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  1. H

    Looking to rescue a kitty companion - Los Angeles, CA

    Hello! My name is Sarah and I recently moved out on my own and want to get a cat! I have loved Sphynxes ever since I was little and would love to rescue one. I spend a lot of time at home and would be able to give them a lot of attention and love, and I've done a lot of research about their...
  2. littlehalfbreed

    Hoping to Adopt/Rescue in Houston, TX

    Hi friends, My fiancé and I are I interested in rescuing or adopting a sphynx, devon rex, or similar breed in or near the Houston, Texas area. We recently lost our 7 year old sphynx Wells suddenly to HCM on August 15 after having him for 5 years. I feel empty without him and could not imagine...
  3. K

    Looking to adopt a kitty (any age)

    Hi ! I lived with a sphynx for the past year and it was the most precious relationship. Now, I am interested in adopting one of my own! Based in the mountain town of Bishop, CA. The closest big cities are : Reno, LA, and Fresno. The bay is about 5 hours. I haven't found any available through...
  4. Kjemz

    Looking to rescue/adopt

    I’ve been educating myself and learning about the Sphynx breed for over a year now and have decided it’s the right time to start looking. I would prefer to help a cat that is in need of a home. I have one female rescue cat at the moment and would prefer not to go through a breeder. I would love...
  5. S

    Seeking a sphynx cat in Philadelphia, will travel

    Hello everyone! My name is Mica. I am 28 years old and living in Philadelphia, PA. I work at a veterinary hospital and enjoy cooking and wood burning. Pre-COVID times, I did vocals in a band. I look forward to the day I can do that again. In October 2019, my partner of 4 years left me and took...
  6. M

    **Urgent** Two Sphynx Cats in Wyoming need Rehomed

    I have two female Sphynx cats, age 7 and 5, a mother daughter pair, who I desperately need placed in a new home. I have had these cats since 2014, and love them more than words can describe, which makes this situation exceptionally difficult to bare. I originally rehomed the girls two a family...
  7. Laurwadz

    Buying a rehomed sphynx? Thoughts, tips, suggestions?

    Hello all! I have been in search of an emotional support animal and after extensive research I’ve fallen in love with Sphynx. My preference is to have an older cat and I found someone rehoming 3 hairless cats, 1 of which is a 4 year old male. They are asking $800 for a rehoming fee, he is fixed...
  8. K

    SoCal family looking to adopt for ESA

    Looking to rescue/adopt an adult sphynx as an emotional support animal for my son. Southern California preferred but definitely willing to drive/travel. We’d highly prefer to rescue or regime than go to a breeder, but are open to referrals and recommendations. Unfortunately, quarantine has been...
  9. Carole R

    Looking to rescue in Southern California

    Hi I’m new to this, but I would lie to the one a sphynx is Southern California!!
  10. amemani

    Looking to adopt in Los Angeles!

    Hello! I am looking for a Sphynx to adopt in Los Angeles! I can get to pretty much all of Southern California. My family lives in New Jersey, so I’d also be able to adopt from around the east coast/ tristate area as well! I’ve been living with a very friendly male Sphynx cat that’s about a year...
  11. Vadersmom

    New here, need help!

    So about 3 weeks ago I adopted a 2.5 yo male sphynx from a breeder in my hometown. She explained that the other males in her home weren’t being very mice to him and she just wanted him to go to a good home. Me- knowing NOTHING about this breed, but always wanting one- jumped at the opportunity...
  12. F

    Guys I have struck a low point in my search

    Guys I really just wanna give up trying to find a sphynx. Every person that seems legit either stops contacting me or ends up being a major scam! I want a special needs, retired breeder, or an adult sphynx who I can give the best life but so far that’s been too hard! Why do people try and scam...
  13. F

    Looking to adopt in IL and the surrounding area

    Hello everyone! I am looking to adopt/rescue a Sphynx baby into my world. I keep checking in shelters and foster homes, but it seems i am constantly just a little too late. I am not surr what else I should include in the post, but any help with finding one would be so greatly appreciated.
  14. kirasmom

    Looking to adopt - DC/MD/VA

    My partner and I adopted a 4 year old sphynx kitty about a year ago, and she has totally stolen our hearts. We are now looking for a friend for her! Although she gets a lot of love when we are home, we do work longish days, and we're worried that she's getting a little lonely (especially since...
  15. Jx Yeomans

    Looking to adopt Co.

    Hello, We are looking to adopt or rescue in Colorado.
  16. PUE

    the crew

    house full from hairless sphynx fuzzy out crosses manx and fold and our 18 year old every day black cat, active in rescue and bottle babies so we almost always have a few extra, been interesting poking around too day too see so many lovers of the breed sometimes i t tell my sphynx from my dogs...
  17. CookieMQueen

    Looking for a Spyhnxie!

    Hi, my name is Shelby (or more commonly known as Cookie lol) and I am looking for a spyhnx kitty for my beloved grandmother. My grandmother is one of the most loving and caring women I know, and I’m very proud to have to her who doesn’t have not one bad bone in her body. She has just retired...
  18. B

    Looking for a sphynx to adopt! Willing to travel :)

    Hi! im looking for a baby to adopt! willing to travel :)
  19. Tamsin

    is my rescue from a kitten farm??

    hi! Just wondering if anyone had ever had a similar experience. My partner and myself recently rescued a two year old female called Cleo who seemed on the surface to be from a loving home, a ‘regrettable’ rehome. After the first meeting it became apparent that she was two, unspayed and...
  20. Condo commando

    Rescued Sphynx

    Not always but rescues come up for adoption sometimes
  21. M

    ISO cat in the Boston Area. What are the Local Breeders?

    Hi all! I'm new to the community, but I have been in love with Sphynx kitties my whole life. It's all I want in the world. I'm willing to travel. Any guidance? What are the local breeders, or does anyone have leads on perhaps a rescue program in my area? THANKS! I've had cats my whole life...
  22. Kali Kimball

    Looking to adopt a young or older sphynx

    My 1 1/2 year old Elf Sphynx, Koala is in need of a playmate. I am in Kansas City area. I'm open to rescue, rehome an older sphynx or someone that will let me make payments if I have to pay full cost. My baby boy just needs a sibling.
  23. Stefani

    Found on the street

    Hi my name is Stefani Alvarez I recently found a Sphynx cat on the streets. We were told by the people who were feeding him that they had been feeding him for about 6 months so we have absolutely no history on the poor thing. He is a very sweet boy and we have been calling him Flesh E. Kydd...
  24. JenRAWR 101

    ISO Sphynx near Pittsburgh, PA Area.

    Hello Sphynx Lair! I am I search of a kitten-young adult Sphynx to adopt/rescue. I had to make the painful decision of saying goodbye to my baby Jynx May 23rd of this year to Congestive Heart Failure and Kidney Failure... Loosing her left a void in our hearts and my boy Bynx. I think it is...
  25. U

    ISO of naked kitty in Chicago/surrounding area

    Hi all I would love to adopt a cat in or near Chicago. I have a senior dog, that loves cats and has lived with them on and off for years. I would prefer an adult/senior cat. I can provide vet references/character references if needed.