  10. Candice903

    Luna has sever rash red scabs exesive licking

    Hello I have recieved this wonderful sweet cat luna with special needs. she has a problem with licker her self untill she completly raw as a soothing thing. The breeder my friend got her from was to say the least not the best And said she had food allergys. but I think it's a combination of...
  11. B

    Clusters of Rasied/Textured White Spots

    Good morning everyone. This our first post on Sphynx Lair. Long time reader, first time writer. We recently noticed a patch of our Sphynx’s skin had become textured and raised on his lower back/haunch area (pictures included). I feel like it had been there for awhile, but less raisesd, and so we...
  12. nkdidi

    Supplements and skin

    Hiya! I thought I'd post here since this site has been soo helpful. Whenever I have a question I trawl the threads. Anyway, just before new years my Rizzo started getting what looked like hives on her chest area. She has had a few spots here and there on her back but it got worse. Pics of the...
  13. CatDaddy702

    WARNING! Do not use lime sulfur dip for ring worm

    Been lurking on the site for a while. Just picked up our baby boy on Christmas and he’s been the greatest addition to our family. I’ve always had dogs and a short stint with a dsh and baldy but this little guy has made me a “cat person” 100%. Unfortunately we had a very bad two days. Yesterday...
  14. Hillary

    Rash? Brown spots

    Hello, I'm just wondering if anybody has seen something like this before? Norman has had a rash/brown spots on his skin for most of the summer and its still going on. I have brought him to the vet 2 or 3 times now and they keep saying its seasonal allergies and prescribe him pills which do not...
  15. Helenecarter

    Rash :(

    Before I take my cat to the vet today does anyone have any suggestions to what this may be or what has caused it? I often find you guys can be more helpful then my vet unfortunately :(
  16. C

    How do I figure out what kitty is allergic to?

    Hi everyone! I’m hoping somebody can give me suggestions... this is a long post so I apologize. Some background—- My girl Chashu is 7 months old now. For the past 2-3 months (hard to tell when it started) we noticed small red bumps mostly on her belly and neck but there’s a few scattered on...
  17. Drewbee

    Rash and scabs

    My poor baby has been covered in this rash for about 5 months now and my vet is convinced it’s a food allergy but I don’t think it is as I have done everything they have told me to do and it hasn’t gotten any better. The rash scabs a brownish color on the top of his head, cheeks, neck, and front...
  18. Monica

    Skin Irritation... ahhh

    Hey y’all! It’s been awhile since we’ve posted. Kenzo & Minka are as in love as ever, and are the best of friends! Unfortunately, I noticed a rather angry looking rash/irritation on Minka’s neck this morning. Both my nakeds wear breakaway collars l. I usually wipe down their neck area every...
  19. Naked Alien

    Picky Kitty

    Hi guys, Warning long post ahead. Kitty: NALA age: 6 Ever since I got sweet Nala she has had allergies, she has been on every diet, hydrolyzed protein, 3P raw food (camel, kangaroo, rabbit), Royal Canin, Hills, Purina, Science diet. She does good for awhile(6mths to a year) and then boom...
  20. Kristielllen

    Skin issues

    My cat,Igor, has had this weird rash along his spine since the day we picked him up. It started off as a small spot with red around it, and has gradually gotten worse. The vet has absolutely no idea what’s wrong, but I don’t think she is very familiar with sphynx cats to begin with. Has anybody...
  21. Kumoandkaze

    Rough hair, rash, and constant flaking

    Hi! My Sphynx(Kumo) is 6months old and has been having many skin issues. It started about two months ago and the vet at the time said it looked normal and it was probably acne. It didn't look like acne to me so have changed his food to grain free and also tried chicken free. I bathe them weekly...
  22. I

    Spots on new baby Sphynx. Allergies or no?

    Hi guys! I just welcomed little Cairo into my home. Naturally, I’m worrying my butt off about his health. I’m concerned about a couple things. First, he had these little red bumps (very small) all around his skin. They don’t seem to bother him, but they are noticeable. He also purrs frequently...
  23. Melishia


    Hi guys, My recently adopted sphynx Marvin seems to be developing scabs and tiny bumps on his skin around his neck and mouth. Also, small observation, he seems to have a few blackheads around his mouth. Its been exactly a week since I noticed them. Here's a short history on Marvin. Hes roughly...
  24. RikkuSora

    Anybody know what this is? :/

    My baby is 15wks. She randomly would get little scabs on her feet and legs so I changed to the Dr elsey blue bag litter and that helped clear up her legs. Then a week later skin around her eyes started getting red with little tiny bumps that looked like hives. Then she stared getting itchy...
  25. Lady Godiva

    Discoloration issues

    Hey Everyone, I was hoping I could get some advice. I've had Lady Godiva for 4 years and she developed this brownish mark that spreads. I took her to the doctor, and they gave me a steroid spray and it went away for a few months but then it came back and started spreading. I took her to...