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skin condition

  1. M

    Mystery Spots!!

    Disclaimer: I'm a pre-med so "too many details" may follow. Hi everyone! I've been tracking a skin problem with my ~4 year old Sphynx. But I haven't found a single spot that looks like hers anywhere online so I'm happy to hopefully contribute informative info once we get this solved. I haven't...
  2. KKristen61

    Sphynx skin condition HELP!!!

    My little baby has this recurring skin condition. This is the 3rd time this has occurred and the vet doesn’t know what it is. She has been given antibiotics in the past and it clears it up very fast but I would like to know if someone actually knows what This is. It seems to bother her a lot...
  3. B

    Please help!! Kitten growing brown spots

    I have a four week old kitten that was given to me so I can tube feed him he was not nursing on the mother and not suckling on a nurser bottle he was raised in a rcom incubator and KMR kitten formula he started growing spots a week ago it started off with 1 then 2 and now it's spread all...
  4. CatDaddy702

    WARNING! Do not use lime sulfur dip for ring worm

    Been lurking on the site for a while. Just picked up our baby boy on Christmas and he’s been the greatest addition to our family. I’ve always had dogs and a short stint with a dsh and baldy but this little guy has made me a “cat person” 100%. Unfortunately we had a very bad two days. Yesterday...
  5. J

    Severe Mastitis?

    Hi everyone, I recently rescued a sphynx from a breeder. She develops “sores,” that the breeder told me she always got. Her last litter was in the summer so she’s had the condition some time. I took her to the vet as soon as I got her, where she was diagnosed with severe mastitis that has...
  6. Kumoandkaze

    Rough hair, rash, and constant flaking

    Hi! My Sphynx(Kumo) is 6months old and has been having many skin issues. It started about two months ago and the vet at the time said it looked normal and it was probably acne. It didn't look like acne to me so have changed his food to grain free and also tried chicken free. I bathe them weekly...
  7. nakednelly

    Red, rough patch of skin ....

    Hi Please see picture attached of nellys red patch. This has appeared in the last 24 hours, no changes of food / not bathed since Sunday. It’s rough to touch and look ms like it’s getting redder. She’s in no discomfort isn’t trying to itch it any ideas? Am I worrying too much? First time...
  8. kellymew

    Skin bumps/rash

    Hi everyone long time reader, first time poster. I've had Mew for 4 months now, and in the last couple he's developed a bumpy rash. It used to be all over his body too. We took him to the vet who thought he was pretty yeasty, gave him an anti-inflammatory shot and some cream. We also thought...
  9. CatLadyForLife

    What are these spots on my kitten?

    Meow! My new sphynx kitten has developed these dark brownish spots mainly along her sides. I’ve bathed her repeatedly and tried scrubbing with various soaps including hypoallergenic cat shampoo, and tried coconut oil today & some natural grease lifting dish detergent, to no avail. What does...
  10. Lola Dineen

    Small bumps on back

    Hi all, I've searched the forum but wanted to get your opinion. Biggie, one of my boys (almost 3 years old) has these 2 small hard bumps that have appeared on his back. I've not noticed them before, and the only thing I can think is he got his booster vaccinations 2 weeks ago, so possibly...
  11. MelissaAlice


    Good Afternoon Everyone ... It's been .. well a long time .. since I posted last. It';s good to be back! My Elfie has had a rough month. We are now on rash number TWO and they have been pretty invasive rashes. They seem to only show on her belly and under her arms/legs. The first time we...
  12. Sarahstar66

    Sores and Diarrhea - please help

    my Sphynx has had chronic diarrhea for the past week. Her bath night was tuesday. This morning I noticed sores on her sides. Last night she had an diarrhea accident on our rug because it was like she couldnt make it to her box. She is not acting lethargic or “sick” but shes just pooping all...
  13. Ty Blaze

    PLEASE Help - Skin problem, anyone recognize this?

    hey guys! I just adopted my second little girl who seems to be giving me more problems than I could’ve imagined. My first sphynx (whom I got 2 years ago) has had no issues in health. I adopted Jasmine 4 weeks ago (she just turned 1) and seems to have a rash that nobody can figure out. She...
  14. L

    What the heck is this????

    Hi there, I bought my kitten from another state. She just arrived yesterday and ImI prettyI concerned and unhappy honestly. I've never seen anything like this. I brought her to the vet and she didn't know what it is any ideas?
  15. Greenman

    Dry blood around mouth and neck?

    I often wake up in the morning to find my sphynx with dry blood around her face and neck. I was thinking she might be scratching too much and/or her skin is too dry. I don't see her scratching these areas excessively during the day. Any help or recommendations appreciated. Thank you.
  16. M

    Skin problems

    hey, well my sphynx cat have skin issues like sunburns and dots in the head cause he runaway like 3 days, the doctor send us recomendations for his Health but not for his skin so I wanna know what to do to regenerate the skin of my baby :( Please help, im literally crying bcause i dont know what...
  17. J

    Brown Discoloured Skin

    Hey guys! I’m new here and I have a question! Rodney is 6 months old tuxedo coloured sphynx. Over the past month his sides and belly have drastically changed to a patchy brown colour. His skin is not bumped, raised, cracked or bleeding. It feels like the rest of his skin and body. He’s not...
  18. meekka

    My 1st sphynx, a 14yold resuce

    I work at a shelter and have always loved the breed so of course I jumped at the chance to adopt when one was turned in a few weeks ago. Gali is ~14, her original owner passed away and she was being kept by another family member who unfortunately was not able to provide the amount of...
  19. Maddy Ishues

    Dry skin spots?

    hello, im new to sphynx lair so I’m not sure if this topic has been covered. My 2 month old sphynx kitty has developed sore like rashes on his legs. He also has a similar dry spot on his back but it is not bleeding like the ones on his legs are. He was sick two weeks ago, sneezing, watery...
  20. Snapcrcklpop

    Dry Flakey Skin

    Not sure what has caused it but over the last few months, Radar's skin has become flakey looking. It is very similar to a sunburn peeling (perhaps that is what it is?) with little bubbles peeling all over the sides of his body, concentrated more on the side of his belly/in his arm pits. We use a...
  21. Bwitsnudeybabes

    Sphynx with irritated itchy chest.

    Hello friends! I've been on this site A LOT, searching for an answer or advice for anything related to my two sphynx babies. This is my first post though, so hello! My sphynx male Benedict has had a dark and itchy chest for some time now. I do notice that there are times it looks more...
  22. x0x0Christinaaa

    Curious red patch

    Hi all! My little guy, Pigwidgeon, has a red patch on the skin that's between his back right leg and belly. It doesn't appear to be ringworm, it doesn't seem to bother him at all and he doesn't pay it any extra attention. Before hauling him to the vet, I was wondering if anyone has seen...
  23. Prince Anubis


    Help my poor baby kitty has been growing little fuzzy patches around his back & they look like they're puffy & irritated? What can this be? Taking him to the vet regardless but just wanted to see if anybody had experienced this before?
  24. stewardyhoward

    Help! Rash/Dry Skin around the eyes?!

    Hello dearest Sphynx Lovers, Our Little Howard has another problem now and it didn't change since I also tried only grain free food. Since some weeks he's wearing a black "coon" mask over his face. Also his paws seem to be a little cankerous from cleaning his eyes. Sometimes the skin seems to be...
  25. Fher

    Found little bumps what could it be?

    Hi everyone! Soo...Im always checking on my baby Oscar..he's a spoiled lil brat! But.. we love him soo ..soo ..much. He's about 4 months now..Today while he had he's 326th nap of the day I found some bumps around his eyebrows.. (took pics not the best sorry) what could it be? Food or soap...