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  1. Anita Eccleston

    Think that I think to much about thinking !!!!

    hi guys I really think I have too much time on my hands lol I love to sit and watch my little girl and boy play , most of the time they play nice ! But I have to be referee at times as well ! When one goes hiding and the other can’t see him / her they make the most adorable sound nothing like...
  2. Anita Eccleston

    Here I go again

    Ok I would like to abuse your knowledge yet again Mr Billbo Bagins has the same mum as my Cleo but different dads ( shushhhh please don’t ever mention it ! I don’t want them to think badly of their momma ) Now we have noticed some differences in their errrrrrr bone structure Now Bagins...
  3. Anita Eccleston

    Mothering Sunday uk

    hello everyone it is Mothering Sunday on the 11 th March in the uk I buy both my daughters cards and buy them gifts I always have since they became mums ,,, Now my son and daughter in law don’t have children but they do have my GRANDPUPS Amber & Millie I love them so much , I send them...
  4. Anita Eccleston

    Age weight for neutering ??

    Hello there everyone , I just been on the phone with Mr Johnson our vet The poop test came back clear , I thought I was being interviewed for mastermind ! I couldn’t even pronounce the words he was saying let alone have a clue what the heck he was on about ah ha but basically all is well the...
  5. Anita Eccleston

    Butter wouldn’t melt !!

    hi there everyone , do not be fool by this duo , with those little innocent faces ! Mr Bagins nick name is “GINGER NINJA “ Ah have Mr Bagins keeps caving in the bed and you can see little Miss Cleo isn’t too impressed she likes to keep a tidy home Xxx❤️❤️❤️
  6. Anita Eccleston

    Looks like my fear is coming true I need help !!

    hello everyone ! You all know I am a moaning Minnie by now over my two my two little rays of sunshine lol Anyone who knows me also knows I’ve been really eager to get another little naked bubba , but I kept asking how will Cleo feel will she feel pushed out ! Would she accept a new member to...
  7. Anita Eccleston

    Early morning cuddles

    Early morning cuddles with my girl stunning baby Cleo ( I’m just Bias ah ) Then Mr Bagins wanted to say good morning He looks big on the pictures but in fact he is quite small Xxx❤️❤️❤️
  8. Anita Eccleston

    Oh ouch ouch

    hi there , this evening ( well it was yesterday now ah ha ) Cleo was playing she always as like a mad 10 minuets playing . Were she can get a bit erratic lol ( our children as babies always had a time were I could.nt passify them usually dinner time in the evening ) Any way back to the point of...
  9. Anita Eccleston

    Sunday evening

    hi everyone , even though we have a gazillion channels on our tv’s now I always struggle to find something to watch early evening on a Sunday . We have either watched it during the week , or seen it a dozen times over Sometimes though they do put something on itv I like (( itv is a normal...
  10. Anita Eccleston

    Silly question yet again lol

    hi there silly question once again when you tag people into you threads do only those people see your thread or is the thread open to anyone ? Also if you don’t tag people into your thread is this open to all members lol I know I know I am quite dim It’s just sometimes I have done a thread...
  11. Anita Eccleston

    Fuss pot Cleo

    hi there , I purchased this new little bed for Cleo months ago , her favourite bed needed go into the washing machine ! But I needed to know Cleo would use this new bed first ! I’ve done everything to try to entice her into the new bed , I gave up ! But I did put the new bed on my bed everyday...
  12. Anita Eccleston

    Cat tree !!

    I swear I have my poor Cleo almost packing her bags here ! This naughty grandson thinks he as rights to everything in this house !! But no he is very wrong we are phoning the cat police as I type to have him arrested for not being a kitty in the kitty tree !!! I am at my whits end bribing Cleo...
  13. Anita Eccleston

    Who me ? Nooo never momma !!

    hi there , our Cleo was up to no good over the holidays she tried so hard to pinch the children’s chocolates ah ha but big momma was on her case !!!! These smell sooo good momma please !! Awe momma go on please !!! Above checking the gaff out seeing who is around No momma just having...
  14. Anita Eccleston

    Travel sickness

    hi there , we need some advice we go our place in the lakes as often as we can Cleo hasn’t been away from me since the day she adopted me ( I am disabled and don’t actually go out just exchanging one set of four walls for another lol ) So Cleo was sick the first time we took her she was fine on...
  15. Anita Eccleston

    Colour change ?

    Hi there happy new year to everyone ! Now down to business When Cleo adopted me she was pink all over with very pale blue patches up and down her body I shall show you what I mean now a real beauty Can you see what I mean ? As Cleo got a little older these blue patches Became a darker shade...
  16. Anita Eccleston

    My sleeping beauty ?

    hi everyone just gotta show you this picture from over the holiday period Under the blanket lays my 11 yr old granddaughter ah how dare she ! How very dare she hog the fire says Cleo !! I do wish the flash had worked so you could see better lol Hugs Anita & Cleo xxx❤️❤️❤️
  17. Anita Eccleston

    Xmas afternoon ?

    hi there , now after lunch is over washing up done and buffet table set for dinner and evening ... we like to play games it gives the older funny duddies time to have 40 winks And we get the board games out We play bingo with the children with prizes We play ludo Snakes and ladders Frustration...
  18. Anita Eccleston

    Sunday Roast ?

    Hi there , I was thinking about traditional foods or meals that are not special but traditional to where you are from / live Ok so here we have a traditional Full English Breakfast consisting of ; Bacon , Eggs , sausage , hash brown , beans , tomatoe , mushrooms , fried bread , toast and tea ...
  19. Anita Eccleston

    Showing love x

    hi there ! Our Cleo is very affectionate she loves her family but loves our youngest daughter Claire bear the best at times I think lol Kiss me Claire bear ! Cleo plays a game with Claire whereas she really messes up Claire’s hair before kissy kissy time ! Then looks at momma and says I...
  20. Anita Eccleston

    Who knows how to read ??

    Hi there everyone not long now before the big fella comes down the chimney ho ho ho and all that Right my question ! Who can read “”cat tail talk “” I know with Alfie and my grandpups they wag their tails when they are happy . The happier the faster the tail wags But with Cleo I’m never sure...
  21. Anita Eccleston

    How does it work ???

    Hi there , to some this is going to sound really really the silliest question in Sphynxlair history ! To the knowledgable members I apologise in. Advance lol Now I know to breed a sphynx baby you let the kitties mate Now my question is #1 to get an elf kitty to you breed two elf kitties ...
  22. Anita Eccleston

    It’s only a winters ( cat tail )

    hello there , everyone I love our special minuets together with my Cleo , I was stroking Cleo and I always go from neck to end of her tail . First time I’ve realised this ( I’m not very bright ah ha ) Cleo as a purrrrfect straight spine and I love her tail lol BUT where her spine and tail meet...
  23. Anita Eccleston

    Christmas dresses on the girls ❤️

    My grandpups in the Christmas Dresses I can’t wait see Cleo in hers now How gawjus do my girls look !! Very Bias Grandma Hugs Anita & Cleo xxx❤️❤️❤️