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  1. LoonyLuna


    So my kitten Luna had a bad reaction to the pain medication she was prescribed after her spay. We were in and out of the vet all weekend and since then I've been giving her new pain meds and antibiotics by mouth, which she hates. As well, she loves to run and jump but I've been trying to limit...
  2. oolahappi

    Elf trying to mount Sphynx

    Does anyone have a male and female, both fixed (neutered and spayed), yet the male tries to mate with the (very uninterested) female? My Elf was neutered at 10 weeks, but since he turned 1 year old, he seems to have these daily urges where he wants to bite my spayed Sphynx on the neck and mount...
  3. C

    Kitten spay post-op questions. (New cat parents)

    Hi everyone! My kitten Chashu got spayed and microchipped this afternoon. The vet said she would be sleepy most of the day then back to normal tomorrow. This was NOT the case. She’s pretty back to her normal self once we got home. She is hyper and playful as normal but unfortunately that’s not...
  4. Jmpaull

    GERMANY spay/neuter

    For those in Germany. Where did you get your cat spayed/neutered? I am having a VERY rough time trying to find a Vet who will not use Ketamine!!!! Please help!
  5. Marerickson

    Please pray for Zhuri

    hi all! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! I just wanted to take a second to request positive vibes and prayers for Zhuri as she will be getting spayed tomorrow morning! I am a complete nervous wreck! I am absolutely making myself sick to my stomach over the thought of it and I wish I...
  6. admin

    Should I spay or neuter my sphynx cat?

    Reasons for spaying/neutering Greatly reduces behavioral problems like spraying in both male and female cats. Cats that are altered live longer lives according to statistics. Neutered male cats live 40% longer lives than those not neutered. Female cats if not spayed and not bred can develop...
  7. JenFl

    To spay or not?????

    I'm debating whether or not to spay Stella.......she's 10 is my first concern. Of course I would have blood work done first..... But do I really need to have her spayed, my other cat is fixed, she's going to be inside so no chance of getting pregnant. This is my first female cat and I've...
  8. Wyfwulf

    Spaying personality change?

    Today Sansa is getting spayed (most likely). I'm worried that it will change her personality, because even though she can be really crazy and gets into moods scratching everyone (playfully), it has grown on me and I don't want to see her any less rambunctious. Has anyone's female cat's changed...
  9. pearlpollard

    Fatty pads after spay?

    Hey all! My almost 5 month old girl is starting to get lumps on her lower stomach. 2 lumps to be exact. They are on her lower stomach, kind of beside the inside of her back legs. I asked my breeder about it and she said its normal and it happens in a lot of female cats. She called it "like a...
  10. Elaina

    Scar/wound after spay?

    Do you guys think this is healing normally? My friend (who has many cats) said it just looks like scar tissue. She did have dissolvable stitches in, but on her checkup visit to the vets, they removed most of them as I told them she had been pulling at them with her teeth. (She was determined to...