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  1. Z

    Cat litter that doesn't irritate

    Hey all my cat has some skin issues which we are addressing. But wondered if there are certain types of cat litter that would irritate more ? We have always used dust free types but any recommendations would be great ! Soy, wood pellets, clay ect ect or brands that I can purchase in Australia:)
  2. brennabeetle

    Does my kitten have allergies?

    Hi there! I got a kitten in October of 2021. When we got her her skin had some bumps on it. We’ve gone to the vet but they aren’t familiar with the breed. They said to use a medicated shampoo when bathing her and said nothing seems to be wrong. Completely not concerned. We’ve kept her on...
  3. Jellytot85

    Anubis sneezing..possible dust allergy?

    Hi SL peeps! One of my boys Anubis who is four months old and raw fed has these little sneezing moment. I just managed to film it as it doesn’t tend to last long. It usually occurs when Iv changed the cat litter or Im doing housework. Today he went under my daughters bed which is known to gather...
  4. L


    I recently relocated my hairless lady to denver and after about 2 months it appears she’s developed allergies? Started out with coughing and wheezing so vet prescribed antibiotics which did nothing, then went back and determined it to be “asthma” so she’s been on steroids now for about 10 days...
  5. S

    Do sphynx cause allergies to humans?

    Hello all, I’ve wanted a sphynx for a while now but my partner is allergic to cats. I’ve looked online and found contradicting information. Can sphynx cats still cause allergies? If anyone can give me any info/advice/experience that would be great. Thank you! Sophie
  6. P

    11 old Sphynx with rash, vomiting and not eating

    Hi!! I am the aunty of lovely a 11 months old Sphynx. He is momentanely ill and my sister doesn't know what to do. Here is the story: On May 8th our cat ate a small piece of an artificial plant. In the early morning he started vomiting without being able to get anything out. The next day he...
  7. SphynxesFour

    Serious skin issues.

    Hey tribe, My poor baby has some horrible skin problems. She gets an awful rash under her tummy, groin and pit areas. I have tried diet and litter. We have an air filter and water filter. I can’t seem to get rid of it. The only time she is rash free is when she is on steroid tablets but she’s...
  8. L

    Kitten hives

    Hi all. I have a 20 (ish) week old who is experiencing hives. She would periodically get them, one or two.. then they would go away. Now she's had her 2nd major outbreak of hives. 1st big one we thought was from her starting viralis so we immediately stopped that. She just was started on...
  9. Peridot

    Rash on stomach/face, please help!

    We've had our sphynx for about a year and for the last 6 months she has had this reoccurring rash on her stomach, armpits, and face. The vet has tried countless things, such at antibiotic shots, oral antibiotics, ringworm testing, prescription shampoo, a hydrolyzed diet, etc. She continually...
  10. CatDaddy702

    WARNING! Do not use lime sulfur dip for ring worm

    Been lurking on the site for a while. Just picked up our baby boy on Christmas and he’s been the greatest addition to our family. I’ve always had dogs and a short stint with a dsh and baldy but this little guy has made me a “cat person” 100%. Unfortunately we had a very bad two days. Yesterday...
  11. S

    Allergies and food

    Hello, I did not want to make too many threads so I decided to ask these questions at once. I’m allergic to cats i want a Sphynx so I’m going to get one despite the allergies. I get runny nose, red puffy eyes if I scratch them and I also cough. I don’t believe I sneeze and I do not have...
  12. kauna

    Allergy testing and injections

    Hi everyone! Just looking to see if anyone has experience with allergy injections with their sphynx? I recently took Agnes to the veterinary dermatologist as she has had recurrent skin infections for a couple of years now. I have been giving medicated baths, antibiotics for flare ups and have...
  13. Fbtreanor

    Chewing end of tail and dark freckle like spots. Allergy?!

    Hi all! This is my first post here! I have been stalking it since before I became a Sphynx mommy in September 2018. My 6mo blue kitty has developed these dark grey, non-raised spots on the neck, back and sides. Simultaneously she has started to chew the end of her tail for quite a bit of time...
  14. D

    Allergic to cats - looking to meet a Sphynx in SF Bay Area

    Hi there, I am allergic to cats and interested in getting my first sphynx! I have read all of the related forums about having a sphynx with allergies and it seems that spending time with sphynx cats is the best thing predictor as to whether my allergies will be manageable with a sphynx. I...
  15. kaylachristine

    Pseudoscience allergy testing??

    I came back from the vet today and was let down by the experience. Last week I took Violet in and they did blood work that showed she either had a parasite or allergies. Stool sample showed no parasite, so my vet said she was allergic to something probably in her diet and maybe that was causing...
  16. Isaly

    Help!! I have severe allergies

    I was never allergic to cats before l. I lived with one just couple months ago, for a few years. I just got my sphynx two days ago and amongst sneezing constantly my eyes are itchy watery and one gets so bad I cant open it in the morning my eyes are swollen as well.went to the eye doctor just in...
  17. kirasmom

    Eye infection? Need advice!

    What used to be the occasional eye booger seems to have increased for our girl recently. I am now cleaning out discharge from her eyes at least twice a day... and initially I thought maybe just allergies were getting to her, but the discharge has gotten less "black" as it dries (which I think is...
  18. C

    Black spots! Help!

    so I got my Eddie about a week and a half ago, and he appeared to have a respitory infection pretty badly.. sneezing up boogers all day and wheezing. His skin was very clear when I first got him. I had him seen by the vet and they decided to give him doxycycline for his infection. He has been on...
  19. L

    Possible ringworm? Pictures include

    hi! We just rescued our sweet Betti. I bathed her in the same soap the lady before did and within an hour a patch popped up. Figured it was a dry patch, I put aquaphor on it and it made it worse and bubble almost. Lady told me hydrogen perxiode, which worked and heeled the first spot. Then two...
  20. crypto

    All Teeth Extraction?

    Okay so this is going to be kind of a long one. I got my baby, Crypto, about a year ago from a dude who had about 2-3 sphynx cats in order to breed them. I was told he was probably about 3 years old when I got him. About a week or two after I got him home, I noticed he was missing one of his...
  21. BusterTheCat

    Recurring Skin Rash (Possible Allergies)

    Hello. So Buster has always had very good skin and never experienced any allergies. Earlier this month, we brought Buster to the vet because he had bad breath. Two days later, I noticed this rash on his body: I was concerned it may have been because I was using the heated blanket that night...
  22. themodifieddoll


    Woke up this morning to massive bumps absolutely everywhere on my kitten and I'm wondering if these are insect bites, or food allergy related or if anyone has seen anything like this before They just look miserable and want to do something to make them go away
  23. LarissaF


    My 7 month old recently developed a rash on his front legs. He is also scratching his face to the point that he gets a scab. There is no rash on his tummy or back, only on his front lower legs. We recently got a diff type (mulit-cat, we used to get reg formula) of the same brand litter. I...
  24. tarallelogram

    Aloe in shampoos safe?

    I've read that aloe is toxic to cats, obviously if eaten, but what about if applied? I see many cat shampoo products boasting aloe, but I'd be concerned about them licking themselves after. Is this a real concern, or as long as it's rinsed properly, it's fine?
  25. Shontae

    Cat Allergies or Something More?

    Do my kitten I just got, Pavlov, seems to always be squinting and closing his eyes, and they're always goofy with brown stuff. He also always sounds like he has allergies sniffling and sometimes coughing. He'said also very lethargic, but will get hyper when hes playing. Should I take him in? Is...