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  1. LvxMagick

    Black Oil From Sphynx getting into Nose

    So I went took my 6 month Sphynx to the Vet to get her shots & a routine check up, I asked him about a problem I heard with the breathing noise I hear coming from her. he wasn't much help, but he did point out that the it sounded like it was coming from her nose. My wife usually cleans the...
  2. bumbino

    Sphynx diet part 2!!!

    Hello again! I recently reached out in desperation to get my baby on a better diet to help with his dry and scaly tail and overall health! Based on the recommendations I received and the research I’ve done, I want to make a final post with confirmation. I am definitely leaning towards buying...
  3. kauna

    Rx Ultamino food by Royal Canin

    I am not sure if this post is allowed, please delete if needed. I am looking to find someone that uses this food for their kitty that I can send some unopened bags to. My lovely girl crossed the rainbow bridge and I don't have a need for them any longer. I really don't want them going to...

    Switched food runny poo

    have a 8 month old Sphynx kitten as well I just switched their food a few days ago and the kitten is having runny poo from it. I was feeding royal canin and switched to instinct. Do I need to go back to the royal canin?
  5. L

    Poorly cat advice - not eating

    Hello, My cat is around is 1 years old and have had him since a kitten. The past week he has been off his food, he is eating but not as much as normal. I noticed that he was sick a few days last week. He seems okay in himself, he is normally lazy so his behaviour has not changed. I’m worried...
  6. S

    Help…… my 6 sphynix cats direhhea issues

    Hello everyone - I desperately need your help…… we have 6 sphynix cats and they have bowel movement issues. 2 of them have no issues adjusting. I put them on prescription hill diet, Small, and N&D. They all had tested for parasites and other stuffs, all are negative. So I’m so frustrated...
  7. byulbunny

    Diarrhea help?

    Baby started having diarrhea yesterday ;n; sticky and smelly, too - and causing him to whinge a bit when he needs to go (not loudly or for long, but clearly there's discomfort). His poops were great his first week here and honestly didn't notice a smell. Then suddenly he was starting to get...
  8. S

    Ongoing skin problems! ):

    Hey there! I’m new to this website… My girl Valentine has been having skin problems since about March. She’s gone for multiple allergy shots, has been put on antibiotics twice (she licks her skin raw) and I just paid for her to have an allergy test. She’s on Hill Diet d/d prescription kibble and...
  9. byulbunny

    New Kitten & Some Questions from a New Worrywart Mama (UK/Scotland Based)

    Hey guys! I'm happy to announce that I'm awaiting the arrival of a little baby of my very own in my new flat - she's a gorgeous little bambino (didn't actually realise at first, just fell for her little face; bright eyes and blep tongue!) For starters, I'm in the UK, so my questions are mainly...
  10. jankrachi

    Best wet and dry food?

    Hi all! I’m new to the community and have had my lil guy for almost a year now! I’m looking to switch him from royal canin kitten food to adult food and was wondering if there’s an overall consensus of what the best wet & dry foods are? I’ve tried doing research but it’s very overwhelming and...
  11. GatosLocos

    Little white/readish bumps on back?

    Has anyone seen these type of bumps before? Miklo started getting a few over time he’s only 5 months going on 6, I bath him once a week with Johnson n Johnson baby shampoo. His food is the same solid gold chicken flavor. He also gets treats the greenies for good teeth/breath. (He loves them)...
  12. LuckyNo21

    Is gassiness normal?

    My sweet little girl is almost 7 months old now and gets the WORST gas! I mean hot, pungent, sulphur farts! She has been weened off the Royal Canin Mother & Baby Cat food for several weeks and is now on the same diet as my furry cat, which is a mix of Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach and...
  13. A

    Kitten feeding help!

    I adopted a 9 month old girl 4 days ago. her previous owners said they fed her blue buffalo kitten kibble but the food they gave is not that. when the little that she has left runs out I'm not sure what to do. I am in search of a vet for suggestions and a check up. I plan to feed her 1 can of...
  14. K

    Sphynx loses appetite

    Hi there! I’ve had my sphynx for 2 years now and she’s had a few random bouts where she loses her appetite and will just leave her food in the bowl. Generally she is a HUGE eater so when she leaves anything it is odd. I keep her on the same raw wet food always. There are no other symptoms, she...
  15. MeadowThorne

    How much to feed a 6 month old sphynx?

    I feed dry iams kitten food morning meal then kitten dry and can fancy feast kitten chow. I feel André is getting a gut. I give 1/4 cup am n 1/8 night with 1 1/2is can pm.
  16. P

    Food Suggestions?

    Hey everyone! In about a month I'll be bringing my sphynx kitten home and I'm looking for suggestions as to what I should look for in a cat food. I know that hairless animals have a faster metabolism in general and require a higher quality and sometimes quantity of food to keep them healthy...
  17. KKristen61

    What do you feed your Sphynx?

    Currently I feed my 2 year old sphynx 4health all life stages dry food but I recently saw today that it has been linked to heart issues in dogs. I am going to be safe and try to switch to a different food but I’m having trouble deciding what to feed her. I was looking at royal canin sphynx...
  18. beccerzz11

    questions about a new sphynx

    I just have a few questions as a first time mom! 1. Is there ANY air freshener that is non-toxic to these babies? 2. Currently he is being free fed solid gold grain free high protein so he has food throughout the day and then is being given 2x a day Darwin’s natural pet food raw chicken. Is...
  19. The Earl Grey

    Need IBD diet recommendations

    My sweet girl Gretchen has IBD. We confirmed with biopsies taken when I had her spayed. The vet started her on Prednisone and Metronidazole. I wanted to stray from prolonged steroid use and opted to look into her diet Years ago I came across a post on here recommending Evangers Dry Cat Food -...
  20. M

    Changing bathing schedule / food

    Hi Everyone! Melissa here. This is my first time posting but have read a lot of posts on here before. I love this site! Nova, my sphynx child has sensitove and dry skin which occasionally makes her break out into rashes. I would like to move from bathing weekly to once every 2 or even 3 weeks...
  21. Ginalmarie

    What to feed my sphynx?

    I went to a new vet recently who recommended cutting out dry food completely from my 2 year old Sphynx’s diet. She gave me a ton of data and information that proved dry food is essentially like chips for cats, and dry food makes sense for dogs but can be harmful to cats. I’ve tried weaning my...
  22. zmoore

    Chronic soft poop: dry food suggestions?

    Roquefort (the younger of my two cats) has had soft poop more or less since we got him. It's not watery but it's just always super soft and smelly. He eats fine and we've had a fecal test and parasite tests done and the vet says he's perfectly healthy and probably just has a sensitive stomach...
  23. annaleemv

    Cat Food: Canned vs. Pouch

    Hello Sphynx Lovers, I have finally been able to switch my baby from kibble to wet food, woohoo! However, I've been wondering what is the long term consequences of feeding her food that comes in an aluminum can. I was debating on switching to pouches, but I'm not sure of the long term effects...
  24. N

    Bringing two kittens home from different litters - food question

    Hello! I am bringing two kittens home on the 1st of august, both are from different litters. One kitten is being shipped to the UK from a great Russian breeder, the other from a local breeder. the Russian kitten is on Royal Canin, and the other kitten is being fed a different brand. Im a...
  25. Maddie

    Astrid's New Food: Fromm

    So miss picky actually like Fromm Chicken Au Frommage... well of course she does she's a little cheese monster lol. The pieces are super tiny which she loves. PLUS no sticky poops and they are solid finally, and her skin cover in bumps is gone with eating it for two weeks. She was jumping around...