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sick kitten

  1. stephanysphynx

    What is this?

    Hi. I’m new, so I’m not 100% sure I’m doing this right. But my Sphynx gets regular baths, so I know this isn’t dirt on her. Any idea what these spots are??? She is about 7 months old.
  2. ZazooLoves

    Sick 10 Year old Sphynx! Someone Please Helps! Vets Don't Help!

    Help Someone Please! I rescued two Sphynx cats about 9 years ago from an abandoned house in Illinois. Zippo the boy and Zazoo the girl. They are brother and sister. They love each other very much , and I love them more than they could possibly love me. This morning I woke up to Zazoo throwing...
  3. Janie rosell


    Hi Everyone! I'm a little worried. A week and a half ago I rescued this 2 and a half month old sphynx kitten. She's gorgeous and super sweet. Everything seemed fine until Saturday we went to get her vaccines and she's been having diarrhea, she's been super sleepy and not active much like she...
  4. Nicky00

    Foaming at the mouth help!!!

    Hi! I'm freaking out! I was clean nut' s ear with a solution. I made the cotton ball extra wet to get down in there. She jumps off my lap and goes and his for a like 2 seconds. When I grab her again she is foaming at the mouth and appears to be chewing something. I open her mouth and nothing...
  5. zmoore

    Acute vomiting

    I have an 8 month old kitty and a day and a half ago he started vomiting. At first I assumed he ate his brother's food too and was just throwing up because of that, but it continued every few hours and started to be just bile. I brought him to the vet who gave us prescription food to see if...
  6. Krameroni

    15 week old kitten coughing - HELP!

    Hi all, A few months ago I went through the loss of my kitten Benni when she was found to have contracted wet FIP. Now a few months later down the road I have a spunky new kitten, Kramer, who has 10x the energy my last kitten ever had. I noticed the first day after picking up my new kitten...
  7. Strangecat

    Sick Kitty ) :

    Hey everyone, I'm having some struggles trying to figure out what is going on with Mars... since sunday evening ( it is now wednesday ) my Mars ( almost 5 months ) has been sick and slow and sleepy and just not eating or being as energetic as usual. He sleeps through the night with me but he's...
  8. JeMarieF

    8 month old kitten having tummy problems

    My 8 month old sphynx kitten has been having diarrhea on and off for 6 days. I told the vet about it and she didn't recommend I come in because it wasn't happening for more than 24 hours at a time. I've been filtering his water, restricting his food intake, and I'm about to switch him to a food...
  9. chadeash

    help! sick sphynx

    Hi, I have a 5 month old boy. We have recently relocated interstate and my boy has come down with something. He has been in contact with my sisters devonrex cat, who is fully vaccinated and also indoor cat only. When we first moved here (2 weeks ago), he was energetic and played a lot with my...
  10. newsphynxmommy

    My baby has raw cuts and bumps all over her

    My poor baby. It seems like she is always fighting something. When I was giving her a bath I noticed she had a bunch of raw open wounds on her head and on her neck. Moreover she has a load of raised bumps on her body. I'm freaked out and not sure what it could be. I plan on calling the vet...
  11. aballoun

    Sick baby...?

    Hi so I bought my first Sphinx baby on Saturday and he has been a little sneezy. The breeder told me he just needs time to adjust. Which I expected. So its Thursday now and his nose is really scabby, his one eye is a little swollen and red, and tearing a lot. He is acting completely normal...
  12. newsphynxmommy

    HELP! My Kitty is Always Sick!!!

    My poor baby ALWAYS seems to be sick and I can't tell if I am being paranoid or she really does get sick. My breeder was very reputable and I had her checked when I got home. A week later I brought her to the vet since she had weepy eyes and was sneezing a lot. They treated her for an ear...
  13. N

    Sphynx does not eat food

    Hi everyone! I adopted a seven month old sphynx cat. I made a huge mistake. I changed his dryfood. Then he get sick. He started to vomit. In my country no one knows about sphynx cat, even the vet. They said he just cold, then they gave him injection. But he still does not eat anything. And he...
  14. L

    Kitten got Viral and Bacterial Infection - Should I Be Worried?

    Hello all! I could really use some advice. We are planning on bringing home our first sphynx Luna on the 19th. Her breeder just let me know that Luna got very sick last week. She needed 2 vet trips. It was a viral infection that became a bacterial infection. She's on antibiotics now and is...
  15. Wyfwulf

    Vomiting and bloody rectal discharge

    I have been noticing bloody anal discharge from my 5 month old kitten when she poops. I wipe it off every time but it keeps coming back, and I waited to see if it would go away because I thought it may have been her somewhat recent change of diet. It has not gone away yet and recently she has...
  16. misseliss

    New Environment Stress or Vet Care?

    Hi All, I need your help and opinions! Day 4 of having the kitten, she's 3 mos old and we have been slowly introducing her to the dog (no close interactions.) She has finally gotten the hang of using the litter again, but is throwing up the little amount of food she is eating each day and...
  17. pearlpollard

    New Sphynx mom! Sick baby! Please help!

    Hello All! I am a new poster to these forums but since I got Pearl on August 17th, I have came to this site for advice a few times. I am very concerned for my Pearl at the moment. Yesterday when I came home from work around 5pm, I fed Pearl ( she eats a raw diet) and while she was eating, I...
  18. Tale Grude

    My kitten is threw up

    Hi! My kitten has been playing around and being really energetic this eveing, which she always is. And I gave her some food before we're heading to bed. And then she went potty, jumped out and suddenly threw up! I don't know why. Could it be cause she's been running around then eating directly...