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skin care

  1. N

    Anyone have any ideas what this might be?

    Hey guys! Brand new here. We got our little Sphynx Nyro around 3 months ago (she is now 6mo old) from a breeder. I think I might have misunderstood her but she told us to treat her for fleas and worms after 3 months. Now it turns out she only meant it to be for fleas, with worms having needed to...
  2. Almond

    Need help determining what’s wrong with my baby’s skin

    Hi sphynx fam! It’s been a while since I’ve been here but I’m so grateful to have this community and resource! Almond has recently developed these dots that scab over, almost like insect bites or something but this is very new and has never happened in the 7 years he’s been with me. I went...
  3. Kotonok

    Behavior Change Due to Health Problems?

    Hello all my cool Feline lovers! I was hoping for some advice. So doing some digging on here I realized Migi’s (the cat in question) bumps could be due to some allergies which is tricky to pin down. So far they only really appear on his front paws/ on one side on the ear opening like in the...
  4. S

    Sunburn excessive skin damage

    My little one was exposed to sun for several hours during a period of 15 days. (They let the cat to be outside in the garden with no protection). Now, his skin is all covered with sores. Has this happened to anyone? I don't know what to do to heal his skin and make it all smooth again.He does...
  5. paulmighty69

    skin problem on 3yr old sealpoint sphynx. Need advice

    hello so yesterday the cat was fine. I get home today and find large inflammatory patches on his belly. And just noticed a small spot on 1 of our females back hind quarter. We have a second female who has a litter of 6 who is not affected and neither are any of the kittens i will attack pics so...
  6. MaisyMom

    Sphynx itching til bleeding

    Hi. I have a 6 year old spayed female sphynx that is consistently itches her neck. She does this until she scratches it badly and it bleeds. She doesn’t have any bumps or skin issues. I have tried changing her food to no resolve. What could be causing the itchy ness? What should I try to...
  7. Evmblue


    My baby Tony is 10 weeks old and suddenly he developed this red looking skin under his chin. We normally bath i Him once a week with regular maintenance with pet wipes and rub him down with coconut Shea butter. His diet is mainly wet food if fancy feast three times a day. Any advice would be...
  8. M

    Mystery Spots!!

    Disclaimer: I'm a pre-med so "too many details" may follow. Hi everyone! I've been tracking a skin problem with my ~4 year old Sphynx. But I haven't found a single spot that looks like hers anywhere online so I'm happy to hopefully contribute informative info once we get this solved. I haven't...
  9. S

    SKIN HELP- From Australia

    Good morning all, I have an 18month old Male Blue Mink Sphnyx. He had a vet visit two weeks ago for a sore on his back she gave him antibiotics for the week and neocort cream which is a hydrocortisone, anibiotic, anti inflam cream but can only be used for a max of 14 days. While the scabbing...
  10. AmarasDaddy

    Sphynx kitten blackheads on tail?

    Hi friends! So, when I picked Amara up she had these marks on her tail. I just assumed it was her skin pattern. She’s traditionally all white With 3 diluted patches. So I just assumed it was her tail patterning. Now I’m starting to think it could be blackheads? I tried to pop one, I think one...
  11. SphynxCatCarl

    First time sphynx mom

    Hello all - this website has been so helpful so far answering questions and getting tips! I have a 7 week old Donskoy sphynx named Carl. I just made him his first vet appointment for first vaccines and possible neutering (how old are they supposed to be?). Carl LOVES to bite and scratch my...
  12. CatLadyForLife

    What are these spots on my kitten?

    Meow! My new sphynx kitten has developed these dark brownish spots mainly along her sides. I’ve bathed her repeatedly and tried scrubbing with various soaps including hypoallergenic cat shampoo, and tried coconut oil today & some natural grease lifting dish detergent, to no avail. What does...
  13. M

    Skin problems

    hey, well my sphynx cat have skin issues like sunburns and dots in the head cause he runaway like 3 days, the doctor send us recomendations for his Health but not for his skin so I wanna know what to do to regenerate the skin of my baby :( Please help, im literally crying bcause i dont know what...
  14. FrannyDee

    Rashy Skin

    IMG_9854 by FrannyDee posted Dec 9, 2017 at 10:58 PMIMG_4789 by FrannyDee posted Dec 9, 2017 at 10:58 PMIMG_3823 by FrannyDee posted Dec 9, 2017 at 10:58 PMMy little one year old sphynx Bryson has developed a rash which is covering his body like scars. It appears like dry patches of skin when...
  15. meekka

    My 1st sphynx, a 14yold resuce

    I work at a shelter and have always loved the breed so of course I jumped at the chance to adopt when one was turned in a few weeks ago. Gali is ~14, her original owner passed away and she was being kept by another family member who unfortunately was not able to provide the amount of...
  16. carly gail

    Medicine for skin injury- safe or not?!

    Hi all, Baldwin got neutered, microchipped, and had his hernia repaired yesterday. I set him up in my (medium sized) closet with lots of bedding, a litterbox, and food and water (later on). He was NOT very happy being confined in that space, however with my bed being tall and his cat tower and...
  17. Snapcrcklpop

    Dry Flakey Skin

    Not sure what has caused it but over the last few months, Radar's skin has become flakey looking. It is very similar to a sunburn peeling (perhaps that is what it is?) with little bubbles peeling all over the sides of his body, concentrated more on the side of his belly/in his arm pits. We use a...
  18. Bwitsnudeybabes

    Sphynx with irritated itchy chest.

    Hello friends! I've been on this site A LOT, searching for an answer or advice for anything related to my two sphynx babies. This is my first post though, so hello! My sphynx male Benedict has had a dark and itchy chest for some time now. I do notice that there are times it looks more...
  19. Maxx Kathleen

    Black speckles?

    Hello everyone! I'm new here so please bare with me in regards to trying to figure out replies and whatnot. My 2 year old not-entirely hairless baby has a problem. He has these little black spotches on his neck (front and back). They aren't bothering him that I can tell. I recently added a wet...
  20. Marerickson

    Dirt spots & bathing

    Hey guys it's been just about a week with Zhuri and I love her SO MUCH! She is hilarious, I literally laugh out loud at her many times throughout the day! She is doing great, her vet checkup went good and we couldn't be happier! I did give her a bath on Monday and trimmed her nails, cleaned...
  21. Miss Beck

    Static electricity

    Does anyone have any suggestions on eliminating or controlling static electricity on thier Sphynx, thier blankets & sweaters? With the heat on for winter and the air dry, it seems like EVERYTHING Prunella touches shocks her. When I pull ger blanket off, zip, crackle, pop! I feel so bad. I've...
  22. D

    Bumps on skin

    My baby had one big ashy looking thing and now has lots of little bumps, please help!
  23. Fher

    Found little bumps what could it be?

    Hi everyone! Soo...Im always checking on my baby Oscar..he's a spoiled lil brat! But.. we love him soo ..soo ..much. He's about 4 months now..Today while he had he's 326th nap of the day I found some bumps around his eyebrows.. (took pics not the best sorry) what could it be? Food or soap...
  24. Susanhughes

    Help! Not sure what this is

    My Sphynx just developed his rash on his belly. Any ideas? I thought maybe ring worm?? Or a viral thing? Lots of new stuff so could be an allergy but it doesn't look like hives.
  25. Luvmisphynx

    HELP! Odd skin rash or bump

    We just just got our sphynx kitten last week. When we got her she had a scab on her back that has gotten bigger and is dry, hard and scaly to touch. It seems to be getting bigger. I brought her to the vet and he was not sure what it was. There is only one but it is the weirdest spot. I have...