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  1. D

    Mammary Gland Hyperplasia

    Hi guys, I wanted to create a post, because when this happened to my kitten, I was so terrified, so sure that she was seriously ill, and seeing a post like this would have really helped my nerves. So, I kept pestering my vet for neutering, but they told me to wait as she was still quite little...
  2. H

    Aggression and distrust

    Hi everyone. An update and a question for you guys. First, Dilb had a heart scan and they found he was healthy enough to be neutered. They recommended another scan in a year. They think he might have anxiety, because his murmur is only detectable when we're not around. So, yay, he has been...
  3. oolahappi

    Elf trying to mount Sphynx

    Does anyone have a male and female, both fixed (neutered and spayed), yet the male tries to mate with the (very uninterested) female? My Elf was neutered at 10 weeks, but since he turned 1 year old, he seems to have these daily urges where he wants to bite my spayed Sphynx on the neck and mount...
  4. Wednesdaysmum

    My boy is 5 months and I'm getting him neutered

    Hey Friends and Felines My little boy Wednesday is getting desexed on Monday, I'm worried about him and would like to know if anyone has an unneutered male cat and if there are real complications and behaviour issues that arise from not going through with the operation. He is an indoor only...
  5. Schutzzzie

    Our boys are getting neutered today

    So Fritz and Aphex are now 6 months and they’re currently at the vets getting neutered and microchipped. We made sure they’re not using any ketamine and they fasted overnight so I'm hoping there won’t be any problems, but I still worry. We dropped them off at 9.30 and they told us to phone at...
  6. Jmpaull

    GERMANY spay/neuter

    For those in Germany. Where did you get your cat spayed/neutered? I am having a VERY rough time trying to find a Vet who will not use Ketamine!!!! Please help!
  7. Bailey21

    Bad Experience with a Vet in Hamilton, Canada

    This is probably going to be somewhat of a rant so I apologize in advance, but I just wanted to share my experience with a local vet I've been dealing with in Hamilton. I've been super stressed out trying to find a reputable vet in my area for my babies neuter that I actually had 3 appointments...
  8. Mousemumma

    So scared for my little girl

    pixie is going to be neutered tomorrow and although the vet has reassured me they won't use ketamine I'm still worrying! Also she had her inoculations/kitten jabs ten days ago and today it's really swollen around the site although not hot or sore. Is that normal in a possible herpes kitten? I'm...
  9. admin

    Should I spay or neuter my sphynx cat?

    Reasons for spaying/neutering Greatly reduces behavioral problems like spraying in both male and female cats. Cats that are altered live longer lives according to statistics. Neutered male cats live 40% longer lives than those not neutered. Female cats if not spayed and not bred can develop...
  10. Meggymason

    Too early to neuter?

    Hi there my sphynx is currently 15 weeks and will be neutered at 17 weeks. Is this too younger to neuter my kitten? He currently weighs 3.8 pounds
  11. snajim

    Redish bruising after neuter?

    Hey everyone! I got my little guy neutered on Wednesday. Picked up him up in the evening and he's seemed fine. He's been eating and acting normally. I checked this morning and everything was fine but after getting home from work there was a large red spot between his back legs. I took him to the...
  12. KitKat121

    Hyperactive sphynx and neutering

    Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I've been on this thread but Grimley and I have been busy having fun! We hope all is well with everyone and their little loves. I'd post pics of my adorable guy but I'm having a hard time on my phone. Anyways, the reason I started this thread is because...
  13. Wyfwulf

    Spaying personality change?

    Today Sansa is getting spayed (most likely). I'm worried that it will change her personality, because even though she can be really crazy and gets into moods scratching everyone (playfully), it has grown on me and I don't want to see her any less rambunctious. Has anyone's female cat's changed...
  14. Shamrokin

    Terrible bruising after neuter

    I had Poet neutered this week and he developed horrible bruising. It's gotten worse since Tues morning when he was neutered. I took him back to the vet and he wants to wait a couple more days to see if it clears up. Anyone else experienced this?
  15. Elaina

    Scar/wound after spay?

    Do you guys think this is healing normally? My friend (who has many cats) said it just looks like scar tissue. She did have dissolvable stitches in, but on her checkup visit to the vets, they removed most of them as I told them she had been pulling at them with her teeth. (She was determined to...
  16. ArchibaldsMom

    Getting neutered at 3 y/o

    Hi everyone. Archibald's previous owners did not neuter him and he is three. He is getting neutered Monday. Any feedback on how a later in life neutering may be different than earlier?
  17. Alex73

    nueter my sphynx male cat, when???

    Hi there, does anyone could give me an advice when is the best age to neuter my sphynx, he's now turning 6 months and he's starting to behave strangely, calling a lot!!! I really would like to have a full grown cat, therefore I really don't know when is the best period to be neutered, on...
  18. BronAndRaj


    My adult male sphynx who is 2 1/2 years old just got neutered today and he's still a little disorientated from the anesthesia but he keeps trying to lick/nibble at his incision site. The sac is still there and hangs pretty low because it will take time to recover and shrivel up but in the mean...