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  1. byulbunny

    New Kitten & Some Questions from a New Worrywart Mama (UK/Scotland Based)

    Hey guys! I'm happy to announce that I'm awaiting the arrival of a little baby of my very own in my new flat - she's a gorgeous little bambino (didn't actually realise at first, just fell for her little face; bright eyes and blep tongue!) For starters, I'm in the UK, so my questions are mainly...
  2. S

    Natural Shampoo for Sphynx

    I’m wondering which shampoo people have found to be the best? Initially I visited Whiskers Holistic Pet Care store in 2013 and was recommend a shampoo from a brand called Gold, but this was discontinued within a couple of years. I was then recommended an algae shampoo from same pet store, and...
  3. O

    Natural sphynx cat shampoo in the UK.

    Hi, does anybody know any natural sphynx cat shampoo that I can order online in the UK? What sphynx cat shampoo do you use? And what is your sphynx bath routine? Do you use scrub gloves and are they gentle? Which scrub gloves would you recommend? Any useful tips and recommendations would be...
  4. O

    Brushing teeth, bathing and SPF. Advice and recommendations, please!

    Hi, I would like some advice and recommendations on brushing teeth, bathing and SPF. I have been using the toothpaste Beapar: for around over a year. At first he didn't let me brush his teeth so I had to put the toothpaste on my finger and rub it on to which then he'd lick it straight off so I...
  5. MommyNaNell

    Skin so dirty and flaky

    Devlinn is 8 years old. I got her from a family member. I continue to use what they used to bathe all their cats. Johnson’s and Johnson’s baby wash in the yellow bottle. I’ve been trying to go longer between washes and have been pushing to make it two weeks. I recently started seeing that her...
  6. Nbout

    Overbathing Sphynx Skin Cure

    I have recently rescued two sphynx cats from the shelter and am still getting up to speed with their care. I have been giving weekly baths which at first worked fine, but now the more pink girl is showing signs of overbathing. She is collecting extra oil around her neck and belly but also...
  7. Sketch

    Skin inflammation

    Hello everyone, Since I had my Sphynx last october, I've had issues with his skin the the neck/belly area. He got very intolerant (liquidy diarrhea) to a lot of cat diets. I got him under the care of a vet and now the only thing that seem to work is a recipe made of Hillary's Blend nutrients...
  8. flower

    Antiparasitic soaps?

    I was watching Dr Oz the other day and I saw a segment that totally freaked me out! It talked about parasites that humans can catch from animals. I'm not talking about fleas and ticks. (Those have a obvious and easy solution). Im talking about worms and microscopic parasites that may lie in...
  9. Maddie

    Aloe is SAFE in Pet Shampoo

    So, since there is a few threads about this, for future reference for others, I thought it'd be easier to put the info I found into one thread for easy access. Aloe is SAFE in shampoos and all that stuff as it is only the juice/gel. The PLANT is "poisonous" as it has a latex component that...
  10. Cassandra323

    In Preparation Research/Questions ..

    Hi all! I introduced myself a couple of days ago. We are still a few months out from getting our baby but I have a few questions that I'd like opinions on. What is your favorite shampoo for your sphynx? Do you use any sort of skin moisturizer? What is your go to litter? What food/type of...
  11. Maddie

    Bath night!!

    Well, Astrid's first real bath went well. She only escaped the tub once! I used the blue dawn dish soap in the water and Vétoquinol care for sensitive skin shampoo on her. It left her with the slight coconut smell, nothing over powering thankfully! It rinsed off easily too. She only allowed for...
  12. tarallelogram

    Aloe in shampoos safe?

    I've read that aloe is toxic to cats, obviously if eaten, but what about if applied? I see many cat shampoo products boasting aloe, but I'd be concerned about them licking themselves after. Is this a real concern, or as long as it's rinsed properly, it's fine?
  13. LineB

    To bathe or not to bathe ? that is the question

    Hi, I am a Sphynx Mommy to be (in less then 2 weeks), I am very excited about that. Here is my question: To bathe or not to bathe a Sphynx? Since I've been looking to adopt a Sphynx, I have read everthing that Is available on internet (forums, Vets, breeders, etc.) and seems to me like no one...
  14. Arielle

    New Home Any tips?

    Hi guys! So my husband and I (and my naked baby + furry baby) have moved in a new house (yay). I am just looking for a couple of tips. First problem I have is that Amadeus (my naked baby) wipes his eye gunk on the walls. Me being new to home owner I put 409 on it to clean it and its slightly...
  15. Jaden

    Bath time!

    So I've had my boy for week now, I've been wiping him down throughout the week with unscented baby wipes, I've cleaned his ears, I'm going to have to clip his nails again, but what I'm getting at is he is getting dirty and I'm wanting to start him in the bath probably tomorrow night just to see...
  16. BeethovenAndMe

    Dirty boy

    My boy, Beethoven, is about 6 months old. I bathe him at least once a week, maximum every three days, but he always looks dirty. He has brown spots everywhere, and the fur between his eyes and above his nose is an icky brown/green colour. I use a Burts Bees shampoo for kittens and I put olive...
  17. Cberube

    My cats skin

    Hello, My boy sphynxs skin has been bumpy and raw looking. I rehomed him and I've had him for about a month the previous lady used dawn dish soap for his baths. I have given him two baths with dawn and switched to baby Magic Johnson soap. Now by his ear is super raw and bumpy looking. When I...
  18. AmandaP

    Runny eyes

    I have had my male for about a year now. His eyes are always runny. It is NOT accompanied by any other symptoms such as sneezing. I changed his food and litter and it got a little better, but they still are runny quite often. I am thinking maybe the shampoo I use? I use Johnsons baby shampoo and...
  19. Ashley Drew

    Wrong Shampoo / Terrible Blackheads

    So My 3 Year Old Sphynx Gets Really Oily & Smells Like A Mushroom (I Bathe Him At Least Once A Week With Cat Shampoo) .. Since He's Now Out Of The Deemed "Teenager" Stage I Thought That They Would Be Gone But They Aren't .. He Gets Really BLACK Blackheads Under His Chin And Around His Lips ...
  20. pearlpollard

    Burts Bees Shampoo?

    Hey all! Wondering who uses or have used Burts Bees unscented/tear free baby shampoo on their Sphynx? Good or bad experiences?
  21. admin

    What product do you bathe your sphynx with?

    Please tell us, what product do you use to give your sphynx a bath.
  22. deanna

    dry skin and wanting to use lush products

    in a old thread i saw a few people saying that lush products work well with their sphynx. i was wondering what recommendation you would have for what products i can and should not use on them. this is day 4 having my dobby. i have yet to give him his first bath next week his breeder was using...
  23. luckypenney17

    Dry skin

    I don't bathe my guy very often, once every two months due to dry skin( I wipe his face and neck daily). I've been using baby shampoo but I was wondering if anyone could recommend a natural hypoallergenic one.
  24. curlysue

    Amazing shampoo

    Ok, so I am kicking myself for not buying this D-greaser shampoo 4 years ago. It came via FedEx yesterday around 5pm and bath time was on!! I got the scrubby gloves and Fuzzy and started with the nasty nail dirt. It was amazing how I didn't need to scrub and the toe jam came right off. I...
  25. Gesundheit

    Anyone make their own carpet shampoo?

    I bought a new steam cleaner, which came with a little bottle of shampoo. It isn't one of these, exactly, but it's close enough for our purposes. I have decided that I hate Scotchgard®, and finding a shampoo without the stuff is becoming increasingly difficult. To be clear, I'm not asking...