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  1. MeadowThorne

    How much to feed a 6 month old sphynx?

    I feed dry iams kitten food morning meal then kitten dry and can fancy feast kitten chow. I feel André is getting a gut. I give 1/4 cup am n 1/8 night with 1 1/2is can pm.
  2. P

    Food Suggestions?

    Hey everyone! In about a month I'll be bringing my sphynx kitten home and I'm looking for suggestions as to what I should look for in a cat food. I know that hairless animals have a faster metabolism in general and require a higher quality and sometimes quantity of food to keep them healthy...
  3. KKristen61

    What do you feed your Sphynx?

    Currently I feed my 2 year old sphynx 4health all life stages dry food but I recently saw today that it has been linked to heart issues in dogs. I am going to be safe and try to switch to a different food but I’m having trouble deciding what to feed her. I was looking at royal canin sphynx...
  4. beccerzz11

    questions about a new sphynx

    I just have a few questions as a first time mom! 1. Is there ANY air freshener that is non-toxic to these babies? 2. Currently he is being free fed solid gold grain free high protein so he has food throughout the day and then is being given 2x a day Darwin’s natural pet food raw chicken. Is...
  5. The Earl Grey

    Need IBD diet recommendations

    My sweet girl Gretchen has IBD. We confirmed with biopsies taken when I had her spayed. The vet started her on Prednisone and Metronidazole. I wanted to stray from prolonged steroid use and opted to look into her diet Years ago I came across a post on here recommending Evangers Dry Cat Food -...
  6. M

    Changing bathing schedule / food

    Hi Everyone! Melissa here. This is my first time posting but have read a lot of posts on here before. I love this site! Nova, my sphynx child has sensitove and dry skin which occasionally makes her break out into rashes. I would like to move from bathing weekly to once every 2 or even 3 weeks...
  7. Ginalmarie

    What to feed my sphynx?

    I went to a new vet recently who recommended cutting out dry food completely from my 2 year old Sphynx’s diet. She gave me a ton of data and information that proved dry food is essentially like chips for cats, and dry food makes sense for dogs but can be harmful to cats. I’ve tried weaning my...
  8. zmoore

    Chronic soft poop: dry food suggestions?

    Roquefort (the younger of my two cats) has had soft poop more or less since we got him. It's not watery but it's just always super soft and smelly. He eats fine and we've had a fecal test and parasite tests done and the vet says he's perfectly healthy and probably just has a sensitive stomach...
  9. annaleemv

    Cat Food: Canned vs. Pouch

    Hello Sphynx Lovers, I have finally been able to switch my baby from kibble to wet food, woohoo! However, I've been wondering what is the long term consequences of feeding her food that comes in an aluminum can. I was debating on switching to pouches, but I'm not sure of the long term effects...
  10. N

    Bringing two kittens home from different litters - food question

    Hello! I am bringing two kittens home on the 1st of august, both are from different litters. One kitten is being shipped to the UK from a great Russian breeder, the other from a local breeder. the Russian kitten is on Royal Canin, and the other kitten is being fed a different brand. Im a...
  11. Maddie

    Astrid's New Food: Fromm

    So miss picky actually like Fromm Chicken Au Frommage... well of course she does she's a little cheese monster lol. The pieces are super tiny which she loves. PLUS no sticky poops and they are solid finally, and her skin cover in bumps is gone with eating it for two weeks. She was jumping around...
  12. PeachesAndJune

    How much should I be feeding my cats?

    Hello! My name is Jen and I am a new member here. I am curious as to how much food you would typically feed your sphynx cats? A little back story: I became a new sphynx mom to sisters Peaches & June back in late August 2017. They will be a year old May 31st this year. Yesterday we had a routine...
  13. Tzaphkiel

    4m m kitten eating super fast : normal food quantities ?

    Hello everyone, my Natsu is doing fantastically well, cheeky bugger playing with the dogs like there is no tomorrow. He eats his meals, ... well gobbles them up (chicken, minced meat, beaf liver ...) actually and I'm wondering what normal quantities for the age are for this breed. Currently...
  14. Tzaphkiel

    Multiple cats (not sphynx)+1 new sphynx dry food regiment

    Hello everyone, Lovely photos all over the site!!! I'm so very eager to get my Natsu tomorrow ! As you see, I'm getting a new kitten Sphynx (male) of 4 months old tomorrow midday. As we have dogs and other cats (not sphynx), it is neither easy nor practical to free feed the newcomer. I was...
  15. Halie Lemaster

    EVO Food No Longer Being Sold??

    Hi everyone, I'm new here! I have two babies, Berlioz and Gretchen, both sphynx. I have been feeding them Evo brand since they were wee little babies and I have just heard that beginning in March, they will no longer be stocking shelves with this brand of food! I was wondering if any kitty...
  16. Maddie

    Allergy and Eating Speed

    Hi! Just curious if anyone else has seen this... Any of you that have a baby with allergies saw them eat uncontrollably before you controlled the allergy?? Backstory: Astrid has always eaten everything in sight, and started to develop a rash... Now the vet suggested crap food and put her off of...
  17. Anansi

    Wet/Dry cat food in Australia/NZ

    Just doing some research on what wet/dry food brands people are using down under (Aus/NZ) a lot of the brand's I have seen recommend are not readily available in this part of the world and my partner and I would rather not spend a fortune shipping in food since shipping prices are obnoxious for...
  18. Maddie

    Kibble Suggestions / Rant

    Back to needing a new kibble, all because of the vet suggested food. So, Astrid has lost the weight she had to use, so the vet (different than the one I normally see, this one is the cat-specific one) suggested I feed a Science Diet dental care t/d along with the RC calorie control... I told...
  19. SnappleSpice

    Healthy canned food

    I have two kittens (6 months and 10 weeks) that are currently on two different, wet-food-only diets. I'm not confident in my ability to feed them a good raw diet (I can barely prepare food for myself!), and I've heard it's best to stick to wet food until they are over a year old. I would love...
  20. GMPLAX23

    Kitten to cat food transition

    Hi guys! Tut turned 1 recently so I have gotten him new dry food. I want to keep him at a healthy weight. I feed him 3oz wet food by Natures Balance (pouches) in the morning and leave 1/4 cup dry Blue Basics simple ingredient indoor cat food (duck and potato/open fed) and then another 3oz...
  21. G

    Best Food/Multi Breed Household - UK

    I am picking up my new sphynx baby soon. I have two other indoor cats, 1 bengal and 1 ginger moggy. The sphynx kitten is currently on royal canin mother and babycat food which I will keep her on for a while when she comes here however I would like to get a decent dry food that I can feed them...
  22. Maddie

    Stella & Chewy's Freeze Dried Raw Food: Astrid's Eating Wet Food!!!!

    So, as some of you know, Astrid refuses to eat wet food. BUT she is eating the Chicken freeze dried raw stuff rehydrated!!! I think it's because it doesn't smell nasty; I pretty much had to stick my nose into her bowl to smell it. It does not smell like wet food at all! So hopefully she keeps...
  23. Maddie

    Feedandgo Feeder: Astrid's First Automatic Feeder

    Hi! Astrid's feeder came today! They came back in stock just in time thankfully. Was pretty easy to set up, had to manually set it up to Wi-Fi. The "easy" way was not working at all lol of course. It's a bit noisy, but it doesn't seem to freak Astrid out. I have it set for her four daily...
  24. Maddie

    Astrid on Raw - first attempt

    So bought a thing of raw food today lol now to see if she will eat it. It's buddies natural pet food apparently lol just grabbed one from the freezer that was in trial form. Don't need $30+ to toss if she hates it. Now to wait for it to defrost! Will be used more so as a treat, 3-4 times a...
  25. Maddie

    Favourite Recipes?

    So I'm trying to figure out new things to cook lol tryin to be adventurous for once. I'm a horrible picky eater but I will try new things at least! But pinterests avocado toast and weird looking internet fad food are not too interesting. So what is your guys' favourite meal and recipes?