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  1. bumbino

    Raw diet suggestions for constant soft stools?

    Hello! I have been battling runny stools with my boy Bambi since I got him in June 2022. I have changed his diet many times trying to figure out what is the right fit. I have been up all night researching on this site, Facebook, Reddit, Google, etc. for food suggestions as this seems to be a...
  2. T

    My cat won’t come near raw food

    So I started giving my 2 cat raw my older cat liked it and I’ve tried it with her before. After many much thought i made my mind to do the switch for both of them my other cat was eating kibble and wet food but I didn’t like the results I believe in the power of raw so I wanted her to eat raw...
  3. Raleo

    Raw I’m clueless and new

    Hi, So Sully has the most sensitive tummy! He’s currently on royal canin prescription Gastro buscuits. He’ll be good for a few days and then not (he scavenges) I’m ready to try raw against the vets recommendation but I know a lot of you are pros. I don’t know where to start. Today I’ve...
  4. W

    What to buy with raw to keep teeth strong/when to feed and how much?

    So I know cats need to chew on harder things with their raw diet to scrape plaque and keep teeth strong. What do you all buy for your cats to accomplish this since you can’t mix kibble? In addition I work 12s and am wondering if raw will work if I can’t feed them during that time(I know 3 meals...
  5. A

    Homemade cat food vs. raw vs. canned?

    Hi all! I have been on quite the tumultuous feeding journey since I got my first Sphynx July of 2020 (I have two half siblings that are 1 and 1.5 years old). My older sphynx has had a series of allergy and eye issues since he was a small kitten. He developed lip ulcers at one point...
  6. byulbunny

    New Kitten & Some Questions from a New Worrywart Mama (UK/Scotland Based)

    Hey guys! I'm happy to announce that I'm awaiting the arrival of a little baby of my very own in my new flat - she's a gorgeous little bambino (didn't actually realise at first, just fell for her little face; bright eyes and blep tongue!) For starters, I'm in the UK, so my questions are mainly...
  7. gollumthesphynx

    The Transition From Kibble to RAWr ;)

    Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well. I've been reading the Raw DIet threads and have come across some really important points when it comes to transitioning our babies to a raw diet. However, I'm still having some doubts and questions in regard to the full transitional process. So far...
  8. A

    Picky Eater! Any advice?

    Hi all- My boy "King" is just about 8 months old. Recently I switched him from wet pate canned foods due to loose and stinky stools. I started him on the freeze dried raw pellets rehydrated which he loved for the first few days and now won't touch. He will eat unhydrated as a treat but not...
  9. maxwellb

    Is my baby still hungry? Help!

    Hello all! I feed my 8 month old sphynx kitty Igor (7.5/8lbs currently)a raw diet. He eats Primal Freeze Dried Rabbit Formula 4 times a day. He currently eats at 6:30am/7am with 3 nuggets, 12pm with 2 nuggets, 6pm with 2 nuggets, and 9pm/10pm with 3 nuggets. Igor is still constantly meowing...
  10. M

    Feeding and weight questions

    Hi all! I have sort of a lot of questions, but please bare with me. I’m still learning a lot about my little girl everyday! 1. In the attactched picture, is Mavis this morning right after feeding. She is on the Nature’s Variety Instict Raw cat food, and I feed her a little more than what’s...
  11. onyxandkristen

    Raw diet suggestions

    Hi there!! I feed Onyx a completely raw diet, I wanted to make a thread about what brands of raw food people use and also stuff to add into it! I am a huge fan of raw diets and im always looking for things to add into the raw food as well as some good brands! I use Carnivora as Onyx main diet...
  12. S

    Allergies and food

    Hello, I did not want to make too many threads so I decided to ask these questions at once. I’m allergic to cats i want a Sphynx so I’m going to get one despite the allergies. I get runny nose, red puffy eyes if I scratch them and I also cough. I don’t believe I sneeze and I do not have...
  13. saffwolf

    Uk pre made raw food?

    Hi everyone, I've been looking into feeding raw and I do think the whole process to make it myself might be abit much for me (I'm vegitarian) does anyone use a supplier that can provide a complete raw diet that can deliver to the UK? We currently feed dry turkey James wellbeloved food and wet...
  14. W

    Does feeding a Sphynx a raw diet make their poop smell better???

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the sphynx lair and I'm in the process of adopting a sphynx. He won't be ready till February as he isn't even born yet lol but I've done tons of research to educate myself about sphynxes to understand them and see what would be best for them. I've read that a lot of...
  15. Stevie

    Want to Try Raw...Suggestions/Advice!

    Hi All! Hope everyone and their babies are happy and healthy! I've shared before, my issues with my kitty Claudia and her sensitive tummy. She currently eats a wet only prescription diet and although its helped her constant diarrhea i'm just not impressed with it. I feel like she looks...
  16. SupplyPipe28

    Birthday Cake for Raw Diet Kitties?

    Hi everyone, Our baby boy is turning 1 tomorrow :love::love::love: and I've been flip-flopping on making him a birthday cake only because I can't seem to find any recipes for cats on a raw diet - does anyone (@Xandria ? :happy:) have a recipe they'd like to share?! So far, he has no allergies...
  17. Maddie

    Stella & Chewy's Freeze Dried Raw Food: Astrid's Eating Wet Food!!!!

    So, as some of you know, Astrid refuses to eat wet food. BUT she is eating the Chicken freeze dried raw stuff rehydrated!!! I think it's because it doesn't smell nasty; I pretty much had to stick my nose into her bowl to smell it. It does not smell like wet food at all! So hopefully she keeps...
  18. Maddie

    Astrid on Raw - first attempt

    So bought a thing of raw food today lol now to see if she will eat it. It's buddies natural pet food apparently lol just grabbed one from the freezer that was in trial form. Don't need $30+ to toss if she hates it. Now to wait for it to defrost! Will be used more so as a treat, 3-4 times a...
  19. Violet1012

    should I be giving my cats supplements?

    I feed my cats all organic raw meat I freeze it for three days before I dethaw and give it to them because I heard that that kills any bacteria that could be on it. I don't give them supplements because I didn't feel like I need to they don't get supplements in the wild and I was trying to mimic...
  20. E

    Picky Eater/ Winter Blues

    Hi sphynx friends - I have some questions and am wondering if anyone else experiences the same things with their sphynx. After I switched to the adult version of her wet food since she is now a year old, she is less and less interested with her wet food - which is the Chicken Soup for the Cat's...
  21. Bustamante01

    Tyrese is finally home!

    Hi everyone, Tyrese is now home since Friday. He's a champ for so many reasons.. First, he succeeded at the first stage of litter kwitter! Second, he suceeded his transition to raw ( it wasn't that difficult since he has a ferroucious appetite!) Third, he purrs loudly! Forth, he already answers...
  22. Bustamante01

    Raw diet

    Hi everyone, can anyone help me with raw diet? I'm looking for further informations Love, Catherine xox
  23. Kate

    RAWZ ... thoughts?

    Hi, Is anyone using the RAWZ cat food? I recently bought a bag to try with my guys. RAWZ is a freeze dried raw kibble. I am trying to figure out an easier and cheaper way to feed my kitties. Right now I am supplementing one meal per day (the afternoon feed) with a serving. So far they both...
  24. Gregory The Cat

    Kitten vomiting raw food. Help?

    We've had our kitten for about 10 weeks now. We started him on raw food (from Hare today gone tomorrow) with organ and bone in. Added Alnutrin specific for bone in food. He was great and had awesome poops for a few weeks (7 weeks or so?). About two weeks ago we came home to a huge pile of vomit...
  25. Y

    Raw food and vitamins?

    hi, i'm new to Sphynxlair. I have a 6 month old Donskoy that I am going to start feeding raw. Ground beef and chicken with turkey necks. Can I just give him a daily multi vitamin to make sure he is getting all his nutrients? It all seems so confusing!