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skin concern

  1. M

    Mystery Spots!!

    Disclaimer: I'm a pre-med so "too many details" may follow. Hi everyone! I've been tracking a skin problem with my ~4 year old Sphynx. But I haven't found a single spot that looks like hers anywhere online so I'm happy to hopefully contribute informative info once we get this solved. I haven't...
  2. S

    SKIN HELP- From Australia

    Good morning all, I have an 18month old Male Blue Mink Sphnyx. He had a vet visit two weeks ago for a sore on his back she gave him antibiotics for the week and neocort cream which is a hydrocortisone, anibiotic, anti inflam cream but can only be used for a max of 14 days. While the scabbing...
  3. Perdimos

    Brown spots on kitten skin?

    Hello everyone, I have a question about my Sphynx his skin. I’ve been struggling with it for a month. And about 2 weeks ago i’ve brought him to the vet. The issue is pink spots that appear on his skin dry and some flakey. My kitten has been tested by vet if it could be a ringworm. But the test...
  4. AlbertoMp3

    Skin patches

    Hi my 4 month old Sphinx has these spots on her back that haven’t gone away and the side and they aren’t raised or itchy or anything but they just look weird, is it worth bringing up to the vet when I see them again/make an appointment for?
  5. Niko Sphynx

    Dark patch on arm

    Our guy Niko has this odd-looking nickle sized patch on his under arm area. It's sort of raised in parts, we've tried black seed oil but it's still there. I'm hoping it's not something serious, he does have other bumps and marks but that's due to his rough housing, he's an alpha male, very...
  6. Kristielllen

    Skin issues

    My cat,Igor, has had this weird rash along his spine since the day we picked him up. It started off as a small spot with red around it, and has gradually gotten worse. The vet has absolutely no idea what’s wrong, but I don’t think she is very familiar with sphynx cats to begin with. Has anybody...