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  1. S

    Allergic reaction

    Confused! We have 2 sets of babies right now I have always fed the moms blue buffalo basics skin and stomach because my 1 mama was allergic to chicken and grain since feeding have had no issues I couldn’t find the cat food anywhere so I tried instinct limited “turkey” kittens busted out with...
  2. Tinynudists2

    Allergic reaction?

    Hello, My partner and I recently brought home a now 5 month old Sphynx boy (Tofu). After one week of having him, he got a small rash; we changed out the litter and shampoo He was doing great for a while, flash forward a month and a half into him being home, and the rash came back, but this...
  3. L

    hard white like bumps on head

    Hello group! I just got this kitten today and the person who sold me him said those bumps are from playing with his siblings but i do not buy it. What do you think they may be? He is currently eating costco cat food(i will be hopefully switching him on raw asap)
  4. K

    Red, inflamed bumps - OUCH! Help…

    Hey, Sphynxlair Community - Our sweet kitty has a gnarly break-out of large, red, incomfy bumps on her head. It started with about 1-2 bumps and right when we throught they were going away more popped up!! She has eaten the same freeze-dried duck morsels by Stella & Chewy since we got her...
  5. GatosLocos

    Little white/readish bumps on back?

    Has anyone seen these type of bumps before? Miklo started getting a few over time he’s only 5 months going on 6, I bath him once a week with Johnson n Johnson baby shampoo. His food is the same solid gold chicken flavor. He also gets treats the greenies for good teeth/breath. (He loves them)...
  6. K

    skin bumps

    Hi, my mom's sphynx kitten (6 months) got these bumps today. It doesn't itch and she didn't wash him with anything unusual and she only uses organic laundry detergent. I can't tell what it is as I'm not there so I wanted to ask if anyone experienced something similar with their cat. My best...
  7. M

    Help! I'm at a loss and so worried for my boy.

    My boy Thackery has started developing scabs on his face around his eyes (see attached). This happened once before and the vet said allergies so we changed food to one they recommended (Royal Canin Neutered Young Male). It seemed to clear up but now it seems to be coming back and his sister...
  8. Alonasmommy

    White spots under the skin

    Hello everybody, My cat is 3 months old. Before we took it , she only ate orijen dry food. When we tried at first to make the food transition from advance to orijen dry food ( i hope i spell it corectly ) some red and white spots appeared on her skin. We went to the vet, she recommend some hipo...
  9. M

    Blue Bumps everywhere

    Hey! I’m new to this site and I have had a sphinx cat named monti for about 7 years now. He has had these blue bumps all over him, face body and tail. They look like blue pimples but some are getting really big. They don’t bother him and the local vets don’t know what they are. Any ideas? Thanks...
  10. Lola Dineen

    Small bumps on back

    Hi all, I've searched the forum but wanted to get your opinion. Biggie, one of my boys (almost 3 years old) has these 2 small hard bumps that have appeared on his back. I've not noticed them before, and the only thing I can think is he got his booster vaccinations 2 weeks ago, so possibly...
  11. tattedupmimi

    Sphynx Skin Tags?

    Hey all, I have two sphynx cats (brother and sister) about 3 years old. I noticed that the boy Pugsley had what looks like a skin tag on his back for awhile however now he is getting more of them on his back. I also noticed the girl Wednesday is starting to get them as well. I mentioned it...
  12. Eliz Eleven


    Eleven is almost 6months old. Since about 4 months, she's started to form freckles on her skin. Some are after she has a blemish, and some just form on their own. We are tending to the blemishes as much as possible, she only gets about one or two a week mostly around the ears. Vet said it was...
  13. P

    Mysterious White Bumps

    My baby Nayls is almost 4 and I've noticed these raised bumps above his skin. We've taken him to the vet, and they said that it was nothing to worry about. We've tried squeezing them and nothing comes out. He's not annoyed by them, doesn't scratch at them, or pick at them. The've just been...
  14. D

    Bumps on skin

    My baby had one big ashy looking thing and now has lots of little bumps, please help!
  15. Fher

    Found little bumps what could it be?

    Hi everyone! Soo...Im always checking on my baby Oscar..he's a spoiled lil brat! But.. we love him soo ..soo ..much. He's about 4 months now..Today while he had he's 326th nap of the day I found some bumps around his eyebrows.. (took pics not the best sorry) what could it be? Food or soap...
  16. RoxannK

    Lumps on back

    Hi there, I'm hoping maybe these are just more defined muscles on the one side... But has anyone else seen lumps along the side of their cat's back? I've added a few photos so please check them out and let me know your thoughts! Thanks!
  17. newsphynxmommy

    My baby has raw cuts and bumps all over her

    My poor baby. It seems like she is always fighting something. When I was giving her a bath I noticed she had a bunch of raw open wounds on her head and on her neck. Moreover she has a load of raised bumps on her body. I'm freaked out and not sure what it could be. I plan on calling the vet...
  18. J

    My little bumpy sphynx, any ideas?

    Our sphynx keeps getting a bumpy rash under his armpits, legs, back of the neck and sometimes on his ankles and face, sometimes it's just bumpy, sometimes the bumps look red, and when parts of it start to heal it turns to little dark grey spots. At the moment, there's a bit of everything! :( We...
  19. bisingular

    Skin Condition - small hard bumps

    Hey guys, I have another skin condition. Cynder has tiny hard bumps going from the top of her head all the way down her shoulders and onto her back. They're white for the most part (they turn pink if she or we scratch them, and can get a but scabby). They don't bother her and don't seem to be...
  20. bisingular

    Rash on head and neck

    Hello everyone, I’m a fairly new sphynx owner, but not a new cat owner. In about the last week my 10mo sphynx Cynder has developed a rash on the top of her head and back of her neck. It’s tiny bumps that are her skin colour and sometimes pink. There are some on her head that are a bit scabby...
  21. CharmCat

    Scabs and red, bumpy skin

    So I'm noticing that my girl Charmayne has scabs around her neck, probably from scratching, and little pinkish bumps as well. I keep her nails trimmed and she had a scratching post which she uses daily so I'm thinking the scratching is not the occasional scratch. Then I also noticed more bumps...
  22. ElinOline


    Hello! My sphynx Mika has gotten a rash, or more like bumps under her "armpits" and stomach. I have been to the vet with her and she thought it was some kind of allergy. She is her normal self, playful, eating normal. No diarrhea either, just bumps on her skin. So I am wondering if someone has...
  23. B

    Year long skin issue. Help!

    Hello, New member here. Thought id ask if anyone has had this similar issue. Our girl Nyx has had a pretty serious issue with her skin for about a year now. Started out as darker pigment then developed bumps and flaky scabs where the discoloration is. She also gets very oily and leaves brown...
  24. Linrah

    Kitten covered in bumps

    My almost 4 month old kitten has recently developed spots (kind of like a rash) mainly on her sides. The bumps are all difference sizes. It started with one or two spots about two weeks ago and only got really bad in the last 3 days. As far as I can tell they don't irritate her. She doesn't lick...
  25. Draugia

    Yeast? Need help with my kitty :(

    Hey all! I'm new here and I got my first sphynx 2 months ago. I was looking for information here, cause my baby got some spots on skin :( She already had them in cattery, but they were really small and only on her back and chin, so I though its just pigment or sebum (i have chinese crested dog...