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gotcha day

  1. starknaked

    Here's Gustavo (Gus)!

    We picked him up from the airport today and WOW just WOW. He's eaten a tiny bit and meowing a bit since he's likely looking for his litter mates, but we LOVE LOVE LOVE him. Still no bathroom and I hope he eats a bit more over the next few days but it has only been a few hours. I can't stop...
  2. Fayiza

    Welcome home Marceline!

    Yesterday my girlfriend and I took a 5 hour road trip to pick up our baby from the breeder. As soon as we saw her I almost cried, she is so much tinier than I expected for 3 months, so precious! It was reassuring talking to the breeder bc I could tell how much she cared about the well being of...
  3. Gaily

    Pancakes gotcha day!

    Today is pancakes gotcha day. It is 3:30 am and I cant sleep cause of excitement. We plan on leaving around 5 am to start traveling to our breeder. To pick him up. Will update more when we get him! But here is some pictures of him growing up! thanks to the breeder for the pictures!
  4. P

    Gotcha Day is finally here!

    Can't believe he's finally home!! We're absolutely smitten!! This really is a dream come true and it's more amazing than I ever thought it would be! It's only day 1 but I'm sooooo looking forward to the many many days we get to have with him!! <3 (sorry if I've added too many pics. It was hard...
  5. Adam

    Gotcha day is so close!

    This time Sunday we will be welcoming Winnie into our hearts and home! She is being adopted from a another member on here and we BEYOND excited! I have been following this site for a while and this has been a long journey but we finally have our first naked baby! I will be sure to post lots...
  6. Monica

    It is finally GOTCHA DAY!

    After a long 9 week wait from the day we put down our deposit, it’s finally Gotcha Day!!! We will be picking up Kenzo Bare in about 4 hours.... Stay posted for tons of pictures!!!
  7. Monica

    Help... What am I missing??

    Countdown to Kenzo is down to FIVE DAYS! :LOL: My excitement is now becoming anxiety.... Am I ready? How are my dogs and daughter going to get on with him? Will Kenzo love it here? Will he fit into our lifestyles easy peasy lemon squeezy? Is he naughty? Where in the house should he sleep...
  8. Monica

    Tell us when your GOTCHA DAY is!!

    Hola all you baby mamas and daddies to be! I thought it would be fun to start a thread for all of us waiting for Gotcha Day so we can all count down together! Some of us are only days away, while others (myself included) have months yet to go! Please comment below your kitty's Gotcha Day date...
  9. Schutzzzie

    Gotcha day surprises!

    Gotcha day finally arrived! My partner and I headed down to London last night, stayed over in a hotel and our plan was to pick up Fritz and take the train straight back up to Glasgow. So we arrived at the breeder’s and she asked us if we were still looking for another kitten. It turns out the...
  10. smgarcia

    Gotcha Day 5 days away

    Hey everyone, I got more updated photos of Archie! Ill add them below. As gotcha day gets closer and closer, the more I feel like i'm forgetting something! We pick him up Sunday, with a 9 hour drive. I have all the basics but I do have a few questions.. - The drive is a total of 9 hours home...
  11. Ddungo


    Hey everyone! Today was Simon’s Gotcha Day. I figured I would reintroduce ourselves since we officially have him! After 4 months of waiting and a 4 hour drive, he is now in his forever home! He was so cuddly and napped on my lap the whole ride home. My boyfriend and I are so excited for this...
  12. sphynkles

    Meet my new baby Kilo Ren! (or Kilo for short!)

    Meet Kilo Ren! a blue eyed one year old boy with a white spot on his face! i just got him on november 4th. He is cuddly, chases dogs, climbs GINORMOUS cat trees, hides under my bed, takes smelly poos, purrs all night,and "silently" stalks guinea pigs! i don't know what colour he is, so if you...
  13. Rhianne


    GOTCHA DAY IS HERE! We picked up our little baby this morning and she's an absolute joy. Within 5 minutes of us arriving home with her she was playing, exploring and asking for cuddles. I feel so lucky to have her and can't wait for our lives together. Kiwi is brave, curious and most of all full...
  14. JojoCatMama

    Merlin's Gotcha Day!!!

    It's Merlin's Gotcha Day! We are en route to pick him up from my sister right now. Only 20 minutes away. Plenty of pictures will come shortly! :LOL:
  15. GMPLAX23

    Are you looking for clothes for your sphynx?

    I have 3 shirts of Tut's that he has out-grown. I would like to find someone that really needs them, I know they can get expensive with other new kitten expenses. One is a training shirt the others are bigger. I got Tut around 2.5 months when he fit the trainer and was 4 to 6 months when he fit...
  16. Marerickson

    New little sister!!

    Hello! Zhuri is getting a new little sister next week! Gotcha day is set for Thursday! Zhuri is just about 18 weeks old so I am hoping she adjusts easily to a new kitten! I think she will enjoy having someone to wrestle and play with & snuggle while we are at work! Any one have any experiences...
  17. Gotcha day is so close!

    Gotcha day is so close!

    Gotcha day got pushed back a day because the plane got cancelled so instead of getting them tonight, we're getting them tomorrow. They're getting ready for the ferry at the moment :) @ludwigandsabbath
  18. Cassandra323

    It was Link's "Gotcha Day"

    It was "Gotcha Day" and we are so, so happy. :D Link is home and he's the sweetest boy in the whole world. Just loves and plays and poops and loves and plays .. and poops. And eats a lot after each of the above. :ROFLMAO:
  19. Marerickson

    Zhuri came home today!!!

    Hey all! I just wanted to update everyone! Zhuri came home today! She is the cutest thing EVER! I recently asked for suggestions for our gotcha day car ride and let me tell you the pan with kitty litter in it was a huge success! She woke up mid nap, hopped down there used it like a litter box...
  20. Marerickson

    What to bring on gotcha day?!

    Hi all! My gotcha date ended up getting pushed back a week so I get my little girl this Thursday!! It is a 4hr car ride from the breeder's home to mine. What do you guys recommend I bring to make that ride as comfortable and easy for her as possible? I appreciate all suggestions!! Thanks :)
  21. New kittens since Wolfgang's passing

    New kittens since Wolfgang's passing

    Since Wolfgang passed from FIP a month ago, my partner and I have been absolutely devastated but we're moving on and getting 2 beautiful brothers in honor of him. Our gotcha day is the 29th of May and we're extremely excited IG: @ludwigandsabbath
  22. Shontae

    My furless baby!

    Hey everyone! I never shared any news or pictures of my baby Pavlov (ha ha!) when I got him in November. Since I've got him it's been heaven. I feel like I got my first baby! Of course there are days where he drives me insane but he is so worth it. I'll tell you a little about him: he's a...
  23. Maddie

    Hello From Canada :)

    Hi! I just got my first sphynx over a week ago and thought I would share :). Her name is Astrid and is nine months old. She is extremely loving and cuddly, and is doing well :) I would love to recommend the breeder to my fellow Albertans, but sadly they are not breeding anymore.
  24. LineB

    My baby is coming home Tuesday...

    Gotcha day...Tuesday!!! Mr Wilson is coming home on Tuesday...I couldn't be happier or more excited and/or stressed?! LOL I keep reading everything about Sphynx (Sphinx), I felt more then ready since about a month ago, but now that it's just in a few more days...I see things all over the place...
  25. captain_tinky

    Gotcha day on Sunday!

    With gotcha day just around the corner we've been getting the cat room all set up for the little ones. We had given the Breeder a blanket so we could get their scent on it, nice and mushroomed up pip has already smelled the blanket and even bundled herself in it. 3/4 of the kittens will be home...