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  1. Yana and Osiris

    Expired Vetericyn. Should I buy a new one?

    Hello pawfam! Today I found a small hole under Osi's chin, i'm not sure what it is, looks like a scratched off pimple. So it was a bit bleeding and I wanted to disinfect it (as the hole looks pretty deep). But I bought vetericyn last year when we brought Osi to our household, and it expires this...
  2. kazmerx

    cat's eye

    Hello, I would like to ask for help. There is a slowly growing bubble near our cat's eye. Unfortunately, we haven't found a veterinarian who can help with our problem. Has anyone else encountered something similar? Many thanks for helping!
  3. C

    My Sphynx has a rash and then I don't know what to do anymore please help my cat

    Hi everyone i'm from thai First, sorry for my English My cat's name is Zilvy she is indoor cat I've been to 3 vet. YES 3 VET!!! It costs me 500$ on average per vet but nothing good Each vet says they are allergies, they are allergic to bacteria, some say they are fungal. But another vet said...
  4. bumbino

    Update…unhappy ):

    Hello again all! I promised a little update about how my boy handles his new diet and shampoo. Well…I’m not sure if it is the right fix unfortunately. Ugh. I did a slow transition of his dry food (mixing small percentages over a week long period until fully transitioned over to the new) so now...
  5. gypsygirl88

    Hi! Questions

    hello this is my first post. I have a 5 year old girl and she has a small mass on her lower lip. I’ve taken her to the vet multiple times and nothing has really helped. I was wondering if anyone has any experience or has seen this. Thank you.
  6. bumbino

    Sphynx diet part 2!!!

    Hello again! I recently reached out in desperation to get my baby on a better diet to help with his dry and scaly tail and overall health! Based on the recommendations I received and the research I’ve done, I want to make a final post with confirmation. I am definitely leaning towards buying...
  7. Yana and Osiris

    Question for Black Sphynx owners

    Morning everyone. I really would love to hear from more experienced moms and dads how you treat scars after the wounds have been healed up? I find them very noticeable on black skin. And afraid Osiris will eventually look like he wound go through a meat grinder machine, and I will be suspected...
  8. Herathesphynx

    Ramona fracture update!

    Hello everyone!! I want to thank everyone who commented such lovely words and well wishes! Also thanks for all the tips! Music and videos on YouTube helped soothe her. I’m very happy to give you guys an update, Ramona is healing very quickly, even our vet was quite surprise at her healing rate...
  9. Herathesphynx

    Ramona confined to a crate

    Hello everyone! On January 10th Ramona had an accident, she jumped from a bathroom window that’s pretty high. When I found her she was limping, and took her to the vet, she broke her hip. Thankfully our vet told us surgery wasn’t necessary but i was told that total rest and analgesics were...
  10. B

    Too much hair?

    Hello my dears, I just discovered this amazing platform. I got a 3 month old Canadian Sphynx and Elf Sphynx kitten but she has too much hair for a Sphynx. Her brothers and sister didn't have much hair (only peach coat) but mine has hair on her back, paws, tail and head. Here are the photos for...
  11. GatosLocos

    Stinky breathe

    Hello everyone my little 4month old miklos breath STINKS SO BAD when ever he yawns in my face, do any of you experience this? He eats solid gold kitty food and always fresh water. He gets treats too the meow mix ones but I don’t always give it to him. I also TRY and brush his teeth with that...
  12. A

    Lumps around nipples

    Just gone to give my sphynx cat her weekly bath and noticed she has lumps around her nipples and I'm really worried. Just wondering if this is common for sphynx as I've never noticed it with my other cats. She is 9 months old and not neutered as of yet. I have recently moved and the nearest vets...
  13. Sharnsphynx

    Ear mites

    So I noticed our little boy was showing symptoms of ear mites. Took him to the vets and they inspected and confirmed it. I just don’t understand how he could’ve got them? He’s an indoor cat, with no other animals in the house. He came from a fab breeder, who’s sphinxes are indoor and none of his...
  14. C

    HCM Clinics

    Hello, Hope all is well ❤️ Anyone in the Northeast area know of any HCM clinics available anytime soon? The clinic I usually attend was held in July and I missed it due to covid. For those who don’t know, these clinics screen for HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) by board certified veterinary...
  15. KKristen61

    Sphynx skin condition HELP!!!

    My little baby has this recurring skin condition. This is the 3rd time this has occurred and the vet doesn’t know what it is. She has been given antibiotics in the past and it clears it up very fast but I would like to know if someone actually knows what This is. It seems to bother her a lot...
  16. E

    Kitten has anal sores??

    Hi everyone, I bright my baby Egg home 4 days ago and have noticed there’s odd sores or something on the sides of his anus. His stools have been loose and smell terrible. But otherwise he seems in high spirits, eating and drinking well. My vet doesn’t have an appointment for 3 weeks, which I...
  17. Gesundheit

    Are there disorders related to a cat being undersized? (further explanation in thread)

    Nym’s parents were big cats. Not overweight; just big. Her mother was on the upper fringe of “average” and her father was undeniably sizable. As for Nym? While not the runt of the litter (I think her litter didn’t even have a runt) she’s grown to be very petite. Does anyone know of disorders...
  18. P

    Food Suggestions?

    Hey everyone! In about a month I'll be bringing my sphynx kitten home and I'm looking for suggestions as to what I should look for in a cat food. I know that hairless animals have a faster metabolism in general and require a higher quality and sometimes quantity of food to keep them healthy...
  19. O

    Natural detoxification.

    Hi, I have been reading articles about detoxification for animals and cats and would like some advice on it, please. What would you recommend for a natural detoxification? How would you give your animal green tea for detoxification? Do you put one green tea bag in their drinking bowl and then...
  20. KKristen61

    What do you feed your Sphynx?

    Currently I feed my 2 year old sphynx 4health all life stages dry food but I recently saw today that it has been linked to heart issues in dogs. I am going to be safe and try to switch to a different food but I’m having trouble deciding what to feed her. I was looking at royal canin sphynx...
  21. Drewbee

    Rash and scabs

    My poor baby has been covered in this rash for about 5 months now and my vet is convinced it’s a food allergy but I don’t think it is as I have done everything they have told me to do and it hasn’t gotten any better. The rash scabs a brownish color on the top of his head, cheeks, neck, and front...
  22. M

    Feeding and weight questions

    Hi all! I have sort of a lot of questions, but please bare with me. I’m still learning a lot about my little girl everyday! 1. In the attactched picture, is Mavis this morning right after feeding. She is on the Nature’s Variety Instict Raw cat food, and I feed her a little more than what’s...
  23. Nightcalamity

    Noko Needs Exercise Help

    Hello, Prince Noko has gotten a little too comfortable with his royale status lately. He likes to sit on his throne basket all day without doing much else. I have bought so many toys I can't even begin to keep up with them all. He even has a robotic caterpillar to chase and treat toys. Lately...
  24. hcraft

    Change in skin colour following weight loss

    Hello Sphynx Lair family, My boy Archie has been on a diet (he was a fat lol boy) and lost about 4 lbs. he had a lot of extra skin and I have noticed that his belly is slowly disappearing. However, where the loose skin connects to his abdominal skin it’s started to change colour and go much...
  25. KKristen61

    My cat keeps getting crusty eyes

    Every once in a while my cat Mochi scratches her eye. Usually it crusts over like this and goes away after a few days. But this time it went over to her other eye too. I wipe it twice a day with warm water and a cotton ball but it comes back like this not long after. Has anyone else had this...