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litter box

  1. Monica

    Newb Litter Questions...

    Okay, so I'm about to ask some newbie kitty litter questions that may be borderline dumb. (It's okay, I'm a firm believer that there ARE such thing as dumb questions. :p) When it comes to cat litter, what is the standard protocol for usage and maintenance? Do you just scoop and scoop until the...
  2. Schutzzzie

    Litter tray conundrum

    We’re looking into getting another litter tray for our 2 boys but we live in a really small apartment so finding another suitable place has been an issue. Initially we were toilet training them but Aphex decided he wasn’t a fan, so we stopped. Now we have a large litter tray and a small one in...
  3. Monica

    New Kitten Help!

    Hola all! So I’m less than one month away from gotcha day. Like many of us, im over the moon with excitement to bring home my first sphynx! I’m stocked up on all kitty things, with little orders of goodies coming in anyway now. However, I feel slightly anxious in anticipation of the whole...
  4. Monica

    Product Recommendations For Favor!!

    Hola again Lairians! I need some help choosing some products/goodies for my soon-to-be-kitty! I'm new to the sphynx breed, and I would really appreciate any tips from the veterans. :) Below is the list of items that I'm currently shopping for. I've picked out a few, so if you have any comments...
  5. Aden

    Update on Nuru's IBD

    In the last 2 weeks, I have gradually switched Nuru's food from Blue Basics to Royal Canin Sensitive Digestion. His stools have been much firmer and I have noticed that he is more energetic. I am happy with his progress so far but he remains struggling with both constipation and diarrhea. In...
  6. Aden

    Newbie - help me understand my cats IBD

    Hello Sphynx Lair-- In March I adopted a 5-year-old male Sphynx, Nuru, that had been kept by neglectful owners. Since receiving him, I have had several problems with litter box training, "poop tail," and chronic diarrhea. Upon adopting him, I learned that Nuru had Irritable Bowel Disease. I...
  7. GMPLAX23

    Terrible Surprise

    I thought Tut was constipated because I hadn't seen him use the litter box in 2 days but what happened was he started USING THE BASEMENT AS HIS LITTER BOX! :rage: I usually let him down there (only if i am home) thinking he is just running around and climbing but I won't be doing that anymore...
  8. JessyJane

    Soooo much poop!

    Good morning everyone! So a little background before I get into the dirty stuff.. I have a 2 year old male [dobby] and a 13 week old female [laveau]. I am gone from 6am to 6pm Monday through Friday and I clean the kitty box before and after work and after they use the bathroom while I am home...
  9. Maddie

    Question--metal litter box

    so Astrid plastic box smells DISGUSTING. So that's being tossed lol but I was thinking a metal one would work better to keep clean and the metal wouldn't absorb the smell. Do any of you guys have one or know where to get one?? Or where to get big baking pans that have sides??
  10. Crombie00

    Getting urine and stool samples?

    Wasn't sure where to put this on the forum.. I am having trouble getting samples from my babies this time. My girl cat is fast and my boy sneaky!! They are a little over 3 1/2 yrs old if that helps. They have two litterboxes and they are both inside of foldable cloth crates with netting on...
  11. kelsheyyx

    Litter Recommendations? Looking for something new to fit my needs

    I think I posted asking about litter suggestions ages ago, but I am looking to switch. It's suprisingly very difficult to find helpful articles about this, considering everyone's situation is different, so I'm hoping my fellow Sphynx mama's can help! Right now I use World's Best Cat Litter. I...
  12. Maddie

    A Fancy Folding Litter Box.... DIY Style

    Hi! So, there has been A LOT of snow and planes are getting delayed by hours. Of course, Astrid and I are off for reading break so I had to come up with some type of litter box for the airport, just in case. I thought about buying a disposable one, but with my luck, security would take it away...
  13. Catstuff

    New kitty, first full day in my place!

    Baldwin is finally home. He's acclimating really well, eating, playing and exploring . He is however not using his litter box. I am using the same wood pellets the breeder was. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks also how do I go about kitten proofing.
  14. Catstuff

    Pick up day on Sunday!!! Litter box area?

    I'm so excited to bring my boy home on Sunday ! . . I have a 1 bedroom apartment . I'm having trouble figuring out a location for his litter box. It's between my entry way(you'll see it when you walk in), my bedroom . Or my small shower . . . . What do you guys think?
  15. KitKat121

    Using the house as his bathroom

    hey everyone! Hope all is well. Unfortunately, grimley has been giving everyone a hard time because he has been peeing and pooping everywhere. His litter box is always clean and he's not as picky with his litter as my Ghouleh, I know this because she meows after she uses it which is basically...
  16. Shontae

    General Questions-New Owner

    Hello everyone! I have my new baby picked out and am impatiently waiting for the first week of November when I can drive 7 hours to go get him! However, in the meantime I am obsessively learning all I can so I can be the best new mom I can be. I have found out so much, but do have a few general...
  17. gwee

    My cat will not poo in litter box

    Koko is three and we rescued her from someone who couldn't care for her. I was in touch with her original breeder and we used the wood pellet litter. She was fine at first then started pooing on the bare floor. The breeder said it was because she didn't like the smell of her pee and to change...
  18. kelsheyyx

    Best Litter Systems?

    So I haven't been on here in forever, but lately I've seen various commercials for the cat genie self cleaning litter box. based on research of it and reading tons of reviews, I've already decided it's probably not for me and bane. most of the time, banes poop is very soft. **is this common...
  19. HappyLilSphynx

    Litter box issues/solutions

    Earlier today I learned of a sphynx in need of a home largely due to some litter box issues. I've said that I may be willing to try to work with him (he is going to be evaluated by a vet before I can make any decisions about moving forward!) Here's what I know ... He is estimated to be 7 years...
  20. Notorious

    Litter box, is there a better place?

    This is more of a general cat question, but was curious... Where is a good place to put a litter box in a small home? Our Sphynx, when they go, reak!! We have a very nice automated litter box to help control it, but I struggle with a place to put the box. I don't want it in the main room, and...
  21. sima

    peeing right next to litter box -_-

    Hi, I am a new member to sphynx community and I saw so many helpful information here. I am having an issue with my sphynx lady behavior. She uses her litter box regularly. But it has been a few days again she pees right next to her litter box! (gets on the sheets and the carpet around it) she...
  22. Taylor2tone

    New to the Sphynx Life!

    Hello, I am new to this site and also to owning a Sphynx! I will be getting my little man on Thursday and was wondering if you guys had some general tips for owning a Sphynx! I could use all the help and support I can get! I recently just got back from the pet store and purchased some beginning...
  23. kelsheyyx

    more poop problems

    I think I mentioned this in my previous posts, but I'm going to bring it up again and see if you guys have any experience, insight, or advice for me on this. Ophelia has a tendency to step in her poop - a lot. Not all the time, but about once a week (at least) she poops and steps in it in the...
  24. O

    What is the "cleanest" cat litter to use with a Spynx?

    I feel like my kitty is always dirty from the dust of the litter. I have tried many different kinds and am now thinking of switching boxes completely to with Breeze or the Smart Cat Box, they both use pellets. Anyone have any suggestions for the "cleanest" litter out there? Thanks!!
  25. kelsheyyx

    breeze litter box?

    I've had many friends recommend the breeze litter system to me since it is a lot less smelly, and there is no litter that will be tracked around the house. My kitten was using scoop away before I bought her, so I bought that for her to use and placed it next to the breeze. I'm trying to...