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  1. Jellytot85

    Anubis sneezing..possible dust allergy?

    Hi SL peeps! One of my boys Anubis who is four months old and raw fed has these little sneezing moment. I just managed to film it as it doesn’t tend to last long. It usually occurs when Iv changed the cat litter or Im doing housework. Today he went under my daughters bed which is known to gather...
  2. Supernaut91

    Bumps/rash and now sneezing? Help!

    Hey all! I’ve followed the site for a long time but this is my first post! My girl Buffy developed a rash which we assumed was some kind of allergy a few weeks ago. I of course took her to the vets who gave her an injection of antibiotics and told us to pop back again in two weeks. The...
  3. Nicky00

    Sneezing and biting

    Hi guys! So silly question and one serious one. Silly question first why does my sphynx kitten climb on me to go two inches from my face to sneeze? Is it a dominance thing? Is she trying to tell me she is sick? Why??? Serious questions: how do I train my kitten not to bite? She still has her...
  4. M

    Sneezing but not much else

    hi everyone! I am relatively new to owning a sphynx cat, but I’ve owned many cats before. My boy has started sneezing and getting a runny nose. I’m making this at 3 am because he woke me up with it and I’m worried! He’s less than a year old and hasn’t had any colds before, but he doesn’t have...
  5. carly gail

    Throwing up, sneezing, and wheezing OH MY!

    Hi friends, I'm getting a little worried about my Baldy boy. He's been throwing up a few times a month- now about 3 times just this week. I thought it was due to my roommates cats food, but he hasn't had access to that the last few days and he threw up yesterday. It isn't from eating too fast...
  6. sugarmeat3500

    A Different Tail! Congestion,Sneezing,Mucus...and It's Not Herpes

    Hi SphynxLair Family! My name is Nikki & I have a confession...I have been lurking for 6 years...Yes, head hung low...6 years & this is my first post. I even lost my beloved 5 1/2 year old Sphynx Heru October 19, 2016 to Heart Failure and I still didnt reach out:cry:. Well...today is...
  7. suzfoote

    Chronic runny eyes - solution!!

    Hey all!! So my little McNulty has been suffering from chronic runny eyes his whole life.. Vets think it's herpes. He has been on countless meds, eye drops, creams, L-Lysine, etc. And none of then ever cleared it up. There was one post on here that came up on Google.. Suggesting Lactoferrin. I...
  8. Festerchat

    Sneezing and puked

    Hi guys! Poor little Fester is not having a great day. He's been sneezing pretty regularly for about 45 minutes and then he just puked up what could have been water, could have been bile? I'm not sure. It wasn't on an area where i could get a good idea of the color. He doesn't have a runny nose...
  9. J

    My poorly baby Winnie! Please help.

    Hi everyone! I have a new lovely 8 month old kitten named Winter (Winnie) and unfortunately my first post about her on here is asking for help as she is a little poorly :( I got her just under two weeks ago on the 9th December. My boyfriend went to collect her but she had a very long car...
  10. Shontae

    Cat Allergies or Something More?

    Do my kitten I just got, Pavlov, seems to always be squinting and closing his eyes, and they're always goofy with brown stuff. He also always sounds like he has allergies sniffling and sometimes coughing. He'said also very lethargic, but will get hyper when hes playing. Should I take him in? Is...
  11. Callven

    Please Help! Sphynx Chronic Diarrhea - 8 years old

    Hi, we're new here, but have a pressing question that no vet has been able to answer thus far. What is a possible reason my sphynx would have chronic diarrhea literally his entire life? He's 8 years old and has never had normal stool. It stresses me out and I worry about him, but I've seen...
  12. Luvmisphynx

    Now my kitten won't stop sneezing

    First there was the ring worm (got that taken care of and she is on the mend) and then an ear infection (an ear wash was prescribed) but through it all my kitten won't stop sneezing. She is on lysine and the vet put her on an anti viral (starts with f). It does not seem to be working. I...
  13. newsphynxmommy

    HELP! My Kitty is Always Sick!!!

    My poor baby ALWAYS seems to be sick and I can't tell if I am being paranoid or she really does get sick. My breeder was very reputable and I had her checked when I got home. A week later I brought her to the vet since she had weepy eyes and was sneezing a lot. They treated her for an ear...
  14. Trulyblessed324

    Vaccine symptom or uri?

    Last Tuesday Ari went to the vet and got his vaccines but it was a nasal one instead of the shot. Since about Friday he's been sneezing up a storm, he actually scares himself sometimes because he sneezes so hard! Lol. Is it possible the sneezing is from the vaccine or is this more uri symptoms...
  15. pearlpollard

    When would you recommend a vet visit?

    Hey all! My 6 month old girl, Pearl, seems a bit too sneezy to me. Her nose has been a little cold and wet also. No coughing or really watery eyes. No wheezing from which I can tell. Appetite and water intake is fine and energy level seems normal. She is given l-lysine everyday. She was...
  16. admin

    L-Lysine for Sphynx Cats

    Lysine or L-Lysine can be used to treat upper respiratory problems in your sphynx cat and also help with the symptoms of Feline Herpes. Many Sphynx owners have found Lysine helps in the aid of minor cold symptoms like sneezing, runny eyes and coughing. It's generally sprinkled into the food or...
  17. Retro Kitty

    Chronic sneezing

    Do you guys know of any sphynx who have mystery chronic sneezing issues? Here’s why I ask… I have an owner with a sneezy cat who is very frustrated that she can’t figure out why her baby is constantly launching snot rockets. She runs a vet clinic and has gotten negative results to every test...
  18. Annie

    Runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing?

    Hi, I am a brand new Sphynx owner and I am honestly a nervous wreck. I am so in love with my new baby boy, and I want to make sure he is as happy and healthy as he can be. I've only had him for 2 days now, and tomorrow is his vet appointment. When I picked him up Sunday evening the breeder said...
  19. Rebeccaperez

    how much L-lysine do I give my 15 week old sphynx - Gremlin?

    I dont know what type of L-lysine I should get.. gel form,powder,or pill? which one is better and how much do I give Gremlin he is 15 weeks?