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  1. C

    Any Sphynx Cats for Adoption In the Bay Area?

    I recently was introduced to sphynx cats and got hooked. Because i am allergic to cats, I researched and found that Sphynx's are some of the least allergen-producing cats. I was wondering if there are any sphynx cats for adoption in the bay area. Thank you all!
  2. Walter @ 6 weeks old

    Walter @ 6 weeks old

    30 Likes, 2 Comments - Duchess And Walter (@duchessandwalter) on Instagram: “Attack mode activated in 3..2..1 #sphynx #sphynxcat #sphynxcatsofinstagram #sphynxlair #walter…”
  3. Monica

    Sphynx Name Meanings

    Hola Lairians!! :cat::cat::cat: Having been around the Lair for a few months now, I’ve noticed there are so many unique and creative sphynx names!! Some are cute, some are funny. Some are historical, others from pop culture. With so many members from all over the world, I though it would be...
  4. Monica

    Long hair, don't care??

    Hola Lairians! I have question about sphynx hair/fur. Through my research, I learned that the 'degrees of hairlessness' can vary from sphynx to sphynx, as well as through different stages, seasons, room temperatures, and age. I saw a sphynx on instagram recently who, like most I've seen, was...
  5. Mirelys

    In search of sphynx cat or kittens, FL, will travel anywhere!

    Hello all, im looking to adopt a sphynx cat. I currently live in Miami, Florida and have no pets as of now, however, I've always had pets before. I'm willing to travel just about anywhere to pick up this fur baby if necessary. After giving it a lot of thought I realized that I'm lonely since my...
  6. Danniej

    Introducing a kitten to a dog.

    Hi all! So I have a small Maltese mix, who is about a year old. She's been around hairy cats before and other dogs. I'll be getting my new kitten in a few days and was wondering if you all have tips on introductions. Jinx's breeder has no dogs so Jinx has probably never even seen a dog, so I am...
  7. Lydia

    New Sphynx Owner

    Hello everyone! So I'll be adopting a beautiful 6-year-old lady from a nice couple who unfortunately had to give her up do to a new baby taking up all of their time and money. Their loss is my gain though it truly is a sad occasion. But before I get her in a few days I definitely had a few...
  8. Lydia

    Adopting a 6 year old Sphynx

    Hi everyone! New Sphynx owner here! I'm adopting a lovely little (not so little as she's 6 years old) girl in a week and I just wanted to touch up on a few questions. 1. So any tips as to help to adjust her to a new home? She's been living with the same family for 6 years but they just got a...
  9. Nudie Patootie

    Valentine's Clothing

    www.SphynxNudiePatootie.com Valentine's Day is just around the corner and we have just finished listing our 2016 Valentines Collection! There are limited quantities in each size and when they are gone...they are gone! Make sure to take advantage of our free shipping domestically and flat rate...
  10. T

    Boise, Idaho: I feel like adopting a Sphynx is a mission imposible

    My name is Tim. Ive been looking to adopt a Sphynx cat for a wile, searching on multiple web sites , with a distance being set as far as NY and Canada. May be I should consider Mexico as a next location to check. Please, let me know if there is any hope left.... Sincerely, Tim
  11. K

    Concerned Age Spots/dark pigmentation? Is this normal or a serious problem?

    I got my sphynx from craiglist 5 years ago. Age unknown. I think she is around 15 years old. These spots were not there 5 years ago and are increasing rapidly over the past 1-2 years. She is also obese and on a diet. Her skin has been very oily and she is always dirty so I increased her showers...
  12. admin

    What product do you bathe your sphynx with?

    Please tell us, what product do you use to give your sphynx a bath.
  13. Amy31

    The big snip!

    Hey guys, so I booked Lucifet in today have the chop in January, whilst under they will chip him, clean his ears and teeth however! I've read up online awhile ago how they can be allergic to ketamine, and how one little sphynx went off for his teeth cleaned and never came home! So I am beside...
  14. Spoon&Sphynx

    Stud tail acting up yet again

    I've read some of the stud tail forums here, but I'm just at a loss what to do. My Luna has the absolute worst tail acne. She's 2 and a half and fixed. She gets huge black heads that literally feel like pebbles. She also gets cyst build ups when the acne gets really bad. We've mentioned it to...
  15. luckypenney17

    Dry skin

    I don't bathe my guy very often, once every two months due to dry skin( I wipe his face and neck daily). I've been using baby shampoo but I was wondering if anyone could recommend a natural hypoallergenic one.
  16. Sphnxophelia

    What's wrong with my kitten's eye?

    Hey guys, I'm having problems (Again!) but with my kitten McFly this time. He was born on August 2nd, So he is only 7 weeks old and His left eye looks like it may have Conjunctivitis or Uveitis in it. But that's just my opinion, and I was wondering what you all thought? He...
  17. Jeanette

    Hi from Sturgeon Falls, Ontario Canada!!! This is my Baby Nitro...

    Isn't he dapper in his bow tie?
  18. M

    canaural ear drops?

    so noticed some head shaking and ear itching today so I took kitty to the vet and got perscribed canaural ear drops. Anyone use these before? this was my first time at this vet so idk how much experience this vet has had with sphynx cats but paranoid me would like to know if anyone has used them...
  19. admin

    L-Lysine for Sphynx Cats

    Lysine or L-Lysine can be used to treat upper respiratory problems in your sphynx cat and also help with the symptoms of Feline Herpes. Many Sphynx owners have found Lysine helps in the aid of minor cold symptoms like sneezing, runny eyes and coughing. It's generally sprinkled into the food or...
  20. Dallassummer

    Sphynx teeth - Oral Hygiene

    Simba's teeth are a bit discolored in the front. He needs a dental cleaning, which I'm arranging. How do you guys keep their teeth clean? Brushing his teeth is an act of congress and I don't think I'm doing it right. I have been reading about water addictives and so many are unsafe to swallow...
  21. B

    Year long skin issue. Help!

    Hello, New member here. Thought id ask if anyone has had this similar issue. Our girl Nyx has had a pretty serious issue with her skin for about a year now. Started out as darker pigment then developed bumps and flaky scabs where the discoloration is. She also gets very oily and leaves brown...
  22. Sphnxophelia

    Althea has Mastitis, I have questions

    Althea had a litter of kittens on the 3rd of August, So the babies are 5 days old today (the 8th). Yesterday I noticed she wasnt in the box with her kittens and I hadnt seen her all morning. So I checked up on her something was very wrong with her. She was perfectly fine and normal when I went...
  23. SphynxHenry

    Yeast problem

    Can anyone help with suggestions?? My 1 year old male sphynx has been having some serious issues with yeast. Last month he suddenly got bad yeast on his face , neck, chest, front arms, and paws. We took him to the vet and he was placed on antibiotics, and recommended for us to soak him in verbac...
  24. Tale Grude

    Sphynx Clothing

    Hi! In my apartment it usually more than warm enough for Kisa to need any clothing. But I would like to her some warm and comfy clothing to wear when I got to the vet and need to bring her outside. Does anyone recommend a website to order Sphynx clothing from? Thanks! :D
  25. Tale Grude

    Taking your Sphynx out for a walk in your jacket? Bring your Sphynx around with you?

    Hi! I have seen people who bring their sphynx on walks inside their jacket, with their head sticking out but still keeping warm. Does anyone have any experience with this? Is it "safe"? Does the cat usually chill out or is there a big chance of the cat jumping out or getting spooked? I am...