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raw diet

  1. gollumthesphynx

    The Transition From Kibble to RAWr ;)

    Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well. I've been reading the Raw DIet threads and have come across some really important points when it comes to transitioning our babies to a raw diet. However, I'm still having some doubts and questions in regard to the full transitional process. So far...
  2. gollumthesphynx

    Substitute for Real Bones?

    Hi all! I'm converting my baby to a Raw Diet in the next couple of weeks. I've been able to pin-point a really great recipe, linked here! They mention that we should be feeding real bones, but my local butcher nor I have access to bone a grinder. Does anyone have any suggestions for any...
  3. O

    Natural Instinct raw cat food. Taurine and supplements.

    Hi, do you think the Natural Instinct Turkey raw meat Country Banquet (Cat) Turkey has all the needed, nutritional ingredients in it? And the other Natural Instinct raw meat ones? Does the Natural Instinct Turkey raw meat contain taurine? And if so, is it enough taurine? What percentage or how...
  4. bmac60

    How to transition to raw

    Hello all, My sphynx Draco gets red bumps/patches and scabs. They seem to be allergy related. They will get pretty mild, then disappear, then come back again. My vet has given him a cortisone shot before and they tamed down. Anyways, I went to a holistic pet shop near me and the owner really...
  5. Naked Alien

    Picky Kitty

    Hi guys, Warning long post ahead. Kitty: NALA age: 6 Ever since I got sweet Nala she has had allergies, she has been on every diet, hydrolyzed protein, 3P raw food (camel, kangaroo, rabbit), Royal Canin, Hills, Purina, Science diet. She does good for awhile(6mths to a year) and then boom...
  6. W

    Does feeding a Sphynx a raw diet make their poop smell better???

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the sphynx lair and I'm in the process of adopting a sphynx. He won't be ready till February as he isn't even born yet lol but I've done tons of research to educate myself about sphynxes to understand them and see what would be best for them. I've read that a lot of...
  7. Ty Blaze

    PLEASE Help - Skin problem, anyone recognize this?

    hey guys! I just adopted my second little girl who seems to be giving me more problems than I could’ve imagined. My first sphynx (whom I got 2 years ago) has had no issues in health. I adopted Jasmine 4 weeks ago (she just turned 1) and seems to have a rash that nobody can figure out. She...
  8. Stevie

    Want to Try Raw...Suggestions/Advice!

    Hi All! Hope everyone and their babies are happy and healthy! I've shared before, my issues with my kitty Claudia and her sensitive tummy. She currently eats a wet only prescription diet and although its helped her constant diarrhea i'm just not impressed with it. I feel like she looks...
  9. RoxannK

    Picky Sphynx Food

    I've been trying to convert our sphinx girl to raw diet this week. I know it may take some time but so far she does not like ground turkey at all but will pick at and periodically finish a chicken breast meal (both mixed with supplements). I have tried adding broth to both and she nixed...
  10. MaisyMom

    Looking to purchase Raw food. Suggestions?

    I cannot stomach 'fixing' the raw food myself. To those of you that can, you are better than I. lol Are there online business that are better than others to purchase the raw food? I have one girl with gastic issues and think the switch to raw would help. One company that came up was Darwins...
  11. RoxannK

    Anyone feed a raw food diet?

    I'm currently researching and considering transitioning to a raw food diet for my two Sphynx kitties and Pomeranian. Does anyone else do this or have transition tips?
  12. G

    Where to get raw meat

    Hi! I am trying to start my two sphynxs on a raw diet, but I am at a loss as to where I should be buying ground meat. I have Better in the Raw supplement, that I just need to add ground meat with. I don't have a grinder, so I need it already ground. Should I just contact a local butcher? What...
  13. Maddie

    Astrid on Raw - first attempt

    So bought a thing of raw food today lol now to see if she will eat it. It's buddies natural pet food apparently lol just grabbed one from the freezer that was in trial form. Don't need $30+ to toss if she hates it. Now to wait for it to defrost! Will be used more so as a treat, 3-4 times a...
  14. Tamsin

    Regular upset tummy

    hi guys! Just out of curiosity have any of you gone from dry food to a raw diet? Our guy is a rescue and he came eating dry food but has become intolerant to his sensitive biscuits. Does anyone know if a raw diet is better for a sensitive belly and if it sorts out the loose bowels ect? His...
  15. SaraWilly

    Bubby will only eat one thing

    Hi all! My name is Sara, I'm new to the sphynx lair and a new sphynx mummy! My bubby's name is Francis and he's a little 4 month old boy weighing roughly 1.5-2kg. I've read a previous thread to see if I am feeding him too much but as said, he's still a baby so let him eat as much as he likes...
  16. JenniSaysMeow

    Primal Raw Rabbit Nuggets serving size?

    Hello!!! I am feeding Primal raw nuggets rabbit and I was wondering if anyone else uses this and what serving size you use. My girl is right around 5lbs (she's very petite) and it says for her weight to do 2-3 nuggets a day. Right now, I am at 6 and she still begs and screams for food. I'm a...
  17. MCLetter

    Recurring Late Night Vomiting, Possible Constipation

    Hi guys - wanted to get some input on Cleo's recent development. The past two nights she has thrown up around 2am. It's completely digested food, not a clear liquid or bile, but it's fairly runny because she's on a raw diet. She eats ground duck with bone 2x a day, and it's been doing great for...
  18. bittirsweet


    Hey guys, I've got a long post, sorry. I deleted my original one (argh!) so I'm going to try again in less words. There's a lot going on with my kitty and I'm pretty worried about him. I've been having issues with my eldest, Raz, for awhile now. - irritation - oily skin - conjunctivitis in...
  19. SphynxLuv84

    New Baby, raw diet?!?!

    After almost a year from losing our beloved Pez, we are ready to bring our new baby Rumpel home August 2nd! The breeder has suggested raw diet and I'm looking for insight on good commercial brands to get us started? Any info would be GREATLY appreciated ;)
  20. Molly Pearl

    Transitioning a picky eater to raw diet?

    We started feeding raw a week ago and our littlest, Walter, took to it like second nature. This is great because he has HCM and we wanted to feed him raw for health reasons. As for Sturgeon...well, he's picky. We started with ground chicken and he refused to go near it. He also doesn't like...
  21. Molly Pearl

    Advice on Walter's new habit of stealing hooman food?

    Hello all, We recently decided to switch Walter and Sturgeon over to a raw diet-- especially with Walter's HCM diagnosis we think this would be beneficial. The first step was to get rid of dry food. We took away the dry food and we're feeding them three cans of wet food (5.5 oz) throughout the...
  22. ArlosMom

    Feeding BITR and ziwipeak?

    Hi everyone. Me again with more food questions! So sorry--but I want to make sure I start this baby off right! So, I ordered my BITR mix but they emailed and said they are waiting to get their food from the supplier and said that it hasn't shipped yet. We get our baby the 2nd weekend in...
  23. Dio the Sphynx

    Australian Suppliers of Raw Diet for Sphynx kitten

    Hi there! I am currently living in Oakland, CA and am moving with my Sphynx baby to Australia later this year. He is currently on Darwin's Raw diet and this works perfectly for him. I was just wondering if there are any Aussies out there on this forum and if they could recommend names/suppliers...
  24. 2SphynxMommy

    To raw or not to raw... that is the question!

    So I've heard of feeding this raw diet... My sphynx are not on raw, I actually didn't know it existed when I got my first sphynx and she was healthy and growing so I never questioned her food. Furthermore, my vet never even suggested it! Obviously, I want whats best for my babies... Everyone...
  25. MelissaAlice

    Niagara Region ..

    I'm wondering if there is anyone here that lives in the Niagara Region (Canadian side) that feeds raw and if so; have you ever tried Happy Howlers? I was online looking for a supplier to try switching Elfie over to raw, because the Flora Forta the vet gave her has turned into a nightmare...