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  1. Purrfect Chaos

    Skin Chaos

    Hello from Poland everyone! This is our first post here. I know we should start in introduction section ( and we will!) but now we have a problem and we need your help! Chaos, is my 9 months, 4.25 kg black bicolor canadian sphynx, castrated male from legal cattery in Poland. He is the sweetest...
  2. C

    Help diagnosing skin problems

    Our Sphynx has recently seemed to have some irritated skin on her lower stomach, she had a bath last night and it seems to look even worse this morning. She has an appointment booked with the vets but not for another six days due to it being the holiday period. We have had no dietary changes or...
  3. ZimmersMom

    Red skin on my boy's thighs and armpits

    Hi! This is my first time posting on the forum, but a regular lurker for almost two years (since I became a sphynx owner!) Today we're looking for some advice on this skin redness our boy Zimmer developed on the last few weeks. We went on a 3 week vacation and leave him at our house with my...
  4. M

    Any help welcome - Problems with Skin and Bathing

    Hi All, My name is Melissa and I am a first time pet owner in general and kitten mom to an adorable hairless kitten born in July. I am struggling with just about everything regarding skin care and bathing and unfortunately my vet doesn't have answers for me. I gotta say I feel like I'm really...
  5. Drewbee

    Rash and scabs

    My poor baby has been covered in this rash for about 5 months now and my vet is convinced it’s a food allergy but I don’t think it is as I have done everything they have told me to do and it hasn’t gotten any better. The rash scabs a brownish color on the top of his head, cheeks, neck, and front...
  6. MommyNaNell

    Skin so dirty and flaky

    Devlinn is 8 years old. I got her from a family member. I continue to use what they used to bathe all their cats. Johnson’s and Johnson’s baby wash in the yellow bottle. I’ve been trying to go longer between washes and have been pushing to make it two weeks. I recently started seeing that her...
  7. hcraft

    Change in skin colour following weight loss

    Hello Sphynx Lair family, My boy Archie has been on a diet (he was a fat lol boy) and lost about 4 lbs. he had a lot of extra skin and I have noticed that his belly is slowly disappearing. However, where the loose skin connects to his abdominal skin it’s started to change colour and go much...
  8. Clawed Monet

    Small, random red dots on Peterbald

    I have a beautiful 6 year old Peterbald kitten; Clawed Monet. Our care and grooming routine is regular and she quite enjoys the usual warm bath, light exfoliating and coconut moisturizing. After her last bath, Monet now has small red, non raised dots all over her body with seemingly no rhyme or...
  9. Soysash

    Dry, patchy bumps on skin....has anyone seen this before?

    Hi guys, In all the beautiful pics I see of other people’s Sphynx babies I’ve never see them have skin like my Lucius. I’m wondering if anyone has every seen this before and if so, have you figured out what it is? It’s basically dry, patchy bumps that don’t seem to itch at all. Almost looks...
  10. KillerVegan

    Dry Skin

    My baby Lentil is under a year old and up until the last 10 days has never had any skin issues. He is now having dry skin that flakes off in large pieces sometimes. We have applied both coconut and olive oil with moderate success. It doesn’t seem itchy to him, just sensitive. We do have a vet...
  11. M

    Blue Bumps everywhere

    Hey! I’m new to this site and I have had a sphinx cat named monti for about 7 years now. He has had these blue bumps all over him, face body and tail. They look like blue pimples but some are getting really big. They don’t bother him and the local vets don’t know what they are. Any ideas? Thanks...
  12. VictorFU

    Brown spots on the skin

    Hi all, my cat has some brown spots on his skin and they seem to be spreading. I paid a visit to the vet and the doctor said it was because of dirt and dry skin. I bathe him weekly and used Vetericyn on him once or twice a day, it doesn't seem to become better. Any recommendation on how to deal...
  13. Kristielllen

    Skin issues

    My cat,Igor, has had this weird rash along his spine since the day we picked him up. It started off as a small spot with red around it, and has gradually gotten worse. The vet has absolutely no idea what’s wrong, but I don’t think she is very familiar with sphynx cats to begin with. Has anybody...
  14. Melishia


    Hi guys, My recently adopted sphynx Marvin seems to be developing scabs and tiny bumps on his skin around his neck and mouth. Also, small observation, he seems to have a few blackheads around his mouth. Its been exactly a week since I noticed them. Here's a short history on Marvin. Hes roughly...
  15. C

    Dark spots all over body.

    Every since my Spyhnx cat arrived shes had these dark spots on her. Does anyone know what they could be?
  16. C

    Bumps on skin, discoloration

    Hi all! Over the last couple weeks as the weather has gotten hotter I noticed my 3 yr old sphynx June has started to develop red bumps on his skin. At first I thought they were bug bites, because of the change of seasons. Now I'm not so sure as they seem to come and go and I've made sure there...
  17. Sketch

    Skin inflammation

    Hello everyone, Since I had my Sphynx last october, I've had issues with his skin the the neck/belly area. He got very intolerant (liquidy diarrhea) to a lot of cat diets. I got him under the care of a vet and now the only thing that seem to work is a recipe made of Hillary's Blend nutrients...
  18. Marvinion

    Suddenly very dirty eyes with irritations

    Hey my little 5 months old Nala has gotten very dirty eyes around the last week... I tried getting it off with a warm washcloth and coconut oil etc. but it seems like the skin there is quite irritaded since she hates it when i try to clean it off. And around 6-8 hrs later its all back on and i...
  19. JessyCat

    Skin Patches

    Hi there! Just wondering if anyone else’s Sphynx gets these weird dark patches. They’re located primarily on her belly in the leg folds-armpits. I’ve tried coconut oil with no luck. It’s seems periodic where its really dark and other days hardly noticeable. Not sure if this is just her...
  20. O

    Pigmentation? Dark Skin on my sphynx.

    You can see from the images, that it's not raised or red or swollen, it's just... colored different. It started a 2 years ago, and it comes and goes; it's going through a big flair right now. She's allergic to any kind of poultry; she had so many issues when I rescued her. (But that's another...
  21. C

    Black spots! Help!

    so I got my Eddie about a week and a half ago, and he appeared to have a respitory infection pretty badly.. sneezing up boogers all day and wheezing. His skin was very clear when I first got him. I had him seen by the vet and they decided to give him doxycycline for his infection. He has been on...
  22. tattedupmimi

    Sphynx Skin Tags?

    Hey all, I have two sphynx cats (brother and sister) about 3 years old. I noticed that the boy Pugsley had what looks like a skin tag on his back for awhile however now he is getting more of them on his back. I also noticed the girl Wednesday is starting to get them as well. I mentioned it...
  23. Ty Blaze

    PLEASE Help - Skin problem, anyone recognize this?

    hey guys! I just adopted my second little girl who seems to be giving me more problems than I could’ve imagined. My first sphynx (whom I got 2 years ago) has had no issues in health. I adopted Jasmine 4 weeks ago (she just turned 1) and seems to have a rash that nobody can figure out. She...
  24. L

    What the heck is this????

    Hi there, I bought my kitten from another state. She just arrived yesterday and ImI prettyI concerned and unhappy honestly. I've never seen anything like this. I brought her to the vet and she didn't know what it is any ideas?
  25. Kerry Williams

    Skin Problems

    Hello all, this is my Bellatrix, she will be one in April. She seems to have been struggling with a skin issue since she was very young, although I don't remember her looking like this when we brought her home. I am aware it could be something in my home making this happen but I try to use...