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raw food

  1. byulbunny

    New Kitten & Some Questions from a New Worrywart Mama (UK/Scotland Based)

    Hey guys! I'm happy to announce that I'm awaiting the arrival of a little baby of my very own in my new flat - she's a gorgeous little bambino (didn't actually realise at first, just fell for her little face; bright eyes and blep tongue!) For starters, I'm in the UK, so my questions are mainly...
  2. nikialexander

    Does anyone NOT feed raw?

    Hi there- we are looking to get a new baby and I’ve found some breeders that I am happy with but a stipulation of the adoption is that they are fed raw food. Our 2.5 yo male we have now was on it before we got him and he does well on kibble and canned food now. I worked as a vet tech for 6 years...
  3. NatashaHodnett

    Trying a new raw food? Had anyone tried it? Nutrience sub zero frozen raw

    Hey all, hope everyone is healthy and staying in with their furless friends! Due to the current situation the food I normally get for my boy Tisserie has been sold out or only available in small portions. (I usually feed instinct frozen raw medallions) When I went to the freezer/raw section to...
  4. Gabby K

    Homemade vs. Commercial Raw food???

    Hi All! I am getting a new Sphynx kitten (Max) in 4 wks time and want to make sure I am set up with the food for Max from day 1. Unfortunately, my boy Ronnie (Sphynx , 6yrs old) passed away a couple months ago due to HCM. He was fed wet food - Applaws & dry kibble Royal Canin Sphynx... My vet...
  5. Stevie

    Want to Try Raw...Suggestions/Advice!

    Hi All! Hope everyone and their babies are happy and healthy! I've shared before, my issues with my kitty Claudia and her sensitive tummy. She currently eats a wet only prescription diet and although its helped her constant diarrhea i'm just not impressed with it. I feel like she looks...
  6. RoxannK

    Picky Sphynx Food

    I've been trying to convert our sphinx girl to raw diet this week. I know it may take some time but so far she does not like ground turkey at all but will pick at and periodically finish a chicken breast meal (both mixed with supplements). I have tried adding broth to both and she nixed...
  7. RoxannK

    Anyone feed a raw food diet?

    I'm currently researching and considering transitioning to a raw food diet for my two Sphynx kitties and Pomeranian. Does anyone else do this or have transition tips?
  8. Maddie

    Astrid on Raw - first attempt

    So bought a thing of raw food today lol now to see if she will eat it. It's buddies natural pet food apparently lol just grabbed one from the freezer that was in trial form. Don't need $30+ to toss if she hates it. Now to wait for it to defrost! Will be used more so as a treat, 3-4 times a...
  9. savannahedgar

    Best Sphynx vet in NYC?

    Hi all! I'm a brand new Sphynx owner (well, don sphynx, specifically) but a very seasoned cat owner. I had been taking my other boy to the New York Cat Hospital, but very recently got in an argument with a vet tech who thought FRISKIES dry food was a good choice for a cat. Ideally looking for a...
  10. DanielayDragon

    Vomiting and not eating PLEASE HELP!

    Hello everyone! I wanted to share my story in hopes that someone out there has answers. My husband and I adopted a 12 week old sphynx from a Dallas breeder in February. We had three wonderful months with him, and suddenly, in may, he became lethargic and started vomiting and having diarrea. I...
  11. Gregory The Cat

    Kitten vomiting raw food. Help?

    We've had our kitten for about 10 weeks now. We started him on raw food (from Hare today gone tomorrow) with organ and bone in. Added Alnutrin specific for bone in food. He was great and had awesome poops for a few weeks (7 weeks or so?). About two weeks ago we came home to a huge pile of vomit...
  12. Rox

    "Things I wish I knew before starting a raw diet/making my cat's food" (1st time food DIYer)

    Any tips, information, or "things I wish I knew before starting a raw diet" would be supremely helpful. Also- I don't currently have a grinder- can I supplement with bone broth for now? Thanks!
  13. Sphanks


    Hey guys! So Oli has just turned one year old :) What is the deal with HCM testing...is it normal/standard to get your Sphynx tested for HCM around one year of age? If so, where does one get one of these testings? The breeder who I got him from claimed that his parents were clear of HCM but...
  14. Sphanks

    Feline Hyperesthesia

    Hey guys, So Oli (1 year old sphynx) has been doing these weird twitching freak outs recently and the skin on his back starts rolling and he runs around like crazy. I looked this up and it is apparently Feline Hyperesthesia. Ever since he was a kitten, he always licks and chews his tail a lot...
  15. Molly Pearl

    Transitioning a picky eater to raw diet?

    We started feeding raw a week ago and our littlest, Walter, took to it like second nature. This is great because he has HCM and we wanted to feed him raw for health reasons. As for Sturgeon...well, he's picky. We started with ground chicken and he refused to go near it. He also doesn't like...
  16. ArlosMom

    Raw food & kibble?

    Hello--sorry..I've got lots of questions and want to do what is best for my little guy who will be coming home in about 7 weeks. I am looking at doing a raw diet but still haven't decided which is best. I want something that is quick and easy, yet nutritious. I have a problem handling raw meat...
  17. MelissaAlice

    Day 1

    I've started the transition! Any small worries I had about Elfie not wanting to eat the raw pretty much went out the window! She looked at it, it's new after all, then at me. Sniffed it looked at me. Took the smallest little nibble possible .. I swear her little kitty eyes went wide and she...
  18. theors01

    Dry Food vs Wet Food (vs Raw Food)

    My sphynx is almost 4 yrs. now. He has been on wet food only for about 3.5 years now. He seems to be a picky eater. I have changed his food brand and food type a number of times. Right now, he is eating "Wellness- Minced Tuna" cans but only in combination with a tablespoon of "Soulistic- Whole...
  19. Hairlesshux

    Sphynx cat won't stop yelling, help?

    So I have a 2 year old male sphynx and he wakes me up every morning / middle of the night yelling and begging for food. We have him on primal 6 nuggets a day. 2 for 3 meals a day. He has hcm so raw is the healthiest way to go but am I feeding him enough? Also is there a cheaper nice brand of raw...
  20. F

    Better in the Raw

    I'm going start making my own raw food batches and just wanted to know if you have to order bitr off their website? Or if they sell it in stores somewhere?
  21. nfaerie

    Coping with heat in summer

    Well, i know many other members live in different countries. But right now in Australia, it is Spring and by the weather it looks to be a very hot summer. I know animals can get heat stroke, and some can die from it. At the moment my Cleopatra SoftPaws doesnt seem too bothered by the heat, but...
  22. pearlpollard

    Nature's Variety raw

    Hi guys! Just wondering how many people feed Nature's Variety raw food? I have tired a few different kinds of their meat choices with my girl. She came to me eating a homemade raw food and over about a month or so I slowly switched her to the nature's variety. She loves it! I tried the chicken...
  23. Elaina

    Advice on food for my 5 month old Sphynx?

    Hello! I signed up a few minutes ago, I'm Elaina and new to the lair. :) I am looking for some advice if possible please. I've had Gabbi for a week now she is 5 months old. The breeder told me her diet consists of Acana cat food and natural instincts weaning paste...
  24. stefanie412


    I have finally decided to make the switch to raw for Bane and Fluffy. I have plenty of extra time and I have done lots of research. However, a lot of the blogs I have read seem to contradict themselves. Some say not to feed cow and pork, while others say to feed cow and pork. Then others say...
  25. captain_tinky

    Pip in love with her new diet and toy box

    So today I went to the store and was walking around looking at blankets and other stuff for Pippin. I came across a little metal basket that had a cloth holder in it and it said "My Stuff" on the side with cats on it. So obviously I had to buy it for Pippin's toys....but since her grandma put...