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  1. D

    Help! Black dots all over my boys stomach

    Always something new with my boy I’m not quite sure what this is. This is AFTER two baths, one with Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo and scrubbing with a mit, he used j&j his whole life, he’s 2 years old now. Then when I noticed this, I made him sit with a prescription shampoo on for a bit then...
  2. acduff

    Litter? Cheats? And apartment experience if you have it..

    Hey guys! New to the sphynx fam but curious as to all of the things that everyone uses when it comes to their sphynx and more importantly.. their butts. As I'm transitioning my baby onto a new food (Instinct limited ingredient/turkey) from royal canin gi my baby's poop is moosh. Although I can't...
  3. Jen Turner

    Worst litter EVER!!

    Hi. My 3 Sphynx boys have been using Arm & Hammer litter for years. I thought I would give their new light weight AbsorbX litter a try... WORST LITTER EVER!! They were covered in a clingy dust the got tracked around all over their beds and the rest of the house. Not a good product, especially...
  4. M

    Natural Litters

    Hi, All!! I’m a first time sphynx mama & my baby will be coming home inJune. I have been researching several litters and I see most of you all use Dr. Elsey’s or the Clump & Seal litters but I’m hoping to find one that is biodegradable as clay litters are so hard on the earth. I’m considering...
  5. kelsheyyx

    Poop issues - help!

    I've definitely posted about this before but here I am once again with the same problem. My bambino Luna will only poop outside of the litter box. This has been ongoing for almost 2 years - we have had to put down plastic on the floor that we can easily clean because she won't poop in the box...
  6. O

    Walnut litter.

    Hi, has anybody ever used or uses walnut litter? If so, what is your experience on it and would you recommend it? Or this litter Thank you!
  7. Flint and his cute ears!

    Flint and his cute ears!

  8. Flint and his Siblings

    Flint and his Siblings

    The only Red Baby in the litter <3
  9. oolahappi

    Does anyone have a Litter Robot?

    I'm considering getting a Litter Robot since I'll be adding to my cat family. Wanted to know if anyone has one and their thoughts/experiences before shelling out $500+. I currently have the PetSafe ScoopFree with the blue pellets. No litter solution is perfect, but this one hasn't been bad for...
  10. Monica

    Newb Litter Questions...

    Okay, so I'm about to ask some newbie kitty litter questions that may be borderline dumb. (It's okay, I'm a firm believer that there ARE such thing as dumb questions. :p) When it comes to cat litter, what is the standard protocol for usage and maintenance? Do you just scoop and scoop until the...
  11. E

    Litter choice to use with litter robot

    Hi all! Long time lurker, first time poster. Just got my nekkid baby a month ago and finally picked up a litter robot. In looking at the directions, it says you can use crystal litter or clumping. I’m hoping for feedback about which litter is better. My baby (chyle) sometimes has pretty soft...
  12. Toulouse

    URI and now peeing on carpet

    My Toulouse is 5 months. I adopted him neutered. He was fantastic no litter issues. In November he got a URI was put on meds. Cleared up. The end of November we went on vacation. I has people come to the house so he wouldn’t get lonely. We got back and found that he had been peeing in my...
  13. JessyJane

    Soooo much poop!

    Good morning everyone! So a little background before I get into the dirty stuff.. I have a 2 year old male [dobby] and a 13 week old female [laveau]. I am gone from 6am to 6pm Monday through Friday and I clean the kitty box before and after work and after they use the bathroom while I am home...
  14. Maddie

    Question--metal litter box

    so Astrid plastic box smells DISGUSTING. So that's being tossed lol but I was thinking a metal one would work better to keep clean and the metal wouldn't absorb the smell. Do any of you guys have one or know where to get one?? Or where to get big baking pans that have sides??
  15. Alyx Jacobs

    Rash on my kitties "undercarriage" :/

    Hi all! I just adopted a little fur(less) baby, just got her home yesterday! We named her Ripley, as she is our new little alien and is quite the face hugger. Ripley seems to have a rash on her butt, tummy, "forearms" and paws. All of the places that touch her new litter. I've asked the...
  16. kelsheyyx

    Litter Recommendations? Looking for something new to fit my needs

    I think I posted asking about litter suggestions ages ago, but I am looking to switch. It's suprisingly very difficult to find helpful articles about this, considering everyone's situation is different, so I'm hoping my fellow Sphynx mama's can help! Right now I use World's Best Cat Litter. I...
  17. Cassandra323

    In Preparation Research/Questions ..

    Hi all! I introduced myself a couple of days ago. We are still a few months out from getting our baby but I have a few questions that I'd like opinions on. What is your favorite shampoo for your sphynx? Do you use any sort of skin moisturizer? What is your go to litter? What food/type of...
  18. Theedaysleeper

    Anyone here ever try Pretty Litter?

    It's supposed to detect certain abnormalities in the cat's urine. Has anyone tried it yet? I'm sort of surprised it isn't more expensive. Get Pretty Litter
  19. Neph

    Dust Free Litters?

    Hello everyone! I tried to look and see if there were any mentions of this topic already but I was unable to find them. I'm wondering what is a good dust free litter? Currently I'm using a walnut litter, which is dark brown and I find that the dust really gets stuck on Nefertari's...
  20. kelsheyyx

    Best Litter Systems?

    So I haven't been on here in forever, but lately I've seen various commercials for the cat genie self cleaning litter box. based on research of it and reading tons of reviews, I've already decided it's probably not for me and bane. most of the time, banes poop is very soft. **is this common...
  21. BusterTheCat

    I met my baby today!

    I flew in yesterday to have a visit with baby Dunkin (the decided upon name) and went to see him earlier today. He was so tiny! From his photos I was expecting him to be bigger but he was still a teeny tiny little baby!! It's been a long time since I've seen such a little one :love: I took lots...
  22. BusterTheCat

    Update: Officially and Expecting Mother!

    I recently made a post about the fact that I am expecting a new baby boy! I wanted to wait to show a photo until I knew the breeder was comfortable with me posting, so here he is! His Gotcha day is May 9th and I am visiting him this weekend :shame: Meet baby "Kristoff" of the Frozen litter! His...
  23. Notorious

    Litter box, is there a better place?

    This is more of a general cat question, but was curious... Where is a good place to put a litter box in a small home? Our Sphynx, when they go, reak!! We have a very nice automated litter box to help control it, but I struggle with a place to put the box. I don't want it in the main room, and...
  24. Kelly Munoz

    Litter grains caught in claws :(

    Hello! My sphynx baby is almost 4 months old, and I've had him for officially a month today! My breeder used Tidy Cats and said he never had an issue so I got the same one, and she was right, he took to it right away and hasn't had an accident yet! Unfortunately, I find that that the tiny...
  25. Anna Enora

    Least smelly cat litter?? Help

    I moved into my own (studio) flat from my parent's detached house and my sphynx moved with me. My folks' house had a lot bigger toilet where I kept my cat's litter and the air conditioning was better too so the smell of the litter didn't bother at all, you couldn't really smell anything. Now...